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Restaurant lunch highlights:

LOCAL DIGEST: Photography, Pizza happening

North Florida Rivers and Springs, Meditations on Their Tenuous Beauty North Florida Rivers and Springs, Meditations on Their Tenuous Beauty

Five star images, pizza overload senses

 By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

Talking about a Photographic Exhibit juxtaposition. Here I was, out in the woods, standing in front of the RUM138 outpost, camp site, and river adventure staging base near High Springs ready to observe the perspective of the fine art photography of North Florida resident, river and stream lover Lynne Buchanan.


080817LYNNEand me

Lynne is presenting the one person show: North Florida Rivers and Springs, Meditations on Their Tenuous Beauty.  A collection of photographic images, reflecting her passion about the rivers and streams of North Florida.

Lynne's protective nature of our rivers and springs led to the creation of this exhibit. The North Florida Rivers and Springs exhibit continues at the popular RUM138 Kayaking and Camping destination near High Springs deep in the North Florida woods, on the edge of the Santa Fe River, through October 2.

"For this exhibition, I focused on the remaining allure of many of our still-magnificent waterways, while keeping in mind the threats they face every day," Lynne said.  "My hope is that my pictures will help foster a genuine appreciation of the grace and beauty as manifested in our undeveloped, natural environment," nationally recognized photographer added.



From the vast expanse of the Alachua Sink image above, to Serge Kayaking through the green soup of Salvinia Lynne below Lynne has taken the viewer of this exhibition on a their own personal tour of North Florida's cauldron of life being born, and reborn in the not so easily accessed back woods of Florida.

"I was just behind that kayak behind that kayak dividing the green mash like it was butter." Lynne said reliving the river odyssey.



The event's reception featured refreshments as well as an opportunity to see my good friend Lynne. It was fun meandering through the gallery imaging Lynn with camera to her creative eye catching the spectacular images in the fleeting passing of time.

080817LYNNEvereticleZIt was good visiting with Lynne and hearing her speak of her possible move from Micanopy to the Carolinas in the near future. It was great fun introducing new friend Kristina Steinfeldt, image right, to several old friends including old Gainesville photographer John Moran.

Lynne's photography is dramatic as well as enlightening especially since she was on hand to offer vignettes of exciting moments on Florida's waterways.  With a keen knowledge of our rivers Lynne discussed the importance of preserving what Mother Nature had intended to be left in the primal state.

In Lynne's online Blog Ms. Buchanan emphasizes the need for Floridians to do their part in preserving our heritage in the rivers and streams of Florida.

"When I look down a river in the late afternoon light, I wonder what it would like like here the next time I visit and the time after that.," Lyn added wistfully.

The "North Florida Rivers and Springs: Photography by Lynne Buchanan" exhibit continues through Monday, October 2nd. at RUM138 just outside of High Springs. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.
Midges Ascending, Santa Fe River




Lynne Buchanan did a very nice job of presenting a table of refreshments at her photography exhibit.

But the tasty treats only amplified Kristina and my thoughts of visiting the newly opened Ameraucana Pizzeria in the old Cairo Grill location behind the Garden Gate Nursery.



The Industrial, red, wood fired oven was resurrected from the old Ameraucana Wood Fired Pizza truck days and take its appropriate place near the Ameraucana front door.  The old fashioned oven was happily 'throwing out' a record number PRE-INDUSTRIAL STYLE WILD YEAST SOURDOUGH PIZZA pizzas this second night of business.

"We made over over 170 pizzas tonight," the pizza chef said sliding pizza 173 into the flaming scorched red oven.

The Ameraucana menu is on the small side with perfectly created portions of 'Small Plates' appetizers that includes salads, meatball, and Marinated Olives with Burnt Citrus & Rosemary.



There are six Ameraucana pizza variations available with several pizzas made with out red sauce. After much conversation Kristina and I selected the Spicy Pancetta pie with Fior Di Latte, Thinly Sliced Pancetta,Basil, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, Parmesan, Local Wildflower Honey. The pizzeria sells twelve inch pizza pies which equates to six very healthy slices of Italian goodness.

The ingredients were certainly different from the GLOB Master's usual artichoke and pepperoni slice. The red pepper flakes added just enough heat to make me realize the pepper flakes were there. The sliced Pancetta was special with a very strong pork flavor.

The sour dough, wood fired pizza crust was uniquely special, unlike any pizza crust I have ever eaten, and very good. It took some early getting used to because of the marked difference from other pizza crusts. However by the time I was done my thought was next time order the Spicy Pancetta with a side of red sauce for dipping and I could sit and eat pizza all evening. FOLLOW THIS LINK for a complete Ameraucana Pizzeria menu.



080817PIZZAsaladKS480A delicious side salad of greens and a 12 inch pizza with drink cost a surprising $25 dollars. Lucky for us the pizza stand was so busy they had run out of beer by the time we arrived. Very nicely the pizza boys treated us to glasses of celebratory champagne on their successful opening in place of our usual cocktails.

I'm going back to Ameraucana soon. I am really looking forward to when they decide to start making lunch pizzas and my pizza with a side of red sauce for dipping that wonderful sour dough pizza crust.

The Pluses and Minuses of Ameraucana Pizzeria

 Ameraucana Pizzeria + indicators:  Unique Sour Bread pizza crust, Spicy bacon like Pancetta is very good. Fabulous patio dining.

Ameraucana Pizzeria - indicators:  The restorante was rocking inside and the noise level was on the high side. (get your red sauce onthe side to enjoy that yummy, wood charred, sourdough crust

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