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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Horse Driven: UF Vet School Open House

Future vets wowed vet school programs 

By Kendall Crews, GLOB Correspondent

Editor's Note: At 12 years old Kendall has become horse driven and wants to share her equine experiences with GLOB readers.

The annual CVM – College of Veterinary Medicine's Open House was last weekend Saturday, April 13, and it was cool. When I went to the CVM Open House it was so amazing how many people were there, supporting UF and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

042014GirlsMy friends from left, Hannah, Viviana, and I had a great time.

There were all kinds of exciting things going on all over the grounds of the Vet clinic, and inside.

> A Mare was getting a ultra sound and they were letting people vote on a name for the foal. At the end of the day they were going to pick the name.

> The adoption rooms and non-profit animal rescue groups that brought in animals to be adopted were all over the place. They had everything from bunnies, cats, dogs, and I believe I even saw some snakes that were looking for new homes.

042013RabbitI thought the bunnies were adorable; the picture of the bunny included in this feature, photo right, comes from Gainesville Rabbit Rescue.

This bunny was so sweet, and funny looking, but in a very cute way.

There were so many tables and booths set up, one right after another in the Vet School Halls.

Each table or display stand had some interesting things to sell to visitors, or to give away.

Participating companies, and student organizations had nice collared vet shirts, t-shirts, tumblers, stickers, and all kinds of neat stuff that could keep my friends and I busy shopping.  There were also some game tables, coloring, painting, and face paint.

The open house also included small and large animal clinic tours. In one room there was a horse on an equine treadmill he was working hard for the demonstration.

041013TreadmillWhen he finished his demonstration he was sweaty and happy to get hosed off with the water hose and get some treats for a good job.

The city of Gainesville and the Alachua County Sheriff's office came to the Open House to share a K-9 demonstration (bite, bomb sniffing, and odor detection) about security, and sfae protection issues. The county's guard dog looked like he could really hurt someone if they told him to. Good thing I have no plans to be a criminal. I don't think I would want the counties K-9 Unit after me.

042013FeedMy friends Viviana and Hanna loved playing the games and especially the crazy photo booth.

There were so many people at the Open House that I ran into friends from the barn where I ride horses, Dreamstone Farms.

My friend Olivia was also there. I bought a shirt from one of the student tables. My new shirt is the perfect riding shirt. Its one of those that is made to keep you cool while riding horses. I wish I had bought a few more shirts while I was there. Its nice because the shirt also has the UF CVM logo on it.

The Veterinary open house was such a great experience for me I can't wait until next year to attend again. If you didn't get to go to this one make sure you keep an eye out for the next year's. I have a feeling its going to be even bigger next year.

I think the open house is a great experience for all ages, really good for kids to see what training for a career with animals would look like.

I'm thinking maybe one day I will be a UF large animal vet in training. How cool would that be!

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