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WHOLE30 DIET: Eating Smarter Carbs

WHOLE30 DIET: Eating Smarter Carbs

Last January, as one does, I pledged to eat better. Not one to phone it in, I adopted a meal plan with almost every vice crossed off the list. I blame Instagram, which was where I first spied the hashtag #Whole30, along with hundreds of iPhone-perfect images of delicious-looking food. If I ate nothing but whole, unprocessed foods for 30 days, the Whole30 program promised, I would have less bloating, fewer cravings, better sleep and more energy.

Watching everything I eat is nothing new for me, since I have lived with Type 1 diabetes most of my life . I can eat sugary foods and other carbohydrates; I just have to give myself insulin to coincide with the elevated glucose. The fewer carbs I eat, the lower my insulin requirements.

As reported on the NEW YORK TIMES website - EAT MORE

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