The Daily GLOB: Sweet Tea Cafe, Union St. Downtown Farmers Market, Hipp Cinema: 'RBG', West Coast dancing, Eating wings correctly, Restaurant gimmicks, Bio-hacking implants, Daily GLOB quote of the day

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Volume 8, Day 162, Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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Comment of the Day!


Northwest grille has by far the most delicious fried oysters in Gainesville - the best I've had outside of Apalachicola!  They also have a chicken dish called Chicken Caprini, chicken breast with creamy goat cheese on top.  Amazing.

- Celeste


The Daily GLOB


Happy Wednesday!


GLOBmaster2017Good morning GLOBers!  So yesterday morning if you will remember I opined about the venerable traits of a long time BBQ pit stop Bono's.  Thanks to several quick minded GLOBers for letting me know so much for Bob's stick-arounded-ness. It doesn't happen often but Bob's had closed its doors  unknowingly and there the GLOB Master was suggesting the shuttered restaurant for lunch!  Gulp, Groan, Many apologies for that miscue my lunch time pals.  Now,over on the NE side of Hoggetowne . . .




It is Union St Downtown Farmers Market Wednesday and Market Elder is Charlie Lybrand seeing some big green watermelons rolling into the market:

052318MarketRIGHTside"Organic cherry and plum tomatoes are now plentiful at the market. Watermelons have joined cantaloupes in their season. Peaches are increasing in quantity each week. While displays of beautiful bouquets in a myriad array of colors and styles remain available. New potatoes are in season also along with an  abundance of squash. Cool weather lettuces, sugar snap peas, snow peas, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collards and turnips are still being harvested while ever increasing amount and varieties of beans, strawberries and blueberries continue the showcase of warm weather crops. Grass fed beef and chicken as well as  seafood are offered every Wednesday. Check the market's products page for a definitive listing of produce. Organic coffee and kombucha are served each week along with a wide variety of prepared foods."

Julien Kozak - 4:00, Rockeys Piano Bar's Brad Heron - 5:15, The INspiration - 6:15.



RBG: Hero, Dissenter, Icon - Tonight at 8:00 in the Hipp Cinema you can find out at the age of 84, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has developed a breathtaking legal legacy while becoming an unexpected pop culture icon. But without a definitive Ginsburg biography, the unique personal journey of this diminutive, quiet warrior’s rise to the nation’s highest court has been largely unknown,


West Coast Swing Dance Classes - Join in on West Coast Swing Dance classes with excellent instruction tonight at 7:00 at 720 NW 23rd Ave. Beginner class followed by intermediate class and social dancing to practice what you have learned. Professional DJ who knows how to swing the tunes. A great variety of music genre. This video is a great example of the dance:


Got lunch plans this rainy Wednesday GLOBers? QUACK, QUACK!  Be sure you have yoru fair share of brain food fresh and ready to enjoy from


Today in the GLOB!

The Sweet Tea

"Mike and I already know the drill: Order two entrees to share; maximizing every meal experience is what we are all about! As this was lunch, the delicious-sounding 'Oops! I Dropped the Chicken Pot Pie' and the 'Cracker Crumb Fried Chicken,' were sounding divine."

Eating chicken wings correctly

The Serious Eats website has created a video about how to eat chicken wings. It's about how thoroughly you should eat them.  The GLOB Master was with a friend eating chicken wings and she was so impressed with my culinary technique she felt compelled to video taping me eating second and third chicken wing joints! - READ MORE

Over-the-top restaurant gimmicks

There's a fine line between being creative and ridiculous, and these restaurants have passed it. I get it, competition in the food service is high. You need to think outside the box to attract more customers. Bored Panada has found many absurd examples.  - READ MORE




MAGNETIC IMP[LANTS, MEDICAL PUNK, OH MY!  Louis Anderson, a 16-year-old aspiring biotech entrepreneur, eats dinner with an anarchist, a world-renowned tongue splitter and at least 30 people who have implanted themselves with magnets or radio-frequency identification chips, a.k.a. RFID implants.  We're at Grindfest, a meetup of biohackers, and Louis has been planning the trip for two years. They have a lot to talk about.



DAILY GLOB QUOTE OF THE DAY: "My favorite flavor of cake is more."




If you're still hungry and need a good lunch idea FOLLOW THIS LINK to Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog Instagram page.  This is where the GLOB's Image Editor Erica Corbett takes great pleasure in sharing amazingly looking, deliciously yummy images of what we are thinking about, contemplating seriously, and eventually eating for lunch in the Urban GLOB.

Have a wonderful Wednesday lunch GLOBers and If you see the GLOB Master downtown this afternoon be sure to say hello.  If I miss you this evening I will see ya right here tomorrow.

Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

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