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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Road Trip: Portland Ore., Part II

Road Trip:  Portland Ore., Part II

Album evokes thoughts of Oregon road trip

By Cathy Dewitt

Editor's Note: Cathy DeWitt is the Music Programs Manager / Musician in Residence for the UF/Shands Arts in Medicine program, and an avid GLOBer.

Several years ago, I was contacted by someone who wanted to know if I had a songbook for my album, "Dreamsong." I didn't, but when I finished The Traveler project, which DOES include a songbook, I thought, "I wish I knew who that was who contacted me about a songbook for Dreamsong." Well, of course, the next day I got an email from a Meredith of Gleneden Beach, who said "I was just wondering about that songbook." She then invited me to come to her church and actually also motivated me to go ahead and make a songbook for "Dreamsong."  This is how my Oregon Musical Roaf trip came about.

Once I had made the decision to go to Oregon, all these other things just fell into place—other churches to play at, people to stay with, Arts in Medicine opportunities--everything was quite magical. But my experience at Gleneden was really special.

I stayed for the night in a beautiful little cottage right on the ocean sitting on the deck visiting with friends, having a glass of wine, and watching the sun set against the dramatic Oregon coastline (photo at top).

102612KitesThe next day, after a celebration at the church, I headed up the coast for the Annual International Kite Festival held on the beach at Lincoln City. It was a clear, sunny, windy day, and the kites were dazzling in the sparkling sunlight. People come to this event from all over the world. It is televised by major networks and well documented on You Tube! Check it out!

102612PonyBefore heading back to Portland, I visited harpist Beatrice Rose, who's been living off the grid with her husband for about thirty years. They have acres and acres of land, beautiful roses, miniature horses, an outdoor clay oven, an amazing greenhouse, and a garden full of homegrown goodies that included the ingredients of one of the best strawberry-rhubarb pies I've ever had! And of course we had time to make sweet music together as well.

Our last weekend was spent back in Portland. Mixed in with all the music making there, we had ICE CREAM! We had a great turnout—about 150 people—and everyone had a lot of fun. Now I'm thinkin' maybe ice cream needs to be on hand at every show, but then I wouldn't be sure what those fans were really screaming about! But we had so much fun, it doesn't matter what they were screaming for.

IN fact, we're giving it a try at our dance at Unity of Gainesville this Saturday night, October 27th, from 7-10 pm. C'mon down, eat some ice cream and then dance off those calories to the R & B and classic rock tunes of MoonDancer! We are so excited that our awesome guitarist Mike Cripe, who now lives in Tampa, will be driving up to join us....hope to see you there!

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