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Restaurant lunch highlights:

J-Petal & Poke

J-Petal & Poke

Unique, fresh, fun, 'delish' lunch alternative

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

JPETALpokeSFMy Daughter Jana Sanford Heller and I have had many discussions about meeting across town in the Archer Road triangle to give J-Petal & Poke Japanese Crepe & Poke Bowl Restaurant a try on the corner of Archer Rd. and SW 34th St.

This was my first experience with Japanese crepes and the exotic looking fresh ingredients displayed in front of me like decorative nuggets of crisp, crunchy, unique, delicious tasting goodness of the lunchtime gods made me hungry.

Asian cuisine has always impressed me with beautiful presentation and precise, geometrically inviting particular entrees. And now I am introduced to a sweet, light, flat, pancake like accompaniment that creates a fun approach to the noon-day meal.




JPETALdessertJapan crepes are made by spreading a thin pancake batter over a flat round grill, folding them in half and adding yummy ingredients like chocolate, fruit, and whipped cream, and then folding them again into a cone for a delicious, sweet snack.

Japanese-style crepes are quite similar to French Crepes. Like Japanese cake and Japanese bread, crepes in Japan are the product of an importing of European food culture into Japan. Of course, like most foods imported into Japan from abroad, crepes in Japan have been tailored to suit local tastes, and the result is predictably delicious!

Jana is more of a healthy eater than I and was taking a serious look at the J-Poke choices like octopus, and seaweed.

"I enjoy lunch at these kinds of places often, so I like to get my money's worth," Jana said. The mother of two youngsters and a travelling Occupational Therapist between Gainesville and St. Augustine she likes a good lunch deal.



J-Poke has a daily menu board that is worth your consideration. The menu is divided into two major categories:



SAVORY CREPES: Starting with the J-Petal Special Crepe of beef, chicken, crab stick, shrimp, lettuce, carrot, red pepper, red onion, baby spinach, sesame with Japanese mayonnaise, ($9.95). The menu includes five more savory crepes including the Vegetarian Delight Crepe consisting of lettuce, corn, carrot, avocado, cucumber, red pepper, string bean, baby spinach, grape tomato, sesame with Japanese mayonnaise, ($8.95.) There is an 'extras list' of 14 additional ingredients to yummy-fy your crepe including avocado, shrimp, red pepper, and spinach for a small additional charge.

Sushi rolls and Seaweed wrap burritos are also available on the menu as well as 10 amazingly yummy looking Sweet Crepes including my next choice of the Hawaii Sunset Crepe with Strawberry, banana, mango, whipped yogurt, custard cream, crunch pistachio, nutella, ($8.95 .)  YUM!



Jana went the Signature Poke Bowl route and selected the Hawaiian with  two scoops of tuna, red onion, Jalapeno, Hawaiian salt, sweet chili and cilantro sauce, furiake, scallians, sesame seeds, masago and avocade.  Jana made her tuna spicy and added octopus to her lunch bowl octopus, $11.95.  Image at the top of this review.

Jana's poke – pronounced POH – KEH – was beautifully styles and appointed with Jana's ingredients selection dotting the perimeter of her bowl compelling this hungry patron to dive in with her chopsticks. The are five J-Petal Signature Poke Bowls. Bowls are available in small medium and large sizes as well as a 'Build Your Own Poke Bowl' bowl choice.

"If this restaurant was in St., Augustine I would eat there every day," Jana said with a nugget of octopus hanging precariously from her chopsticks.



Oh!  Don't forget to try the Bubble Milk Tea.  Talking unique GLOBrs. The J-Petal Bubble mil tea is presnted in a very cool, glass container like no other for lunch.  Presented in a variety of flavors inlcuding Honey Dew, matcha Green tea, and mango Jelly Bobna these drinks are a little on the sweet side for the GLOB Master, albeit fun to give something new a try.

There is a complete J-Petal & Poke Japanese Crepe & Poke Bowl Restaurant menu at the restaurant link at the bottom of this page.



The small amount of sugar in the Japanese crepe is a delightful surprise this this first time Japanese crepe eater. My lunch of a Shrimp Avocado Crepe with shrimp, avocado, lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, carrot, corn, baby spinach, sesame with Japanese mayonnaise was stylishly wrapped into a cone of wonderfulness, ($8.95) with layers of shrimp, diced cucumber, and baby spinach smeared with a surprising new flavor of Japanese mayonnaise that created new bites of tastes and textured unsuspected by this lunch outer. As I ate my crepe cone down I forced many of the yummy ingredients to collect in the bottom of the crepe cone for a tasty, gooey finishing bite. (Once again it is the GLOB Master's suggestion to forego the bowl lunch route for this unique Japanese crepe sammy.)

Driving after lunch Jana commented. "one of the things I like best about Asian food is I never leave the restaurant too full, stuffed," she said.

Jana was correct I thought to myself contemplating what stick-to-my-ribs protein will be my dinner entrée.

The Pluses and Minuses of J-Petal & Poke

J-Petal & Poke + indicators:  Unique, fresh, deliciousness lunch.   Savory cones, and bowls offer wide array of choices.  Sweet crepes laree awesome choices.

J-Petal & Poke - indicators:  Parking is an adventure.  

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Additional Info

  • Phone Number: (352) 792-6070
  • Address: 3411 SW Archer Rd, Suite A, Gainesville, FL
  • Urban GLOB Location: Archer Road
  • Latitude: 29.6259042
  • Longitude: -82.37287030000005
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