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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Out To Lunch, Feb. 14, 2011

 Out To Lunch, Feb. 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day to all fellow GLOBers!


There might not be a busier day in the food industry than Valentines Day. If you have already made dinner reservations for this evening, you know what I'm talking about.

A good alternative to dinner could be a Valentine's day lunch. I understand the weather is supposed to be a little warmer. A cozy lunch at one of the GLOB's restaurants with outdoor seating might be just the trick to warm your partner's heart to the appropriate temperature. There are quite a few choices around Gainesville with very nice, sunny settings and appealing outdoor vistas.

I'm a downtown kind of guy so the Wine and Cheese Gallery, Harry's, and Emilianos quickly come to mind, although Emilianos might be on the cooler side underneath their giant cabana awning.

For the Food On The Run GLOBers, I would suggest a quick stop at the Uppercrust Bakery for some very tasty meat pies -- Ham and Emmenthal, Turkey & Chevre, Spinach & Feta rose pastries and any number of sweet confections that would be perfect for a picnic near Lake Alice, Morning Side Park, or some other intimate, sunny spot you might know of for a perfect lunch for two.

Lunch is little different take on the romantic lights and intimate corner dinner table, so why not think outside the chocolate box this year and go day time with your food gift ? ?   After all this IS the Gainesville Lunch Out Blog,


Dueling Bar-B-Ques

Two new barbeque restaurants will be opening soon in GLOB land. To me, that poses the question, "Which Q joint do I try first?"

In downtown Gainesville, Michael Nabers, the former owner of the Rue Bar, is planning a complete remodeling to be finished by March to open The Smokehouse at 104 S. Main St. Nabers wants your lunch experience to be a fast, casual enjoyment of hickory smoked barbque, smoked prime rib, and BBQ sushi. You will have to let me know what BBQ sushi tastes like . . .

And in case you don't make for dinner, I guess I won't get struck by lightening if I let you know that the Smokehouse evening dining crowd will be entertained by live blues and jazz music on a center stage in the dining area.

In the midtown of GLOB land, Kay Bros. BBQ is getting close to opening in University Plaza at 1620 W. University Ave.

Steven and Darren Kay, owners of Designer Greens, a salad and sandwich restaurant a block to the west in UF Plaza, are looking to expand their restaurant portfolio with the Kay Bros BBQ approach to what they call 'quick service,' where you order your 'cue, have a seat, and wait for lunch to be served.  With 8 different sauces available at Kay Bros including Kansas, Texas, and Memphis recipes, you can have your BBQ with a different flavor every day of the week.

I love BBQ! I just checked, and did you know there are 13 different ways to define your flame cooked proteins. There's always room for another BBQ recipe and restaurant.

Mike Sanford is the GLOB Editor, Publisher and Professional a Eater. Please send him your tweets, texts, and opinions or email him at:

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  • Ron
    Ron Wednesday, 16 February 2011 09:48 Comment Link

    Hey Mike, Barbeque is over-rated. Try some tofu with black beans over a thin slice of salt free pita bread. Now that is culinary heaven.

  • Gainesville maids
    Gainesville maids Tuesday, 15 February 2011 18:25 Comment Link

    (LOL) You and my husband both love barbeque.

    It was a Valentine lunch since we were expecting dinner to be all too crowded for our taste.

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