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Restaurant lunch highlights:

OTL: 1 million, 800 thousand

'That's a lot of looks Mikey!'


Gainesville's Lunch out Blog celebrated nine months of Monday through Friday publishing in May with some resounding statistical information.

Two key indicators used to gauge the successful sharing of information on the world wide web are Unique Visitors and Page Views.

Unique Visitors are people who make return visits to the website viewing multiple pages during each visit.

Page Views are the number of pages that a viewer opens and looks at during each visit in a set time frame.

After a short nine months, the GLOB crossed the one million page views milestone in the third

week of May. In fact the total numbers of page views for the month of May was 1,830,838.

If my mother was still around, she would exclaim, "That's a lot of looks, Mikey!" The GLOB team would happily agree with my momma.

We contacted the GLOB's web host to validate this 9 digit number. My question to the tech support guy was, "Can you please read me that PAGES VIEWED number?"

"I sure can, it is one million, eight hundred thirty thousand, eight hundred and thirty eight." The tech guy said. And then he added, "That's a good number."

I'll say it is a good number. More importantly the number is a good indicator that the GLOB has established a niche in Gainesville's lunch time world.

So a big THANK YOU goes out to all the fellow GLOBers who are reading this Out To Lunch Column – and to those who just go straight to a restaurant page or to the Urban GLOB map page. All of us together make a GLOB-al network!

There are three months until the GLOB celebrates its first birthday and we are very close to realizing 4-million page views in our first year of making lunch out in Gainesville a stimulating topic of conversation.

Four new restaurants added to the Urban GLOB map

There is always a lot of talk about how things slow down in Gainesville during the summer. So it is surprising that May was a busy month for restaurant start-ups.

Jason's Deli, Chix Smokehouse BBQ, Frresh Café, and the EndZone Bar & Grill all put up their open for business shingles in May. That's new deli, café, BBQ, and sports venues we can include on the Urban GLOB map.

The May GLOB statistics also included a Page Per Visit number of 2.7. We decided that the .7 represents Urban GLOB Map cuisine queries (say that fast .7 times).


GLOB recommends eat-ifying websites

I have mentioned the website occasionally as a good resource for state, regional, and national foodie news. I would like to introduce you to other eat'em-ologic websites that the GLOB has discovered.

The Daily Meal is a destination with the professional eater in mind. With nine tabs across the top of the page, The Daily Meal has categorized their content by COOK, EAT/DINE, DRINK, TRAVEL, ENTERTAIN, BEST RECIPES, HOLIDAYS, LISTS and COMMUNITIES. The tabs have broken down all things food related from how to grill pizza to the truth about tofu.

The EatAtlanta food blog reports on an interesting idea about how to handle food trucks in Atlanta. The Howell Hill Food Truck Park was created when organizers of the food park basically bought a parking lot and have turned it into a weekly food truck gathering space. Food trucks can't roam the streets in Atlanta, so hey, they came up with a great idea for capitalizing on Atlanta's bureaucratic shortcomings -- so it's not just Gainesville that is having food truck issues.

The GLOB likes this idea of making room for food trucks in Gainesville. The GLOB has a vision of where every Friday food trucks circle the streets around the Bo Diddley Community Plaza in a foodie's dream of taco trucks, sandwich busses, meat ball wagons, dessert vans . . . Sorry, I got carried away in my lunch time fantasy.

Mike Sanford is the GLOB Editor, Publisher and Professional Eater. Please send him your tweets, texts, or email him your opinons him:


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  • Pam H.
    Pam H. Wednesday, 08 June 2011 10:35 Comment Link

    Congratulations on the GLOB stats Mikey!!! Good on ya, mate!

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