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Restaurant lunch highlights:

OTL, Sept. 4, 2012

OTL, Sept. 4, 2012

Congrats to the GLOB & GLOBers everywhere


Hello GLOBers! The GLOB Master welcomes you to volume three of Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog. Yep, here we are celebrating our second anniversary with our first Out To Lunch column in quite some time. If that last statement doesn't have you counting down, crossing your eyes, or spinning your head, we have a job for you in the GLOB's worldwide offices.

The significance of this anniversary of lunch time happiness has prompted the GLOB Master to step forward with a brief state of the lunch counter message and an update on some interesting news features that will be coming your way in the next few months.

090212GLOBplateFORKNo one is more surprised than the GLOB's statistical bean counter with the successful readership statistics this lunch time blog enjoys Monday – Friday. The GLOB is shattering page view and unique web site visitor expectations, and the GLOB Master feels good about the presentation of interesting features on food, restaurants, local issues, health, and national news he has been serving up for lunchouter eatification every day.

However GLOB staffers understand that this blog wouldn't be alive and kicking if it weren't for fellow GLOBers checking us out regularly. A very big THANK YOU goes out to all the GLOB's faithful, everyday kinda readers.

Now, we also have some new regular features we would like to talk about.

Thinking brunch this weekend?

Miriam Webster's Dictionary defines brunch as "a meal usually taken late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch." The Gainesville Lunch Out Blog is adding a second definition:  "A weekend lunching out adventure that starts the eatification process a little earlier than the regular Monday-Friday lunch hour."

090212JONESbrunchIf you have ever noticed the folks standing outside of The Jones restaurant or lounging casually in front of 43rd St. Deli in the Millhopper area, you are glimpsing the brunch bunch.

Starting this Friday the GLOB will feature a different lunch stop that features a late morning menu. I just counted – thanks to GLOBers Free Lunch Contest participation, 15 restaurants now have the brunch tag and can be found via a FOOD BY TYPE search for brunch.

So whether it's pancakes, omelets, or a buffet assortment that floats your great big brunch boat be sure to see what the GLOB Master suggests on Friday for your weekend brunch enjoyment. 

Gainesville's Natural Treasures

I was having a great conversation with a new UF student from China who was asking a lot of questions about Gainesville when I remembered an informative website called Discover Gainesville's Natural Treasures.

090212GRDlegendsThis website is published and updated by Gainesville's Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Nature Operations Division. This web page features 23 different interesting and beautiful natural parks, trails and wildlife viewing locales in your city. Plus the Web Master/designer of this useful page has also included an excellent legend to access, utilize and be prepared for your Gainesville park adventure. Everyone who knew 'Green Acres' was in Gainesville raise your hand . . .

After much discussion in the worldwide corporate office of the GLOB, it was decided that information on one of Gainesville's Natural Treasures (GNTs) will be posted on the GLOB at least every other week until we have featured all the GNTs. Of course any information you might have about your visits to these parks will be very much appreciated in the comment wind below the features. Happy outing and discovering Gainesville's natural treasures to everyone! 

Updating the restaurant food feature window

You might want to check the food feature window at the bottom of the GLOB home page for new photos and web links to some very yummy looking lunch time food ideas.

You know I love this country, I really love my job, and I consider myself a humble professional eater with the sole mission of keeping GLOBers everywhere fat, happy and eatified with their Gainesville Lunch Out Blog lunch time joy.

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