Making portion work for you

Making portion work for you

If you're trying to lose ...

Re: That bottle of Pinot Noir

Re: That bottle of Pinot Noir

Now you can get to know a...

Standing Yoga poses help balance

Standing Yoga poses help balance

The work you do in the gy...

Ranking animal proteins

Ranking animal proteins

As an average consumer, y...

Regarding your sugar addiction

Regarding your sugar addiction

We know sugar is bad for ...

Slushy cocktail season is now

Slushy cocktail season is now

What's better than an icy...

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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Back in the saddle

GLOB-ble, GLOB-ble, GLOB-ble!

Back in the early days of Gainesville rock, there was a popular local band called Road Turkey. Finding one of those guys would make for a good story this week.

Greeting fellow GLOBers! You don't know how it pleases me to be saying that today! I am ready to return to the honorable objective of deciding what's good lunch time information to share with you during your mid-day period.


The Romans had there orgies, the Greeks gathered for events they called bachannals, and we have Thanksgiving Day. And any eating professional's eyes will glaze over in the coming days as plans develop for the Feast of the year!

Be prepared to see turkey day stories both tomorrow and Wednesday and more . . . .


Bahn Thai

I want to thank Joanie Morasco for creatively filling the GLOB news hole last week with an ASIAN, THAI, BUFFET story. ALL YOU CAN EAT has taken on a whole new meaning for me

Santa Fe College Hare Krishna lunch

SFC's Heidi Lannon nicely describes Gainesville's Hare Krishna's feeding of more college students than any other lunch spot in the GLOB.

Virtual Turkey Day menu ideas

The NYT's Mark Bittman has compiled an extraordinary selection of short Thanksgiving menus ideas that are worth your eatification

I'm singing Willie Nelson's, 'On the Road Again' as I return to publishing the Daily GLOB during the work week. I'm humbled by the concern, friendship and love directed my way the past twenty four days.

You certainly have a friend in me.

Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

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