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The perfect Thursday lunch

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Free doughnut Friday

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'I was a teenager Riverdancer'

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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Limerock Road Grill

Limerock Road Grill

Expectations fall short with poor service

By: Melissa Kahan, GLOB Correspondent

LIMEROCKpatioAAs lately I have been tasked with taking my out-of-town guests to all arrays of Gainesville culinary delights, I felt an out-of-the-box restaurant was in order – or in this case, it was an out-of-the-city dining spot. I am not a frequent visitor of Haile Plantation, but I have heard nothing but the best: beautiful homes, idyllic scenery, and a great dining/shopping center. When a friend suggested Limerock Road Neighborhood Grill, I had to give it a shot.

Haile Village Center's reputation precedes itself. There are plenty of cozy, quaint shops nestled between a few streets, surrounding all manner of buildings from housing communities to a reception hall. Fluorescent sign blaring over the entrance, Limerock was another of those restaurants that was just as inviting as the last.

Myself, along with my dad, close friend Dorothy, and boyfriend, Thomas, piled into a dimly-lit table, which seemed a tad too small to comfortably seat four people. Once our drink orders were taken, we made a grave mistake: We asked the waitress to give us another minute to peruse the previously unfamiliar menu to choose our meals. Although we were not dining for speed, it took much too long to take our orders. However, let's face it: When you're hungry, waiting is the last thing you want to happen.

After an adequate amount of time, our orders were taken, starting with two appetizers as to ease the hunger pains while we waited for the main courses. That was the second mistake of the night. It took that much longer for our food to come out, and when it did, the appetizers were very shortly followed by the main meal, diminishing the whole purpose of an appetizer. Not to mention there was barely room to situate our appetizers and plates, let alone with the addition of our main courses. I think we asked for more napkins four times.

LRplate400In terms of the food, we started with the Sampler "First Step," complete with potato skins, spring rolls, fried gator bites, and wings, as well as the spinach and mushroom quesadillas in an our-eyes-are-too-big-for-our-stomach maneuver. Needless to say, it was quite a lot of food for four people, but it was overall pretty good. The slightly green (I was kind of put off by the color) quesadillas were fair, and the gator bites were mostly fried breading than actual meat. The wings were sweeter than bargained for, but tasty nonetheless. Everything was pretty fair.

LRsteak400As I stated previously, our main courses were quickly served after our appetizers. I ordered the 8 oz. prime rib dinner, complete with side Caesar salad and an already-included side of veggies and rice. I'm glad I didn't order the 12 oz. slab of meat; the 8 oz. consumed 75 percent of the plate! It was cooked as I'd specified (medium rare), but after I removed all the fatty sections and finally took a bite of the thick, juicy meat, it wasn't warm. While tender, I expected the prime rib to be a thinner, more delicate presentation of meat instead of a typical steak-type form. The "veggies" (green beans) were mush and the "starch" was plain, unseasoned yellow rice.

It seemed that my fellow diners were pleased with their meals, though. Thomas ordered the blackened mahi with the salsa on the side; if his plate was any indication, he thoroughly enjoyed it. Similarly, my dad finished the majority of his grilled mahi. I took a bite of Dorothy's Colorado Burger, which, for boasting adventurous and savory toppings of onion rings, smoked Gouda, barbeque sauce, lettuce, and tomato, was underwhelming. She slathered the creamy sauce that came with it on there and said it was much better that way, leading me to believe that despite the toppings it was a tad dry.

The Key Lime Pie was probably the highlight of a quite disappointing meal. The pie, and the side Caesar salad, were the only two menu items I finished happily. After hearing nothing but amazing things about Haile Plantation restaurants in general, this did not deliver. Needless to say, my expectations were somewhat high. Perhaps they were too high? It could have been a bad night, but it has deterred me from coming back sadly.

The Pluses and Minuses of Limerock Road Grill:

Limerock Road Grill (+) indicators: Certain menu items good

Limerock Road Grill (-) indicators: Slow service; lack of timing organization for delivering meals; small tables; have time to dine

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Monterrey Chicken highlights verandah lunch

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

It wasn't the start of Spring 2013, but it could have been the start of Spring 2013. The cool air descending on Gainesville was now becoming more on the mild side of comfortable. There was a beautiful bright blue sjy, and the GLOB Master's stomach was talking back saying, "FEED ME" like the giant plant in "Little Shop of Horros."

I was meeting long time pal Andy Caldwell for lunch in West Gainesville and the Limerock Road Grill in the Haile Village Center like a good choice for a patio lunch in Gainesville, Florida where the sun shines damn near every day.

There was one table on the patio available when I arrived and the patrons at the other tables had friendly, smug looks on their faces like they had won the outside lunch time prize.

The Limerock Road Grill is a popular Haile/West Gainesville lunch spot with a varied menu of standard lunch fare of sandwiches, burgers, salads, baskets , and a menu category called Crossroads that includes the lunch time compelling entrees of an Open Face Prime Rib Sandwich, Fish, Mussels, and Shrimp Stew, Meta Loaf Sandwich with Potato & Fries, and a Veggie Paella that sounds like a future meatless Monday option. You can find a com-pete LRG menu at the restaurant web link below this feature.

It could have been the friendly great outdoors environment, or maybe it was the sound of guacamole, tomato, onion, and sprouts stacked with a tower of pisa like attitude on a plump breast of grilled chicken sandwiched in a nice looking brioche bun that caught my eye rather quickly on the LRG Lunch Menu.

LRGchickSand400The GLOB Master is not a big sprout eater, however sometimes the added little crunch of the intertwined sprouts among the other combined ingredients can be an extra treat with the creamy guac, plus tart and juicy tomato favoring. The Limerock Road Grill Monterrey Chicken was a good choice for my lunch outside on the verandah. The unpeeled French fries seemed to be of the home cut variety with crunchy potato skins included in the bountiful order.

Andy selected the same sandwich for his lunch. I'm not saying that is a bad thing. I'm not even saying that if he selected another entrée we could have shared our lunches.

You know what GLOBers I always find it fun share lunch with many of my female lunch buds. Some how asking Andy if he would like to share my sandwich just wasn't working in the GLOB Master's head. So it was good that he made the suggestion a non-issue by being like Mike, and ordering the same thing.

OINK! Said the male pig wanting to keep everything out in the open regarding, well, you know, things.

LRsteakSandwichThe Limerock Road Grill is an excellent lunch stop albeit a little on the far side from home base for frequent visits by the GLOB Master. I am going back to try their prime rib sandwich, photo right, the veggie paella, and the meatloaf sandwich. Someone once  told me that if you cross over I-75 too many time, too often you will be stopped and ask for passport credentials.

That' not true . . .

The Pluses and Minuses of Limerock Road Grill:

Limerock Road Grill (+) indicators: Excellent lunch menu, superb patio dining. Plus a Meatloaf sandwich on the lunch menu.

Limerock Road Grill (-) indicators: I swear I heard someone say, "you're not in Gainesville any more GLOB Master."

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Last modified onTuesday, 24 March 2015 06:28

Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 240-6228
  • Address: 9158 SW 51st Rd., Gaineville, FL
  • Urban GLOB Location: West Gainesville
  • Latitude: 29.607104
  • Longitude: -82.439315
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