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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Sleepy Evinston hosts Thanksgiving Feast

EvinstonPOBy Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

EDITOR's NOTE: Happy Thanksgiving!  Here is a repeat visit to small town N. Florida and a fabulous Thanksgiving day turkey feast.

Several years ago, the Tampa Bay Times wrote a story about the post office of the quiet village of Evinston being closed by the U.S. Postal Service:

"Florida's oldest working post has creaked in the wind in summer, smelled of orange blossoms in winter and transacted business in three different centuries. Since 1882, Evinston's rural citizens have licked thousands of stamps, opened letters of joy and heartbreak and told tall tales while sitting next to a wood-burning stove.

Evinston in its prime boasted orange packing houses, a grist mill, a blacksmith shop, and a railroad depot. Now it has the store and the post office and proud tin-roofed cracker homes scattered through the nearby woods and pastures."

OlsonHomeTurning off U.S. 441 and driving down a picturesque two-lane country road with a few stately homes, if not tin-roofed ones, my friend and I then passed the historic Evinston Post Office/ Wood and Swink General Store just before arriving at our destination -- the home of Kevin and Trish Olson, beckoning us with visions of turkey, gravy, stuffing and tables of other scrumptious epicurean delights.

The Olson's retreated from the city many years back by purchasing a bare foundation and skeleton of a home and together turned it into a beautiful, contemporary country home with a welcoming atmosphere -- a storybook setting for the Kevin and Trish Olson 2013 Thanksgiving Feast, a celebration of friendship, gratitude, and gastronomical excess.
















It's all about sharing at the Olson's Thanksgiving Feast consisting of their own favorite recipes and those of friends from around North Florida, such as bourbon marinated sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, an amazing stuffing with Gala apples and parsnips.









You are probaly not going to believe this, but there were so many different, tasty choices of food specialities, the GLOB Master was unable to eat them all.





















The Roasted turkies were handled differently with Kevin brining his turkey in bourbon before roasting, and Lorraine and Shawn McGill dry rubbing their turkey with smoked paprika, garlic, and herbs.  A large baked ham was also available for those guests interested in the other white meat - or those who liked both.






















I am pleased to say my homemade Rosemary Peasant Bread, which I served with Uppercrust Bakery's White Bean Mousse, seemed to be a well received addition to the dinner roll selection of plain, poppy seed, and sesame seed rolls.  















The Thanksgiving Feast desserts were highlighted by a birthday cake for Trish who was also celebrating her birthday this Thanskgiving Thursday.  Other desserts included a basket of holiday cookies from The Magnolia Bakery plus pumpkin pie bars, pecan pie and a gluten free coconut cream pie.






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  • bob
    bob Monday, 01 December 2014 17:08 Comment Link

    Hey Mike, boy did you miss the feast this year....29 lbs of turkey, 5 kinds of potatoes & stuffing and "everything" else.....Bob

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