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Restaurant lunch highlights:

OTL, July 6, 2011

Regarding 'cue cookin', communication, & glitch fixes


I hope you had a great three-day 4th of July weekend.   To me this summer holiday -- like the Daytona Firecracker flag waving race starter -- is the “Gentlemen start your grills” announcement to a long summer of excellent hot-off-the-fire food.
I want you to know that I am resisting the urge to make a long list of all the different kinds of BBQ available in the US of A.  I'm not talking Texas, Kansas City, pork, beef, chic . .
ooops sorry.  I hope GLOBers know that there are enough 'cue choices to satisfy everyone's palette.
The GLOB Master’s personal favorite barbecue meal is a pulled pork sandwich on toast with hot sauce-- and if there happen to be any burnt ends in that sandwich, it’s a sure fire winner.
A blogger on the Bon Apetite website was recently asking readers to list their favorite BBQ joints, and there were a lot of REALLY interesting places mentioned. So here, at the humble GLOB website, I can’t resist creating a list of my three favorites:
070611DreamlandFounderfounder> Dreamland BBQ, Tuscaloosa, Alabama – You better be in the mood for some of the best BBQ pork spare ribs you will find anywhere.  If you’re not ready for ribs, you are in trouble.  That’s all they sell.  "Back in the day." there was  a giant sign on the wall in the dining room declaring, “WE DON’T SELL:   fries, cole-slaw, beans, salads, beef, chicken . . . and the list goes on and on.  The ribs are served on large platters country style for everyone at the table to share an extraordinary rib lunch in this way cool, very small, cinder block building. I see on the Dreamland web site side orders are now availble in this BBQ Rib shack.  
> Arthur Bryant’s BBQ, Kansas City, Missouri -  My first trip to Kansas City I was introduced to a Burnt End BBQ  sandwich.  Burnt ends are the charred, crispy, crunchy, over cooked pieces of meat that are trimmed off the better parts of the ‘cue protein.  These “leftover” pieces of barbeque heaven in a sandwich, or as a complete entrée, give new meaning to the phrase table scraps.
> Adams Rib Co., Gainesville Florida – This BBQ shop is a stone’s throw from the Gainesville Lunch Out Blog World headquarters.   AR’s pulled pork sandwich on toast is excellent, even without burnt ends, and the giant, very meaty, two-rib lunch special is very hard for this professional eater to pass up.  WOW!
Adam Brewer is the host, grill master, and all-around real nice guy at this popular lunch stop.  Not only can Adam cook some of the best ‘cue in the GLOB, this good ’ol boy loves to talk Gator sports, family happenings, and what’s cooking on the grill behind Adam’s Rib Co. right now.
I learned early on that everyone is a BBQ expert.  So why don’t you tell your fellow GLOBers where in the world is your favorite barbecue spot?   And I mean that literally -- don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to the eight BBQ restaurants on the GLOB map.

Working the the GLOB 'sources' route

I just got an email from one of the first GLOBers, Tina Mullen, about a new restaurant:
I am a daily reader of the Daily GLOB and enjoy passing it on to friends. It’s a great resource and a fun read!
Just wanted to let you know that my pal Bert Gill has opened a new spot called Blue Gills. It's located in the new parking garage that Shands built on south 13th street by the Cancer Hospital. Fun, casual and really good, fresh food. He just opened yesterday, so check it out if you have a chance.
Keep the GLOB coming!
Tina Mullen, Director, Arts In Medicine

The GLOB brain trust really appreciates Tina’s consideration of making the GLOB, and fellow GLOBers, aware of this good news for several reasons:
> Thanks to Tina, the GLOB was the first media source to announce the opening of Blue Gill Quality Food.  Woo-Hoo!
> The GLOB hopes this kind of information sharing becomes a regular habit among GLOBers so we can quickly update everyone on new restaurant information.
> One of the goals of the GLOB is to create a forum where lunch outers and lunch creaters can talk food.
Thanks again Tina!

Dead bug in the middle of the hard drive 

After much software wrestling and IT troubleshooting, the GLOB think tank hopes it has figured out the software glitch that was making it difficult to post comments on GLOB pages.  I’m talking about the annoying, “USER NAME ALREADY IN USE” message.  We hope we have killed that digital bug dead.
If the bug fix doesn’t work, my next idea is to contact long-time pal and Professional Bug Killer, Bobby Tyler.  He works for Florida Pest Control and they swear that the only bugs they can't control are litter bugs!

Mike Sanford is the GLOB Editor, Publisher and Professional Eater. Please send him your tweets, texts, or email him your opinons him:


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