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Restaurant lunch highlights:

LOCAL Digest, Sept. 28, 2012

LOCAL Digest, Sept. 28, 2012

LOCAL, Blue Oven Kitchen update


Last month we discussed all the great fundraisers Blue Oven Kitchens had planned for the month of August which the City of Gainesville and the Alachua County Commissions had declared as "Farm-to-Restaurant Month."

I am president of Blue Oven Kitchens, so that was a busy month for me! We worked with restaurants to put on those fundraisers in order to provide the community with the experience of having locally sourced options at local restaurants and businesses, while enjoying delicious dinners that were sourced mostly from local farmers.

I also announced that Blue Oven Kitchens signed a lease on a facility and was in the process of renovating the space for low-income and disadvantaged food entrepreneurs to use to create their delicious products, and for cooking and nutrition classes.

This edition of The LOCAL Digest focuses on the progress we have made on the facility and on the fundraising campaign that Gainesville soap maker mōksa is conducting to build out their first facility, and one off-the-grid at that!

092812ValwallIn the past six weeks we have cleaned, painted, and repaired our little hearts out at the new Blue Oven Kitchens facility, but we still have a little more to do. We have definitely learned the meaning of the phrase "things are not always as they seem." Many times it happened that what we thought we be a simple repair or replacement turned into something much larger due to the building's neglect over the years.

We have had several issues with the stoves at BOK, and require new (or new to us) replacements. A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has generously offered to purchase one for us, so that leaves just one more. Some of the stove manufacturers we have spoken to who donate to non-profits are checking into whether they have any pieces ready to go. Once we have at least one replacement we can have our fire inspection, and then we can move on to the health inspection, and then we can open our doors!

If you have kitchen equipment or wares that are extra (or that some well-meaning friend or relative gave you as a present that you will never use) and you are willing to donate it to us, please contact me as we may have a need for it.

I am hoping that next month's LOCAL Digest will update you on some of the fabulous things that are cooking at the incubator.


I also want to highlight to you a unique, LOCAL, online platform fundraising campaign that mōksa – the local and independent soap maker – is conducting to raise funds for its first facility.

092912MoksaHandsSoapmōksa is a start-up company specializing on creating locally created soap products with a focus on community and sustainable practices.

This is not just another indiegogo fundraising campaign. This campaign is giving proceeds to non-profits (such as Blue Oven Kitchens) for every pledge, and is also structured so that you receive soap in the full retail value of the amount of your pledge. So, let's say that you pledge $100 (there are 4 soap package options at this level to choose from). You will receive $100 retail value worth of soap, a perk of a coupon off your next order or free shipping, and each of the non-profits listed will receive a donation from mōksa.

You can keep track of this campaign its indiegogo page: You can also learn more about mōksa and the non-profits it is assisting by following Living Green Magazine.

092912moksaPRODUCTHere are the links to the articles which have highlighted non-profits so far:

Rwanda Sustainable Families (RSF)

Conservation Initiative for the Asian Elephant CIFAE)

I pledged $100 and hope you consider pledging something to this very worthehile project. Plus it's one heck of a feel-good way to get the holiday shopping started!

But please check mōksa out today because there are only about four weeks left to participate.

Please look for full BOK updates on our BOK website, Facebook, and through the Gainesville Lunch Out Blog of course!

With our new facility, Blue Oven Kitchens will create new ways for you to support new and expanding food entrepreneurs and small farmers who want to create delicious food products for your enjoyment.

Contact if you would like more information on how to volunteer your elbow grease, if you would like to become a sustaining sponsor to Blue Oven, or if you would just like to help us buy a stand-up mixer for our facility!

Want to know more about what’s local and what local means in our community? The Local Digest is a monthly piece on all things local in North Central Florida, from food to economics to environment to community. Local, you see, isn’t just a way of buying or a way of eating: it’s a whole system of the social, economic, and environmental values that mark the character of where we live, and how we seek to improve the health of those values. This is a column about sustaining our region and what we love most about it.

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