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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Sneak Peek: Cinema Verde Film & Arts Festival

Sneak Peek: Cinema Verde Film & Arts Festival

CV Film & Arts Festival not just for film fans

By Lynn Dirk, Content Editor, GLOB Correspondent

GLOB correspondent Lynn Dirk, also a Cinema Verde Board Member, will be reporting on the progress of Gainesville's upcoming 4th Annual Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival. Each week leading up to the Festival, the Gainesville Lunch Out Blog will be posting "sneak peeks" at some of the films that will be shown. 

> Previous sneak peeks for 3 Cinema Verde films.

011413CVlogoThis week's sneak peeks can be found at the bottom of this column.  Tickets can be ordered now at the Cinema Verde website for any and all of the films.

While I love Cinema Verde primarily for the films focused on my favorite topic, others might be more passionate about the Festival for the diverse events designed to complement the movies.  Each day, CV focuses on a specific eco-theme; this year it will be energy on Saturday, animals on Sunday, water and chemicals on Monday, food on Tuesday, sustainability and business on Wednesday, and peace and love on Thursday, which is Valentine's Day. 

011413TrishRileyMugCinema Verde Film and Arts Festival Director, Trish Riley, photo right, explains the importance of having events as well as films:

"We show films to introduce people to the environmental issues we face, and then bring in local environmental organizations and businesses that are working on those issues locally," Ms. Riley said.

"Cinema Verde events are an opportunity for everyone in the community to learn how environmental issues affect them personally, to meet innovators and problem solvers, to join organizations, and to share information," Riley said. "For organizations, there are many opportunities for networking, promotion, and volunteer recruitment," Riley added

The CV schedule of events is being finalized, and here is some info on what's developing or examples from previous years:

Energy - Plans include the following:

   > Green Vehicle Expo, where people can get a look at and test drive hybrids and electric cars.

  > VIP Pass Reception and Eco Art Exhibit at the Jolie Banquet facility.

   > Music by the University of Florida Band, Morning Fatty.

012213CV2Animals - These events have included representatives from area sanctuary and rescue organizations in the past. One year, Single Vision Sanctuary brought a young cougar and a lemur for attendees to meet. "The day we focus on animals is all about how we treat animals in our lives, from pets to wild animals to food animals. Learning to live in harmony with nature is another objective of Cinema Verde." Ms. Riley said.

012213WaterWater and chemicals - These are opportunities  to discuss the critical work of protecting our water sources, such as efforts by St. Johns Riverkeepers to prevent farm nutrients from degrading the Ichetucknee Springs or that problem being increased at Silver Springs by  a proposed large scale beef operation called Aldena Springs Ranch.

012213FOODFood quality and production - This is an area that Gainesville excels in, with several farmers' markets, the relatively recent Citizens Food Coop, and especially the brand new Blue Oven Kitchens -- not to mention the various community gardens around town and at UF. Last year Cinema Verde hosted a community potluck to honor local farmers. 

Sustainability - These events are when we hear about how wrong things can go with business as usual – see the sneak peek below of Greedy Lying Bastards.  Fortunately, there are also innovative people creating new types of businesses that develop products with a low environmental impact or that take our garbage or waste products and turn them into something useful.

The last day of the Festival being Valentine's, the theme is . . . yes, LOVE -- for everything the environment creates and nurtures: the plants, the air, the water, the dirt, and the animals --including the humans. Speaking of which, everyone is invited and everyone can be involved. The environment IS everyone – including YOU!!

Cinema Verde Countdown Week 3 -- Sneak Peaks

012213Water2> We are Water. A co-executive producer, Jill Heinerth (Right), who hails from Alachua County, has dived deeper into caves than any woman in history. Her accolades include being named a "Living Legend" by Sport Diver Magazine and being in the inaugural class of the Women Diver's Hall of Fame. Imaginative, entertaining, and enlightening, We Are Water illustrates the fragile relationship between our planet's endangered fresh water resources and the ever increasing needs of more and more people: For the first time in history, fresh water has become a finite resource. Without big changes in water policy and use, wars of the future may be fought, not over oil, but water. This movie will show us how we can help Jill Heinerth to keep that from happening.

012213GREEDY> Greedy Lying Bastards. Film-maker, co-writer, director, and occasional actor, Craig Rosebraugh, who is also a lawyer and knows he cannot be sued for telling the truth, visited 14 countries on 5 continents to cover disasters created by Big Oil.  The film shows how oil companies use Public Relations practices to cover up the truth. especially pertinent to us in Florida, this no-holds barred expose provides a look at effects of the British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon disaster not widely reported: businesses that are completely wrecked; people unable to get medical care because of Gulf doctors' depedence on oil company business, and four Florida tourists who became sick, including one who died, from swimming in oil and chemical dispersants in the Gulf.

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  • Lynn D
    Lynn D Tuesday, 22 January 2013 07:11 Comment Link

    GLOB Master, go see the movie!: BP has only provided recovery money because it was forced to by the US government. If BP had not tried to cut corners and costs and followed standard precautions, the accident may not have happened. Last but NOT least, there is no way to compensate for many of the effects of oil spills.

  • Eco GLOB Master
    Eco GLOB Master Tuesday, 22 January 2013 05:26 Comment Link

    This Greedy, Lying, Bastards film could be interesting. I think I would have a hard time calling a corporation, or individual that has spent billions in a recovery project greedy. . .

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