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Horse Driven, November 5, 2012

Horse Driven, November 5, 2012

Dreamstone cures need to be 'in the saddle'

By Kendall Crews, GLOB Correspondent

Editor's Note: At 12 year-old Kendall has become horse driven and wants to share her equine experiences with GLOB readers.

110612GateTrust me, you won't regret your time at Gainesville's Dreamstone Farms barn, where riders and horses become one.

Dreamstone Farm is located in West Gainesville very close to the town of Newberry. Dreamstone is a horse farm where riders of any level of experience can visit the farm, make friends with the horses, and if you want, learn how to ride both English and western style.

The reason I know this is because I just started riding there and it's the best barn I've ever been to . Dreamstone Farm is 25 acres of beautiful horse country with several barns and white fenced pastures.

Presently the Dreamstone Farms, Owner, Trainer and Manager is Taryn Adam. Dreamstone Farm has 23 horses's on the farm and Taryn owns a majority of them. The farm offers boarding, lessons, summer camp and shows for riders to participate in.

Taryn has 25 years of equine experience and she is also my riding instructor. She grew up with horses because her family owns a Hunter/Jumper boarding facility in Cowlesville NY.

110612TarynTaryn, photo right, moved from upstate New York to Florida show her horses at Quiet Hill Farm in Ocala. Taryn graduated from the University of Florida with a BS Degree in animal biology and is continuing her education working on a Master's Degree in elementary education.

There are 15 large pastures where the horses can hangout with their friends and graze and enjoy the weather for up to 12 hours a day. At night of course they go back to the barn and there stalls were they are always warm and comfy. When the horses are in their stalls at night they are provided with blankets and horse jackets that keep the horses warm.

Dreamstone is a fully fenced and gated property and only riders and customers have the automatic key code to get in the gate. If you are a new rider/student you can push a special button that says 'call' and she'll usually let you right in.

110612barnINSIDEThe Dreamstone Farm barn has great features for young riders and noble steeds. In the main barn there are 26 stalls 12x12 stalls with black mats. The stalls get cleaned daily so the horses can have a fresh stall to come in after they've had a nice day out side in the pasture. The Dreamstone barn also has four grooming bays that are really helpful in getting your ride ready before shows and events.

A nice Dreamstone Farm feature is the tack room is air conditioned, with a nice big area to get all the tack you need. Another handy addition to this barn is they have a real restroom. You know how some barns have small portable potties? Take second to think about how handy a real bathroom is with 'she plumbing' and electricity.

You walk into the Dreamstone farms restroom and you don't even think it is a restroom on a farm. This farm restroom also has a sink with soap that smells really really good.

KendallMUGshotThe riding arenas are really big and very well maintained. They have lights if you want to ride at night, and they also have night lesson.

Not only that, I know your thinking there's more? Of course there's more.

There's a covered training arena! Take my word for it, this is a big advantage in this nasty Florida heat! If your not a covered arena kind of girl, like me, or guy there's also an outside arena that is a lot of fun. Taryn has sets of horse jumps in place that are in nice shape and get used quiet a bit by Dreamstone riders including me. The covered arena is 250x100 and the outside arena is 300x150. That's almost the size of a football field.

110612HDhannahMy favorite place to ride is the covered arena, because it keeps me cooler while I'm riding.  Of all the horses I like Dulce the best because he is handsome, and listens well while I ride him,  That's me with Dulce in the photo above right.  Right is my friend Hannah and Fancy.

Taryn and Dreamstome Farms provides Summer camps that everyone loves! She ran the camp this summer and it was a great success The camp is for all rider skill levels and you can go to camp even if you have never been on a horse a day in your life.

The summer camp includes riding lessons and learning about horses like how to steer and make the horse follow your instructions. Because sometimes when you've never ridden a horse your not exactly sure what to do, and that's understandable 'cause it can be scary on the back of animal bigger than you.  At horse camp your required to bring your own packable lunch in a lunch box. There's also an on site swimming pool so you can take a dip if it gets to hot outside, because it will get hot.

The Dreamstone Farms Horse Camp also has arts and crafts programs and games that are super fun!

If you live in Gainesville and are interested in horses this is the place for you.  Its inexpensive, and a beautiful place to start riding, or to train to a higher riding skill level.

My suggestion is to call Taryn today and make an appointment to enjoy Dreamstone farms, if not for yourself, for your child.

Last modified onMonday, 25 March 2013 15:07
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  • Kelly butler
    Kelly butler Tuesday, 06 November 2012 21:39 Comment Link

    Awesome job Kendall. I am so proud of you. Wish I lived there. I would go riding! See you soon!

  • James
    James Tuesday, 06 November 2012 20:34 Comment Link

    Such a great article! Good job!

  • Nicole
    Nicole Tuesday, 06 November 2012 20:22 Comment Link

    Great article! My daughter is 5 and has a passion for riding English! I would love to visit Dreamstone Farm the next time we're in Florida! Keep up the great work and we can't wait to read your next article!

  • Taryn Adamy
    Taryn Adamy Tuesday, 06 November 2012 11:24 Comment Link

    Wow! Great job describing the farm and all its attributes Kendall! Thank you for saying such wonderful things about Dreamstone Farm. Here at Dreamstone we work hard every day to make our facility comfortable and workable for horse and rider.

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