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Restaurant lunch highlights:



Variety, healthy choices in this food-in-a-'BOL'

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

BOLAYsfI go to the Butler Plaza Shopping Center in what I call the Archer Rd. Triangle monthly to get my insulin prescription filled. I'm not a big Walmart shopper however they do have my insulin for a third of the price of where I get my other prescriptions filled.

My thought on this trip is since I have to venture into Butler Plaza world once a month I should make a point of having lunch there in the plethora of lunch stops from yummy breakfast spots to very good bar-b-que.

This was my thinking as I headed to Walmart and seeing the bigger than life green store front of Bolay at 2905 SW 42nd St, Suite 80.


BOLAYkale480The GLOB Master has heard good things about this smart, fresh, eating healthy lunch stop. In fact the GLOB's Eating Healthy Columnist Michelle Cardel thought Bolay stood out as one of her favorite choices at the last TASTE event.

Bolay has it covered GLOBers in the contemporary food world using all the trendy, health conscious food markers like:

- No Sugar
- No frying
- Gluten Free
- Low Carb
- Celiac diet
- AIWAYS Fresh

Right now I am trying to get my head around all of the smart, positive, ingredients filling up my lunch bol, er, ugh, bowl attained from the five step lunch ordering process.

BOLAYtomatoes300This big box corporate restaurant chain is growing fast currently with eight locations and four in the planning stages.

Like a local restaurant in Midtown Bolay has turned your lunch order into a BASE-VEGGIE-PROTEIN-ADD YOU'RE YOUR SAUCE process. I hope that doesn't sound complicated because like any other lunch line process you stroll down the lunch line politely, cheerfully, saying, "some of that please. Oh! And the Brussels Sprouts too, until you arrive at the end of the food line to view and choose your favorite Bolay Add On.

There are two Lunch Bol choices; A small Bol with 1 base, 2 veggies, 1 protein, and on Add On will cost you $7.99. A large Bol adds an additional Base and Protein for $10.99.

There are three premium proteins you can add to your Bol for an additional price: Spicy Thai Shrimp, Steak Au Jus, and chilled Ahi Tuna.

There is a complete BOLAY menu at the restaurant link at the bottom of this page.



Bolay Staffers Toni, above left, and Amanda greeted me at the Bolay door ready to assist this newbie, first time Bolay lunch Outer. "Unless you are really hungry GLOB Master the small lunch Bol is an excellent lunch portion," Toni said in a reassuring tone of voice.



As usual I arrived earlier than most lunch outers and there wasn't much of a line in front of me. I was able to survey the stainless steel pains of Bol choices before I made my order:



BASE: There are seven base choices including some interesting looking Forbidden Black Rice, and Asian Sweet Potato Noodles. I selected the a base of half Kale Salad, and other half was some very nice looking young Spinach leaves



VEGGIES: There are six vegetable choices and the Brussells Sprouts and the Garden Green Beans looked inviting.



PROTEIN: Of the six protein choices the Spicy Thai Shrimp caught my eye and in a pan there was choicken chicken two different way, also Pork tenderloin, and Miso Glazed Tofu.



CHOOSE AN ADD-ON: Interesting term here for what are the REALLY good ingredients in your lunch bowl. I played along and picked minted cherry tomatoes, and paid an additional charge for some goat cheese.

ADD YOUR SAUCE: The Spicy Thai, Carrot Ginger, and Cilantro Pesto sauces are free and I chose the Cilantro Pesto sauce hoping this would 'pump up the volume' of my salad Bol flavors.



I believe I should get an 'A' for creating a first time spectacular lunch Bol if I don't mind saying so.

The first flavors, tastes that screamed out at the GLOB Master were the goat cheese, and the bitterness of the kale salad with onions, carrots, and celery. The crunchiness of the salad combined with the mushiness of the cheese made for a wonderful texture surprise.

I'm thinking a good dollop of goat cheese on a pair of boiled tennis shoes could turn the entrée into a five-star winner.

Unlike the old Leave it to Beaver Cleaver shows I love Brussels Sprouts. These were cooked perfectly Al Dente leaving the little balls of lettuce with a large flavor and excellent texture. The green beans were good albeit unremarkable compared to the B.S.

My minted tomatoes add-on created a nice goo-factor to my salad. Although the small red orbs were largely tasteless.

The Spicy Thai Shrimp were of the frozen variety and unremarkable. I'm giving up boiled shrimp out at restaurants GLOBers. It us a rare occurrence to actually get a prize winning shrimp entree.



The Cilantro Pesto Sauce was a good choice. I'm hoping the Spicy Thai, and the Carrot Ginger Sauces offered a more pronounced taste explosion. The Cilantro-Pesto sauce was good, but not very special.

My Bolay Bol was a good lunch. Next time if my lunch partner suggested Bolay for a future lunch I would go. I felt smart and healthy after my lunch. Surprisingly no too far after lunch I did feel the pangs of hunger tapping my stomach with the question, "Is today the day we are eating the Jambalaya with pasta, and Louisianne sauce GLOB Master. . .?"

The Pluses and Minuses of Bolay

Bolay + indicators:  Multiple selections for you to create your BOL of lunch time fare. Fresh, healthy lunch choices. Excellent goat cheese Add-On. Entrees are portioned nicely.

Bolay - indicators:  I would have prefered a plate for my lunch.  So much varoety, very few 'spicier' choices.

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Bolay.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!

Last modified onSunday, 29 December 2019 20:46

Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 352 888-5950
  • Address: 2905 SW 42nd Ave.
  • Urban GLOB Location: Archer Road
  • Latitude: 29.626522
  • Longitude: -82.386248
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