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Restaurant lunch highlights:

China 88

China 88

The GLOB Master is seeking Asian food and Chinese vegetables more and more for lunch. Talk about a walking, talking anomaly. One of my biggest diabetes heartbreaks has been the elimination of rice and potatoes from my diet. When I say that, images of scalloped potatoes, French fries, chicken and yellow rice, roast beef with rice and gravy, and Chinese food float though my brain like a culinary death March is taking place. Not to sound like one of the television home repair fix-up guys but there are some lunch time work-arounds. Replacing the white rice on the China 88 #9 Pepper Steak with onions is a spectacular lunch if you are a Chinese veggie fan. I substituted additional fresh, crisp, stir-fried Chinese veggies for rice in my $5.80 lunch combo. The water chestnut pieces are special. The onion and bell peppers make me smile with sharp flavor and a crisp texture that rival the water chestnut crunch. Forther the protein lover the pepper steak was sliced very thin, which made for a juicy, tender accompaniment to the veggies. I add additional soy sauce to my lunch to pump up my noon-day flavor volume. One week I think I will go to five Asian kitchens and try the same Chinese entrée to see if there is any difference in their PS&O #9 combos. BTW, I swear I heard John Lennon asking for his lunch time order of NUMBER NINE!

-Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

Perfectly prepared, 'cheap,' Chinese lunch

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

29 lunch specials all for just $5.25. You might ask about the other 59 dishes, but I was only interested in lunch. Actually, I don't really know if the 88 refers to dishes, ingredients, or just a lucky number, and I was so busy ordering lunch and then eating lunch I forgot to ask.

China88SFIf you are going to China 88 for lunch you might want to get there early. I think parking can get tricky at this Chinese restaurant on the SE corner of Millhopper Road and NW 16th Blvd.

To paraphrase an old fried chicken ad, these folks do Chinese right. Mon. thru Sat. they do lunch for less than $6, and that includes a drink.

I think that must be a pound of lunch they are selling in that aluminum tin. $5.25 a pound seems about right for this extra large lunch portion.

Lunch is an inviting entree organized in a practical aluminum take out container that is completely filled with rice, assorted Chinese veggies, and your choice of protein. My suggestion would be to ask for a second container to use as a plate if you want to mix these tasty ingredients together, otherwise they will be spilling over the edge because there is so much packed into that container.

CHINA88menuI love Chinese food. The unique flavors, perfectly chopped proteins, and the colorful palette of crisp, tasty vegetables served on rice as if it were a white canvass conjur up thoughts of a place on the other side of the world where I have never been.

Since I like spicy and a little heat in my food is a good thing, I ordered the Szechuan Chicken -- lunch special L23. It was not as spicy as I anticipated -- a little Chinese mustard helped the heat quotient -- but the food was otherwise excellently prepared while I waited.

The L23 is one of 10 lunch dishes with a hot and spicy designation.

I felt extraordinarily good about my $5.25 China 88 lunch experience as all of my Asian eating requirements were satisfied:

zzGLOBbullet A good portion of heat to wake up my taste buds

zzGLOBbullet An assortment of fresh veggies expertly cut and stir fried to perfection.

zzGLOBbullet A substantial amount of rice, soy sauce and Chinese mustard.

I am always surprised to eat as much Chinese food as I do. As I gorge myself on excellently prepared Chinese vegetables, I think It must be the perfect preparation.

The Pluses and Minuses of China 88:

The + indicators: A Great lunch prepared perfectly . . . cheap!

The - indicators: Parking

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Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 377-7988
  • Address: 4217 NW 16th Blvd., Gainesville, FL
  • Urban GLOB Location: NW 16th Avenue
  • Latitude: 29.6735142
  • Longitude: -82.3878912

1 comment

  • Patrick
    Patrick Monday, 15 October 2012 12:26 Comment Link

    not too bad. larger portions than their twin chow mein sister Wok-n-Roll. same menu on same paper. I liked this place better. less sauce more vegetables more rice larger drink size. thanks Mike

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