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Road trip: Atlanta's YEAH! Burger

Road trip: Atlanta's YEAH! Burger

Atlanta's cool, hip, burger palace

zzGLOBbullet Goin' Coastal for seafood in Atlanta is a good idea

A great thing about being the GLOB Master is GLOBers will often suggest good ideas about where and what to eat. When fellow GLOBer Denby Smothers heard I was going to Atlanta, she was quick to suggest YEAH! Burger as a place to discover, "One of the best hamburgers in Atlanta."

071512VhighlandsSiteIronically after leaving Goin' Coastal for dinner, we walked right by a YEAH! Burger around the corner. It looked like a very cool place with lots of customers sitting at a window facing the street watching the Virginia Highlands Saturday night excitement.

We held off on our Yeah! Burger until the next day when we headed out for what Bon Appetite calls one of their favorite burger spots in America.



YEAH! Burger is  very environmentally  correct with five different kinds of non-factory farm patties for your burger craving: GRASS-FED BEEF BURGER made with Georgia-raised, grass-fed White Oak Pastures beef; GRASS-FED BISON BURGER made with naturally-raised, Colorado bison; ALL-NATURAL TURKEY BURGER made with turkey from Pennsylvania; ALL-NATURAL VEGGIE BURGER made with South Carolina organic Sea Island red peas. ALL-NATURAL CHICKEN BREAST, made with fire-grilled, naturally-raised chicken breast.



If Penelope, my granddaughter, had ordered a sandwich we could have enjoyed all five burger varieties. As it was, we ordered four of the five leaving the ALL-NATURAL TURKEY BURGER turkey burger for another visit. My GRASS-FED BEEF BURGER was tasty. Perhaps the sandwich was a little on the small side for the GLOB Master's big appetite.

This was a busy lunch stop but YEAH! Burger had things figured out to move the customers in and out of this fast casual lunch spot in a timely manner.

I was feeling very cool in this hip burger palace. How trendy was YEAH! Burger you ask? You have to look hard for the French fries on the sides list. Hint, look for the HAND CUT FRENCH FRIES: HAND-CUT FRENCH FRIES,ORGANIC SWEET POTATO FRIES, HAND-BATTERED ONION RINGS, GLUTEN-FREE FRENCH FRIES, GLUTEN-FREE SWEET POTATO FRIES, GLUTEN-FREE ONION RINGS, FRIED PICKLES WITH RANCH.

This was Chris' second trip to YEAH! Burger and he thinks it offers "a nice twist on the classic burger joint." He added, "I'll be going back to YEAH! Burger in the future.  That Bison Burger is very good."

The YEAH! Burger is good. The FRENCH FRIES were cooked perfectly for the GLOB Master. I would go back to the YEAH! Burger again, but next time I will be early enough to be first in line. Another idea would be getting to YEAH! Burger early enough where we could sit all evening and watch the sights of Virgina Highland happen right before our eyes with a tall golden glass of pale ale.  Oh yeah, YEAH! Burger has a full list of wine and beer.

- GLOB Master

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