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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Mission Epicurious: Yogurtology

Many people are on the froyo-over-ice cream train, although I have not yet gone aboard Many people are on the froyo-over-ice cream train, although I have not yet gone aboard

Froyo shop is another, just like the others

082613MissionEpicurious1By: Melissa Kahan, GLOB Correspondent

It could be the change in weather is giving me any inclination to become distracted or that daily stresses have caused the need for a reprieve. In any case, the insatiable desire for sweets overcame this foodie in a worse way than usual. My sweet tooth is no secret to anyone who truly knows my eating habits. Unless I venture to Coldstone Creamery, an ice cream parlor is not exactly an around-the-corner, late night option for me anymore since the closing of my beloved TCBY on Archer Rd. Nonetheless, an ice cream craving wasn't going anywhere as I was surrounded with textbooks, notebooks and everything I wanted to get away from.

I had heard about Yogurtology for some time now as the frozen yogurt spot in Butler Plaza popular for the variety and abundance of flavors and toppings. Let's face it: Many people are on the froyo-over-ice cream train, although I have not yet gone aboard.



I cannot discredit froyo altogether until I have put forth the effort to try this ice cream alternative. What better night to have a craving for a cold treat and an adventurous dessert spirit than on Wednesday, which at Yogurtology is "Waffle Wednesday" – not waffle cone, but waffle. Hearing of this through social media, I recruited my fearless foodie tasting partner for the night, and we were off, donning the laziest of all college attire: the hooded sweatshirt.

Upon arrival, I was discernibly surprised at how much traffic was flowing in and out of the small shop, and worse, the minimal amount of indoor seating. We headed straight to the back of the shop where a Yogurtology employee stood by facilitating the sampling of about 10 self-serve flavors. I actually preferred this, as it seemed to keep the froyo area cleaner by preventing messes due to eager customers not being able to shove what they felt would be sample-size portions into the tiny sample cups.



They had what I have learned are staple flavors standard for these shops: taro, vanilla, strawberry and some type of chocolate. True to form, the mint, which was available as sugar free, and the double chocolate fudge caught my eye. Honestly, I was looking for choices that strayed as little from my norm as possible so as not to throw off my delicate ice cream palette. And of course, I had to grab one — or two, no regrets — of the mini waffles available at the farthest end of the yogurt machines, from candy corn waffles to heath bar waffles smothered in powdered sugar. It appeared they had been nestled in their bins for some time, which caused me to question whether these waffles are typically fresh or if I just came at a bad time.



Combining toppings has always been my strong suit, and I have to say that laid out by the register was a diverse and plentiful array to choose from. I generously enveloped my two complimentary flavors — the waffles already hidden beneath the froyo — with all the toppings I pleased. Not only did mini versions of every popular candy bar line the length of half of the topping bar, but there were unique toppings compared with those of other shops, from chocolate rocks to various flavored boba jellies to Nutella. I scattered a generous helping of Andes mint pieces and Sno Caps across my frozen wonderland of sweets, along with clear lychee boba orbs, dark chocolate sauce and a mini Peppermint Patty and Kit Kat bar. The piece de resistance, as always, is an overly generous heap of sprinkles — I chose chocolate-flavored ones this time — over every inch of unoccupied space among my bevy of toppings.



It is always a walk-the-plank-type of situation when confronted with the dreaded scale, which determines the cost of your delicately-crafted dessert. It's the only thing standing in the way of sugary coma-esque satisfaction. I was surprised when my friend's treat was almost a full dollar more than mine. It appears I have perfected the weight game - now if only that were the case in real life.

After waiting a few minutes for someone to relinquish their seats, we saddled up at the bar seating area and dug in. The chocolate sauce slid down the length of the froyo as the toppings rested neatly atop the layers of fudge and mint froyo. Note: I am not one to mix everything together; I like to taste each flavor and texture separately or by my choosing if possible. After multiple spoonfuls spanning the gambit of combinations, from mint froyo with Sno Caps, sprinkles and chocolate to double fudge froyo with a hint of mint, Kit Kat and of course more sprinkles, this food adventurer and my friend (right) were reaching the brink of sugar overload. I have to say, the waffle added nothing to the final product except for a cushioned bed of breading balancing the fixings. It became soggy due to the froyo and I couldn't even taste the supposed Heath Bar flavoring of the waffle I so looked forward to trying. Live and learn.

Although I will forever remain an ice cream girl and dare I say connoisseur, froyo gave a noble effort to win me over. I am still not sold on the consistency and it lacks the hearty richness ice cream provides, but if froyo really is somehow a tad better for you, than that's something to consider. I was turned off by how many customers crowded the shop, but it didn't affect the service. I also would not consider the fruit as a topping, as it did not look particularly fresh or chilled as sliced and chunked fruit must be for consumption. However, it doesn't seem like the shop is having any problems drawing in customers, and I don't think the froyo demand is going away either.

The Pluses and Minuses of Yogurtology:

Yogurtology (+) indicators: Wide array of toppings, diverse flavors for any liking.

Yogurtology(-) indicators: Limited indoor seating, expensive prices, fruit and waffles not fresh.

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  • Chaya
    Chaya Saturday, 23 July 2016 12:10 Comment Link

    The Hunter's Crossing YO3 Metro frozen Yogurt may be on the other side of town for you, but if you're going 'froyo', you may like to go all the way with this place who prides themselves with healthier options.

  • LynnD
    LynnD Wednesday, 02 October 2013 23:16 Comment Link

    Hey Melissa, Have you tried frozen custard? Sweetberries makes different flavors daily. It is probably the next step up from ice cream as ice cream is a step up from yogurt. Of course my friend Joanie says gelato is the best and the best gelato really is in Italy . . . but I know she sometimes settles for Gelato’s gelato . . and it’s pretty darn good too. If you are in to beer AND ice cream, or custard, try a Guinness Float at Sweetberries. It is pretty darn good too. And it’s close to UF. Speaking of close to UF, there is also Karma Kream that does organic vegan ice creams from soy, coconut, or rice milk. Maybe you can do a report on exactly how different those ice creams are from each other . . . and from regular ice cream or custard.

  • Scott T
    Scott T Wednesday, 02 October 2013 14:16 Comment Link

    Yes, VERY EXPENSIVE and they set it up to fill the bottom of the bowl with cake and other stuff ... and the bowls are EXTRA LARGE - so you will put more into them. I think the samples tasted good, but I would ONLY get the yogurt - skip the topping and only fill the cup 1/4 full.

    It's like 50 cents per ounce.

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