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Gainesville's Natural Treasures, Cofrin Nature Park

Gainesville's Natural Treasures, Cofrin Nature Park

Join the GLOB Master as he seeks out beautiful picnic areas, lunchspots and fun, outdoor places to visit in Gainesville by exploring Gainesville’s parks, trails and walkways.

To quote Gainesvile’s Nature Operations website: “Get to know your nature parks! You can stroll along a trail deep in the woods, walk a boardwalk edging a blackwater stream, take a class to become familiar with the fascinating wildlife, or step back in time over 130 years on a ten-acre Living History Farm. Visit the spring where Gainesville began or ride your bicycle or horse on the Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail. Enjoy some of the best bird watching in North Florida, observe butterflies busy at wildflowers, and hear frogs calling for mates.

Today GLOBers will be discovering . . .

Cofrin's Nature Park


In the heart of urbanized west Gainesville, Cofrin Nature Park features a half-mile long hiking trail. Once a horse farm, much of this park is returning to forest through natural succession. Large hardwood trees are found in the forest along picturesque Beville Heights Creek, and seepage wetlands on the slopes above the creek support lush growths of ferns and wildflowers

A 30-acre tract within the city of Gainesville, this patch of preserve is the legacy of Mrs. Gladys Cofrin, an active environmentalist who had a horse farm and family homestead on this site. Thankfully, she passed it along to the people of Gainesville instead of selling out for yet another subdivision. The short nature trail through the park provides a shady walk through several habitats, including along a seepage stream and through upland forest.


Gainesville's Nature Park Legend: 

To learn about this nature park on the Gainesville recreational parks map, please click on the park's name on the map and it will take you to the park's description on the same page.

Gainesville Regional Transit Route #5 #43

3300 SE 15th Street4819 NW 8th Ave,

Park Hours 7:00 am -6:00 pm (Nov-April), 7:00 -8:00 pm (May-Oct)



Lunch Stops Cofrin Nature Park:

KNIFEforkARTGrandy's, Mi Apa, China Star, Ivey's, Swamp

Copper Monkey, Flacos, Gator City, Italian Gator

Tatu Sushi, Tijuana Flats, Relish, Designer Greens



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