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Ayurvedic nutrition & food fundamentals

Ayurvedic nutrition & food fundamentals

6 Stages of Digestion, 5 Nutritional Disorders, 4 States of Agni, 3 Doshas, 2 Potent Energies & 1 Moment

Ama ~Metabolic Waste

CHAYAlogoWhen our digestive capacity, also referred to as, our digestive fire or agni is disturbed, incompletely digested food forms an internal, toxic, morbid, substance known as ama. This undigested, unripened, undigested, glue-like, sticky substance may accumulate, putrefy, ferment, and lodge anywhere in the body, with a tendency to begin at it's weakest place (kavaigunya). Thereby, ama is the end product of poorly digested food and forms due to weak, dull or variable agni, clogging the channels, such as the blood and lymph, giving rise to diseases, such as arthritis, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, thyroid conditions, diabetes, allergies and more.

Ayurveda's verbiage of clogged channels and accumulation of ama, is saying the same thing as the new age verbiage, leaky gut syndrome, and is associated with the current popularity of conversations about disorders of the microbiome by vitiating our gastrointestinal tract, but Ayurveda takes it further to state that this digestive process occurs in every cell of our body, determining the healthy replication, growth and development of each cell, tissue and organ, contributing to the over all health and vitality of a person.

We can see the early signs and symptoms of ama begin to accumulate, at what we should consider the early stages of disease, and take steps at this preventative stage. Just as current research suggests that diet and lifestyle affects the outcome of one's genetic storyboard, Ayurveda provides the same road map in an easier, more accessible and user friendly road map to do this appropriately, recognizing that it's not one size fits all, and taking a truly holistic approach in adjusting one's diet and lifestyle, that most often would suffice to return to a healthy condition.

To read more about the specific signs and symptoms of Ama per dosha, a health questionnaire to determine your own body and mind impurities and an ama reducing recipe, access our CHAYA VEDA Integrative Healing Arts HERE.

ABOUT THE CHAYAVEDA AUTHOR: Ayurvedic Health Coach Chaya~Sharon Heller provides the reader with information helping to recognize personal tendencies and how a few simple changes in diet and lifestyle can go a long way to improving your health and vitality.

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