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Best hiking and trail snacks

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RE: Black restauant food critics?

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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Gainesville's Natural Treasures: John Mahon Nature Park

Join the GLOB Master as he seeks out beautiful picnic areas, lunchspots and fun, outdoor places to visit in Gainesville by exploring Gainesville’s parks, trails and walkways.

To quote Gainesvile’s Nature Operations website: “Get to know your nature parks! You can stroll along a trail deep in the woods, walk a boardwalk edging a blackwater stream, take a class to become familiar with the fascinating wildlife, or step back in time over 130 years on a ten-acre Living History Farm. Visit the spring where Gainesville began or ride your bicycle or horse on the Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail. Enjoy some of the best bird watching in North Florida, observe butterflies busy at wildflowers, and hear frogs calling for mates.

Today GLOBers will be discovering . . .

John Mahon Nature Park


Located just off Newberry Road, John Mahon Nature Park features a loop trail through the forest. this 10 acre park provides a loop trail through the woods and a picnic area. There is parking but please note that the park entrance is located at the back of the LifeSouth parking lot. Leashed pets are allowed and it's a great spot for birding.

Visitors can enjoy upland mixed forest, hydric hammock, and former upland pine forest as they hike the trail. The park serves as a memorial to Dr. John Mahon, who lived nearby, and who worked tirelessly to preserve large areas of Paynes Prairie, San Felasco Hammock, and the Hogtown Creek Greenway as natural public lands. Dr. Mahon devoted a substantial part of his life to public service and was well respected and active with many conservation organizations.

Gainesville's Nature Park Legend: 

To learn about this nature park on the Gainesville recreational parks map, please click on the park's name on the map and it will take you to the park's description on the same page.

Gainesville Regional Transit Route #5 #43

4300 Block W. Newberry Rd

Park Hours: Dawn todusk daily




Lunch Stops near John Mahon Nature Park:



Honey Baked Ham,



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