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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Satch Squared Featured

Satch Squared

Satch Squared nuthin like Satchel's

By Mike Sanford. GLOB EDITOR

Satchels2sfSatchel's has a new second location in the SE 4th Ave food court. Like the original Satchel's Pizza, the new restaurant, Satch Squared, sells pizza and is owned by Satchel Raye. After that the two restaurants have little in common because at Satch Squared, you can get another square delight – waffles, for breakfast.

I think the SE 4th Ave Food Park is a good idea. Now with pizza, a sausage market, tacos, and a bakery along with burgers across the street, the SE lunch options are growing.

Satchels2boxSatch Squared is pretty much a walk up window with outside seating in the restaurant park, and an entirely different kind of pizza – it's square and served in a box. In a world of unique pizza ideas, Satchel has come up with another way to serve pizza he calls Detroit Pizza: a chunky sauce over yeast-embedded flour that creates a thick, light crust with all the toppings.

My friend, Lynn Dirk, and I tried the pizza, and I am glad I took Lynn along as she is a fan of Leonardo's Pizza because of their crust which isn't far from what Satchel is creating on SE 4th Ave.

Satch Squared, in addition to Detroit pizza, also includes a gluten-free pan pizza that is celiac safe. The vegan pizza here has a blend of 3 vegan cheeses including cashew cheese and vegan butter crust says Satchel on the Satch Squared Facebook Page.



Satchel was taking a lunch break himself and sitting outside when Lynn and I arrived, and he did a good job of updating us on the opening of the new shop and the goings on at the original pizza shop while we waited for our pizza.

"I've been over here a lot lately, it's a good thing there are good people running the other store." He said.

Lynn likes to consider herself a vegetarian so we ordered a 2-topping for our pizza: black olives and red peppers. We waited excitedly to see what Detroit Pizza would look and taste like.



The pizza was good. I am more of a thin crust person but this was good pizza. The toppings had EAT ME written all over them and there was enough tomato sauce to cover all the crust.

072920SatchelsWAFFLELynn works at the Sun Center just up the road on Main St. and is eager to also try the waffles that are also sold at Satch Squared.

"I love waffles," Lynn said. Satchel explained he has a special recipe. His waffles are not the Belgian spongy waffles. His are thinner and crusty on the outside. He uses old fashioned seasoned cast iron waffle irons and has about 6 of them. As we were leaving, I could see the gears in Lynn's head figuring out when she would be back for some of those waffles

The new box for take out is perfect for four slices of pizza, two slices for me and two for Lynn. Drinks and pizza totaled $20. Not a bad price for a lunch or dinner.

Stay tuned.

Last modified onTuesday, 28 July 2020 04:31

Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 352 554-4484
  • Address: 405 SW 4th Ave, Gainesville, Florida
  • Urban GLOB Location: Downtown
  • Latitude: 29.648241
  • Longitude: -82.328692
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