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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Out To Lunch, Nov. 1, 2010

GLOB presents unintended consequences

EDITOR'S NOTE:  After today's Out to Lunch column, the GLOB Editor is out of the office for a few days this week attending to matters that will apparently require him to adopt what is called a "heart healthy diet."  Until he returns, please keep on lunchin' and bloggin'-- and let GLOBers know if you run across a particularly tasty heart-healthy item out there in GLOB land! 

The term, "unintended consequences," which refers to actions that occur to everyone's surprise, could be one of the more popular statements out these days. Can I tell you about a GLOB unintended consequence?

Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog has just completed its tenth week of daily publication. Looking back, I have to say one of the best, surprising, outcomes from this process are the new friendships I now have.

OTLmeMUGWhen I started this blog, my thought was, how cool it would be if my communication skills could be incorporated into a project that would generate interesting content in a new social media world and be accepted by the Gainesville community as a viable information resource. It turns out that restaurant owners, managers, chefs, staffers ready to talk about the food business are not only a wonderful resource of information, but also, more importantly, the source of a wonderful communication experience and a foundation for establishing working relationships that go way beyond successful outcomes.

I have learned first hand that Gainesville is the proverbial village of entrepreneurs, artists, skilled crafts persons, business managers trying to make a living, non-profit professionals working to keep their organizations afloat as well as all those busy bees and worker ants that make it all possible.

Lucky for the GLOB, everyone eats lunch.

If you don't mind I would like to introduce you to some of my new friends:

> Justin Griffen, General Manager, Harrys Seafood Bar & Grill. I make no bones about being a long time fan of Harry's. Justin has been the general manager for a little over a year now. I can see good changes taking place under his watch. A strong Harry's corporate office assists Justin in what I think continues to be one of the more popular eateries in town. If you see Justin when you are at Harry's and catch his attention, he would love to talk to you.

> Judy Skinner, Director, Dance Alive National Ballet. When I first met, Judy she quickly pointed out how she liked my enthusiasm. I take that as a compliment because this remark comes from a woman who is up early in the morning to load her ballet trucks, equipment and dancers to head out to performances across the southeast. And the dance troupe isn't done until the trucks have been emptied, the stage has been constucted, lighting put in place, and dancers are comfortable with their dress rehearsal. Immediately after the program, all the work just mentioned goes in reverse – the sets need to be torn down, loaded up and driven to the next engagement.

> Joel Mills, Owner, Piesano's, Italian Gator, and XXX in Alachua. If you were having a drink with Joel and asked him what he did for a living, he will tell you he's a pizza maker. And Joel makes an excellent pizza. However not only is this guy juggling pizza in the air, he is also managing three different pizza restaurants and working on opening a third shop on the south end of Tower Road. Think about that for a minute. Making pizzas, managing staff, ordering supplies, masking sure customers are happy -- and then multiple that by three.

> Jules Gollner, owner White Apron Catering and CHOW NOW Food Truck. One of the first comments the GLOB received over two months ago was from Jules telling everyone that she thought it was high time Gainesville had its own food blog. I?really admire this hard-working woman. When the economy took a bite out of her catering business, she decided it was time to think outside the . . . kitchen. That's how the CHOW NOW Food truck was born. While trying to figure out where the customers are, and if she has all her codes, licenses and regulations in order, Ms. Gollner is steadfast in her decision to make Gainesville a food truck market.

What do these folks have in common? Hard work, imagination and a drive toward success. You can see the determination to make good things happen in their eyes.

If you know or see these folks during your work day, stop and shake their hands and tell them the GLOB was talking about them. Mention to them that you like their work attitude. It might sound trite, but I do believe we are all partners here in Gainesville trying to build a community and economy that are rewarding in every sense of the word.

Mike Sanford is the GLOB Editor, Publisher and Professional a Eater. Please send him your tweets, texts, and opinions or email him at:

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  • Mike S, GLOB Editor
    Mike S, GLOB Editor Thursday, 18 November 2010 19:29 Comment Link

    Here I sit day -- 20 of a 3 week stay. I had a good day of occupational and physical therapy, The big question today was getting a definitive answer on why I fainted because in the past 3 days I've had 3 more syncope spells, but at least I never lost consciousness. With those answers tomorrow with luck I'll be out soon. Thanks tons for all the thoughts, emails and friendly phone calls. I can't wait to talk to each and every one of you.

    See ya soon

  • Mike S, GLOB Editor
    Mike S, GLOB Editor Friday, 05 November 2010 21:30 Comment Link

    Thanks for making my week Mike!!!

    The GLOB did run a Wall Street Journal story on the McRib fan club lurking out there in the wilderness. #6 on the vertical news panel at the bottom of the home page:

    I've never had a McRib, but I have to admit it sounds "the other white meat interesting" . . . maybe one of those days when I've been good.

  • Mike G.
    Mike G. Friday, 05 November 2010 12:32 Comment Link

    I love the GLOB and I thoroughly appreciate the emphasis on “local” restaurants. That said, I find it unconscionable that the GLOB has gone this long without addressing one of the most important lunch out questions of November – whether to McRib or not to McRib? Of course that doesn’t really help so much with your search for “heart-healthy.”

  • Pam H.
    Pam H. Monday, 01 November 2010 10:29 Comment Link

    Thank goodness for all these folks who get up every morning to prepare food for all us hungry GLOBbers. Where would we be without them??? HUNGRY, that's where!!

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