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Taking advantage of the epidemic

Taking advantage of the epidemic

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

It was a noble idea.

Rather than going downtown last Friday Lynn Dirk and I would have a picnic dinner in front of my Apartment. I live in a nice neighborhood of apartments behind the Thornebrook Business area and the green area in front of my apartment would make for a great place to have a picnic lunch.

040720LYNNpicnicLynn was going to get our meals and I decided to go to Uppercrust Productions Bakery and get us some dessert. I told Lynn not to tell me what she was bringing as I wanted to be surprised.

Low and behold I was surprised with a The Big Dick, Dick Mondale's Double Burger and French Fries, and Sweet Potato Tots. Lynn got herself a Dick's Mondale's Veggie Burger and once again explained how she was moving toward being a meatless person.

This meal turned out to be a fortuitos meal as it allowed us to focus our conversation on the ensuing Coronavirus news and how we had different ideas about coping with the current hardships.

Eating in the common area of my apartment building was fun. I didn't see any of my neighbors. I would have been happy to explain our process though. I like to brag about how I got lucky finding such a great place to live and now I can say I have also had a picnic right outside my front door.



The Dick Mondale's Big Dick Burger and Fries was an excellent idea and very handy. I don't eat a lot of sandwiches any more so I really enjoyed my two patty sandwich of beef patties, lettuce, pickles, onion, and Dick;s Sauce. Dick's make a great hamburger if you havent' tried one yet. The fries were good. The Sweet Potato Tots were interesting but I saw myself gorging on the French Fries as they are a rare addition to my plate any more.

Lynn liked her Veggie Burger of a housemade veggie patty, lettuce, pickles, onion, and Dick's Sauce. She ate a few opf the Sweetpotato tots but not many.  Of course being the fifth of six children I made sure everything was eaten.  Afterward she wished she had gotten the Impossible as her veggie patty was onthe mushy side of perfect.  I wanted to give their veggie burger a try.  I have eaten their impossible burger and it is really good too.   I think she was enjoying the fact of having my complete attention as she lectured me on eating healthy again. . .



Now regarding the Uppercrust Bakeries Princess Margaret Cake.  Wow. I love the 4 inch round cakes Uppercrust makes where you get tons of flavor, and plenty of cake for two people.  The Princess Margaret cake had me thinking therre was someone special included in our picnic I was unaware of for such a fancy dessert.  The cake is alternating layers of airy sponge cake, jam (typically raspberry jam), pastry cream, and a thick-domed layer of whipped cream.  I think I am really close to calling the Uppercrust Bakery my favoite store.  They have everything from a clever cards selection to and amazing selection of lunch items and of course desserts.


Well this was certainly a different Friday adventure.  Good choice of food, excellent dessert, and I always enjoy Lynn and her conversation.

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