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Piesano's Pies & Pints

Piesano's Pies & Pints

ComboSHOTIt was a birthday lunch for good friend and former UF Entomology and Nematology pal, Kathy Milne, and her favorite birthday lunch this year would be pizza, red sauce, assorted toppings, and the always yummy-pizza shop salads. Ms. Milne was driving in from Alachua to the Piesano's on NW 43rd St., a perfect product placement for this trio of bug lovers that included former UF Ento-Nema Graphic Designer Jane Medley.

At Piesano's, looking over an army of Gourmet Specialty Pizzas, I was somewhat flummoxed until I saw they have a lunchtime 8" pizza they call they Personal 8" Pizza that starts at a reasonable $6.99, plus $.89 for each additional topping. Lately when the GLOB Master had been thinking pizza, it was of a slice or two of a good, flat crusted, toasted to perfection NY slice with a generous topping of artichokes. The birthday girl opted for an 8" pizza with italian sausage and black olives, image right.  Did you know artichokes were unknown on this continent until a group of Italian immigrants planted a few hundred acres of the crop near Half Moon Bay in California in the late nineteenth century? The artichoke quickly became a popular delicacy in California and filled fields in Monterey County. I must say the 8-inch pie was perfect, image at the top of this story. I cut my lunch into 4 perfect slices and gave the fourth slice to good friend Jane Medley to take home for another meal. Ms. Medley ordered a Greek Salad with her pie and it sounded so good I did the same thing, image right. I added feta cheese to my salad and it was delicious. The salad was fresh, tart, crisp, and very yummy. There might have been just a little too much Feta cheese on my salad. So I added some of the feta to my pizza. YUM! There is a complete Piesano's menu at the bottom of this page.

- GLOB Master

N. Pelletier: 'It's an obsession, my obsession!'

By Natalie Pelletier, Guest Writer

Editor's Note: Natalie Pelletier works on the Blu Dove Design team specializing in sales and marketing.Plus FOLLOW THIS LINK for another Piesano's feature.

PiesanosI was first introduced to Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza by Lisa Renshaw. I figured it was going to be "another Italian restaurant"...good but not the best in town. Since she introduced me to it about a month and a half ago no joke I have probably been there about 10 times with my boyfriend. Should I go on?

I haven't been there because it is close by our house, inexpensive or a nice atmosphere, which are all true...it's just so good!

I'm pretty selective when it comes to Italian food. I try to think of every excuse possible to convince my boyfriend go to Piesanos when we can't think of what to make for dinner. He gives in too because their Italian rolls are sooo good and original!

I would definitely recommend Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza if you have'n't tried it yet. The pizza is amazing along with their many entrees. I love their spinach ravioli, eggplant, pastas, etc. I hope I get to go there again this weekend!

Hope you like it!


With there now being three Piesano's Pizza & Pint locations in the Urban GLOB you really don't have a reason to not enjoy a Meatless Monday Piesano's Eggplant Parmesan Cheese sub with breaded baked eggplant, a layer of ricotta cheese, marinara sauce and covered with mozzarella cheese for your noon-day meal. Piesano's has a special, secret ingredient in their red sauce that makes me smack my lips thinking, "That's good." The cheese was stacked high on the sub roll, however the ricotta, and mozzarella cheese combo did wonders enhancing the marinara sauce.  Since I was enjoying a business lunch I felt it would be awkward to talk about sharing my sandwich, so I thought of my dear mother and her words of wisdom, "shut and eat your lunch." My smartest move of the day was listening to our server who said a sub sandwich and a salad was an awful lot of food, so i forgo a very yummy looking salad. Taking the kid's meal route through the Piesano's lunch menu might be the best alternative to a 5,000 calorie lunch experience.

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