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Restaurant lunch highlights:

OTL, August 30, 2011

One year down, and a bunch of lunches left to eat


Happy Birthday to us! The Gainesville Lunch Out Blog is one year old today! Wow, what a fast year that was. A bunch of excellent lunches, an exciting medical event interlude, and off the chart viewer statistics to close out the GLOB's Volume 1, 2010-2011.

Here are last year's highlights from the GLOB Master's perspective:

> July 2010 - Blu Dove Design's Lisa Renshaw , and her colleague Tasmania Australia's Nick Texidor -, and Mike Sanford collaborate by Skype to customize a Joomla K2 web site and create a one-of-a-kind lunch blog and super cool GLOB-al positioning map.

> August 2010 – The GLOB Master is born and ventures out into Gainesville's lunch out world to begin reporting back on his experiences via the GLOB.

> September 2010 - Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog begins posting restaurant features regularly, starting with the Uppercrust Bakery, Toojay's Deli, and David's BBQ, on consecutive days and also shares interesting news from around the country.

> October 2010 - The GLOB Master has a medical event that results in a GLOB slow down and a coronary artery bypass graft surgery for the Professional Eater.

> November 2010 to February 2011. A long recovery period for the Mike Sanford and steady growth of the GLOB.

> May-July 2011 - Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog surpasses a million page views 3 months in a row.

> August 2011 - The Daily GLOB -- our daily email newsletter -- is viewed by 5,238 daily readers a day.   Growth and success force the GLOB to move to its own server to allow for speedier page loading and reliable delivery of the Daily GLOB Monday Thru Friday.

> Restaurant Shuffle - In the last year, the GLOB saw 24 new restaurants open and 20 restaurants close their doors. Two restaurants reopened in new locations. Presently therearefive restaurants in the process of preparing for fall openngs.

2011-2012: Volume II -  A GLOB objective for next year is to entice silent readers to voice comments, suggestions and opinions with gusto.

I just counted 253 restuaurants in the GLOB with 6 waiitng to open.  That makes the 20 that closed lastyear right at 10 per cent of the reatuarants in the GLOB.  That's a pretty good rate of staying open.

I wish I could pick a favorite lunch spot.  Unfortunately I love them all.  There are a few clunkers out there, but maybe they were just having a bad day . . .

The GLOB Master has made a boat load of new friends in the Gainesville restaurant business, and the GLOB has made soem really good friendly connections -- old and new -- while searching for the best lunch in town this past year.

Thank you fellow GLOBers for an incredible first year experience. I see a lot of tasty lunches looming on the GLOB horizon. I can't wait to share my eat'em-ological adventures with you and, even better, to hear about your adventures in eating as documented via the Gainesville Lunch Out Blog.

Mike Sanford is the GLOB Editor, and a Professional Eater. Please send him your tweets, texts, or email him your opinons him:


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