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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Gainesville Greens: Indulge your 'calorie-tooth'

Gainesville Greens: Indulge your 'calorie-tooth'

Indulge your 'calorie-tooth' with a healthy salad!

KateVmugshotHello, my name is Kate Valdovinos, and this is the first edition of Gainesville Greens, my contribution to the Gainesville Lunch out Blog. I am looking forward to sharing the green side of lunch opportunities with you!

When I discussed the idea for writing this column with the GLOB Master, his focus was for me to cover the lunchtime salad scene in Gainesville. In fact, his idea was to call this column "Gainesville's Salad Lady." That was a good idea, and I do love salads, but I think there is going to be more to Gainesville Greens than arugula and croutons. Don't be surprised to find different kinds of interesting, green subject matter wrapped around your GLOB salad fork.

011613GoalsAs we begin the New Year, I am sure many of you have set a healthy eating goal. This can be challenging but, with the right approach, it can be achievable.

One thing I've learned is that allowing yourself to indulge lunchtime food fantasies occasionally can help prevent binging. Believe it or not, salads are a great way to indulge. Salads are usually full of healthy ingredients but can still take care of your calorie-tooth with a creamy dressing or ingredients like bacon, sour cream, cheese, eggs or deep-friend anything.

011613CivilBeet1Having a late-night snack can trip you up, but if you keep fresh salad ingredients on hand, it's easy to fill up on them before you get to the candy or junk food. Sometimes, just having extra food that also happens to be healthy in your belly prevents you from overeating and/or eating what you shouldn't. Or as my roommate says, "If you binge on salad, who cares?"

Two salads that I've had that are both hearty and healthy are Civilization's House-Pickled Beet Salad and Boca Fiesta's Taco Salad with Okra011613Bocasalad. I hope you visit Gainesville's Salad Blog for those times when you are automatically leaning toward junk food, but you really want to eat well and treat your body right.

Eating healthy doesn't mean you can't be practical. Salads can help you walk that fine line between eating healthy and binging. So the next time you want to reach for the snack food, try eating a hearty salad first!

Kate Valdovinos is the Editor of Kate's Gainesville Salad Blog and will be discussing with GLOBers all things leafy, green, and healthy with a large dollop of yummy.

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  • Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor
    Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor Friday, 25 January 2013 15:13 Comment Link

    When Kate writes her second column Gainesville Greens will be located in the GLOB INDEX . You can find any feature in the GLOB by utilizing the SEARCH THE GLOB feature finder:

  • LJS
    LJS Friday, 25 January 2013 07:58 Comment Link

    This column should have a link on the first page of the site. I like, "reference material" type articles and I have had to search for it twice to find it.

  • Lynn D
    Lynn D Monday, 21 January 2013 10:08 Comment Link

    Plastic container for tossed salads, salsa jar for all other types of salad.

  • GLOB Master
    GLOB Master Sunday, 20 January 2013 06:59 Comment Link

    The GLOB's Salad Lady will have the answer to your salad packing problem in an upcoming Gainesville Greens column!

    Gainesville Lunch Out Blog's question for today from the GLOB's Salad Lady Kate Valdovinos:

    "How do you pack salad lunches?"

    Responses to choose from:

    In a Mason jar
    In a tupperware container
    In a big ziplock bag
    I just get it delivered

    Please reply your answer to this question, enjoy lunch, and Go GATORS!! - GLOB Master

  • Jiim
    Jiim Saturday, 19 January 2013 11:04 Comment Link

    How do you pack salad for lunch. Are there still mason jars and tupperware? I say oreder it.

  • Marcia
    Marcia Wednesday, 16 January 2013 14:13 Comment Link

    I am going to love this column

  • TM
    TM Tuesday, 15 January 2013 15:54 Comment Link

    Salads are my favorite thing to eat so this new column is going to be my 'go to page' in finding the best places in town to enjoy a fresh healthy salad. Thanks for adding this for all of us veggie people.

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