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Restaurant lunch highlights:

LOCAL DIGEST: Fiore's Sweet Cup

LOCAL DIGEST: Fiore's Sweet Cup

This oatmeal breakfast house works

012418FIEROSfrontBy Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

The GLOB Master has done a lot of unusual things GLOBers. Meeting someone for oatmeal is a new, first experience for me.

This Fiore's Sweet Cup on NW 91st St. in the Haile Market Square Shopping Center has some interesting possibilities for future early morning rendezvous.

It used to be the Sweet Frog Yogurt Shop and Fiore's continues to serve the FroYo with a good smattering of frozen dessert customers in the afternoon after school is out.  As luck would have it a chance meeting with the GLOB'S Health Coach, and Ayuervedic practicioner Chaya Sharon-Heller got the Sweet Cup owner thinking outside the pastry basket:



"I met Paul Fiore, image left, at a business reception where we introduced our businesses to everyone and he was intrigued with my presentation and stress management techniques. being a retired Lieutenant with the Gainesville Fire Dept.and always wanted to have his own business, so he opened Fiore's Sweet Shop. He likes challenges and picked a spot that in the past has not been successful, showing his trailblazer talents> I suggested some stress reduction techniques that could be useful and he was surprised at their effectiveness.

I asked him some questions about his business and his concerns and I thought oatmeal would be a well received addition to his breakfast menu because he already was in the yogurt topping business and it offers a health conscious options that with all of his toppings would be fun, delicious and appeal to a wide audience."

But I was thinking oatmeal as we headed across town for our morning meal. Oatmeal has become a pleasant addition to the Mike Sanford diabetic diet. I like my oatmeal with berries, Land of Flowers raw honey and a good dose of Cinnamon just in case it challenges my blood sugar battles. Gosh batman, there has been times when I will have a second bowl of oatmeal for dinner, especially when I know I have been guilty of too many Carbohydrates at lunch.

Fiore's owner Payl Fiore has created a friendly, inviting environment that quickly made me feel at home in could be called a social, coffee shop identity. The difference is the overstuffed furniture, coffee tables, and customers enjoying this cup of coffee ambience.



In a fast casual like manner there are excellent menu boards available to peruse while you choose your morning elixir. The counter of sugary pastries sweet, and delights are bountiful.

Mr. Fiore has taken great pains trying to keep the 'buy local' concept in mind with many of his items supplied by Baker Baker, and his coffee is Gainesville's own Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co.



With tea and Coffee primary, necessary components in this morning retreat Paul F takes pride in the popular Tea Forté tea by the can, loose tea, and gift accessories as well. YOU CAN FOLLOW THIS LINK for a complete Sweet Cup menu.

"The tea selection is the best I've seen since I was a tea barista at a local tea bar in Lenox, MA." Chaya said. "Tea Forte is as they say 'an exceptional tea experience'. The tea rack is filled with exotic looking cans filled with loose tea," Ms. Sharon-Heller added.

Each cup is made with loose tea placed into a bag. The artistry of the tea along with the oatmeal was a creative, well presented and digested meal.



"I loved the artwork on each individual can and the simple yet luxuriousness of the blends. I had the Bombay Chai, for a spicy/sweet complement," Chaya added.



My oatmeal pal and I selected different bowls of oatmeal. As the Ayurevedic Health Coach explains in her companion column today there are distinct reason to choose between the regular oats or the steel cut oats.



Chaya selected The Karma Mama Bear size of Fiore's Karma Oat Meal Signature bowl that includes Karma cookie pieces, toasted coconut, walnuts & honey ($4.25). The Kama cookie pieces are supplied Gainesville's Baker Baker bakery on SW 4th Ave.

012416FIEROSspicesB"I was impressed with his thoroughness and artistry in creating the mama and papa bear bowl sizes and his "signature blends" and "top offs"; fruit, dried fruit, nuts & seeds, and my favorite "dollups and drizzles," Chaya said. "Paul has also included a comprehensive spice rack for people to individualize their bowls further with these health promoting and tasty spices."

I chose a signature bowl of oatmeal named The Cape Codder, image at top of thisreview,  complete with cranberries, pecans, flax seed, maple syrup ($4.25).

The texture of the rolled oats was a pleasant surprise with much more texture than my usual oatmeal. The cranberries were plentiful and I enjoyed the crunch of the pecans, and the taste the maple syrup. This was a new interesting dimension to my ordinary breakfast 'quick meal'. I like the rolled oats but I don't think you cook them in five minute . . .



I couldn't resist and I think I talked Chaya into sharing a Bagel Egg Sandwich of a New York bagel with egg, cheese, and sausage ($4.75). With plain and everything bagels available I selected the everything bagel, and it was very good.

There were hearty, nice size chunks of sausage in our sandwich.

The best bagel I ever had was in Manhattan, N.Y. and the bagel was 'pressed out' and toasted to perfection like I have never experienced, since. SHOOT GLOBers I should have asked for that here.



To paraphrase my English speaking pal PJ Van Bocklin I felt very civilized having a bite with the most interesting Chaya Sharon-Heller discussing life the where's and what fors of eating a healthier die.

Fiore's work GLOBers. Especially if you live in West Gainesville. Keep an eye out on this breakfast, Fro-Yo shop. Mr. Fiore has some very interesting ideas promotions in the works for the upcoming months.

Fiore's uses steel rolled oats for their oatmeal which was a first for me.

Being a bagel kind of breakfast guy I spotted a variety of bagel choices and quickly talked Chaya int sharing a bagel.

"For your information GLOB Master we get our bagels regularly shipped to us from Wenner Bakery in Bayport New York," Paul said,.

For bagel loc=vers interestd in this kind of info Wenner Bakery started in Queens, New York, as a supplier of frozen hand-tied twist rolls for supermarket retailers. It has 60 years of experience leading the frozen bakery business in the U.S.

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