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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Adam's Rib Co.

Adam's Rib Co.

The NW 1th St. Adam's Rib Co. has settled into their new building, next door to their old building. What a difference 30 feet of parking lot makes. ARC is still a great lunch stop with two smart meat eating lunch specials. The bright, way larger, and very friendly 'gator' environ males for an enthusiastic, hungry appetite. This is one of those lunch stops where you are making a mistake not checking their lunch Daily Special board. When I went this week the special was two burger sliders and a side for $5.99. Now that's a smart idea GLOBers. The GLOB Master doesn't have a problem shoving food in his mouth, so I appreciate lunch stops, service, entrees that are smaller portioned by design so I can feel good about cleaning my plate. It might be psychological at times but sitting at the ARC lunch counter I was feeling very good about enjoying TWO hamburgers perfectly cooked and appointed with ketchup, crispy lettuce and tomato. The toasted bun added yet another pleasing taste contribution to a very good lunch. It's hard for me not to automatically choose French fries with my hamburger, however the Adams Rib sides of green beans, corn, macaroni and cheese, BBQ baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, collard greens, Seasoned French fries, black eyed peas are all delicious. I'm going back to Adam's Rib Co. soon just to see what the Daily Special might be.

- Mike Sanford



BBQ + great location = great lunch spot!

zzGLOBbullet FOLLOW THIS LINK an Adam's Rib feature on the AR's SW 13th St. location

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

Bar-B-Que, BBQ, pork, ribs brisket, chopped, chicken, burnt ends, Memphis, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Korean, mustard base, smoked . . .

Did I missed a category?

AR13thstSF2016Adam's Rib Company on NW 13th St. has become one of Gainesville's lunch time favorite 'Que joints for folks serious about a healthy serving of their protein cooked over open flame red meat protein.

And I can't blame them.

The Rib Company serves up a different lunch special every day that would make any judicious lover of red meat slathered in one of their many sauces to stand up and take notice.



There are some serious eating food lovers in this small lunch stop. However the customers seem to move in and out of this diner atmosphere on a relatively speedy basis. You can thank the wait staff for that efficiency.

There are no frills at Adam's Rib Company. Excellent BBQed lunch fare is served to you with customer friendly attitude from people that understand you're on a lunch break and you don't have any time to dilly-dally.

So, BTW, have you ever dilly-dallied over lunch . . . ? !

I don't know who invented the chopped pork BBQ sandwich on texas toast so I am publicly thanking them here for what I call pure sandwich nirvana. Crispy toasted bread, tangy sauce with a little heat smothering a man size serving of deliciously smoked, chopped, tasty morsels of 'the other white meat'.

I've asked the friendly staffers behind the Adams Rib Company Counter to give me a call the next time the pork,Texas toast sandwich makes the ARC today's special board.

I'm guessing they have been busy doing other things . . . I haven't received the first phone call.

The GLOB counts fourteen restaurants in our Urban Glob making BBQ their speciality. Write the GLOB a comment and let us know what makes your favorite BBQ lunch spot special?


A.R.'s two-rib special w/fries and greens: PERFECT!

Just like that -- it was a little cooler at lunch time. The warm sun shining on my back as I crossed 13th St. in front of Adam's Rib made me think of those kitties you see curled up in windows absorbing vitamin D. I was in an absorption mode, but I was thinking of a stick-to-your-ribs lunch special from this 13th St. BBQ joint. Have you tried the 2-rib, 1-side-order $5.99 Adam's Rib Lunch Special? OK, I admit I ordered a second side of what could be the best collard greens in Hogtown. I'm a big guy, and that is a lot of food I absorbed. Speaking of absorbing, the Texas toast is perfect for absorbing pot liquor leftovers in the bottom of the greens container.  BTW, I just read that pot liquor is a heart healthy brew, and that makes this old Southern, green nectar of the gods a win/win lunch addition. Now THAT'S good news I can use.

- GLOB Master

The Pluses and Minuses of Adams Rib Company:

Adam's Rib Co. + indicators: Close to the corner of NW 13th and NW 23rd ave. Adams Rib Company rules the BBQ world in all directions for several miles.

Adam's Rib Co. - indicators:  With a small lunch counter, a few tables and many regulars, the FOTR approach to this lunch visit can some times be a good idea in this busy little diner.

Offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Adam's Rib. Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments. - THANKS!

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Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 373-8882
  • Address: 2109 NW 13th St., Gainesville, FL
  • Urban GLOB Location: 13th St
  • Latitude: 29.67038
  • Longitude: -82.33783


  • Jim Vignola
    Jim Vignola Friday, 11 March 2016 06:38 Comment Link

    I too love dipping the bread in the collard greens pot liquor (and never knew there was a name for it).

  • Patrick
    Patrick Wednesday, 05 September 2012 11:09 Comment Link

    I am waiting for the new place to open on S 13TH Street. Closer to the office. Keep me posted thanks

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