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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Creekside Copper Monkey CLOSED: January 2019

Creekside Copper Monkey CLOSED: January 2019

Creekside Copper Monkey is true to form

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

CopperMonkeySFTalking about personal, life mile markers GLOBers. Here was long time friend, UF Professor Emeritus Jon Roosenraad and I sitting in the new Copper Monkey in the Creekside Mall thinking, talking hamburgers, chicken wings, Gators, sports like we have done for more decades than I care to share.

The restaurant landscape may have changed somewhat but I am pretty sure I have eaten a meal in this building every time management changed and a new food theme popped up. Now it is the Creekside Copper Monkey's turn to make what appears to be a good idea for hamburgers and chicken wings to establish a destination location off this old Mid-Town beaten path.

"The place is filling up GLOB Master," Dr. Roosenraad said. "These customers look like old Copper Monkey Alums from the old restaurant hoping for a continuation of their beloved burger and brew fix," Jonny added.


CMBurgerWINGS050818250Not a lot of remodeling happened to this building between previous restaurant owners. The triple-layered restaurant has multiple bars, dining rooms, and big screen sports viewing options. I was feeling a sense of juxtaposition sitting in a long time, icon like lunch stop now called the Creekside Monkey. Ironically this NERW lunch stop is no the baby sister restaurant to MONKEY WEST Copper Monkey restaurant in Newberry.

All that said the 'Monkey Menu' has all the old familiar entrees I have learned to love and appreciate in spite of ordering CM cheeseburgers the majority of my visits.

Why not?  Cheeseburgers, the Copper Monkey Cheeseburger, has been recognized practically forever as one of the the best cheeseburger in town. With 14 Copper Monkey Gourmet Cheeseburgers -- ranging from the University Ave, Burger to the Monkey's Patty Melt -- the hamburgers are all in the $8.99 - $10.59 price range.

The Monkey menu also has an extensive list of eleven Gourmet Sandwiches, or you may choose the 1/2 Sandwich and a Bowl of Soup special for $9.59 for lunch.



The Copper Monkey menu lists several hot sandwiches they call Pub Specials that include a Grilled Salmon Sandwich ($12.99), and a Turkey Reuben Sandwiches ($10.59. Chicken and seafood baskets, and pasta entrees are also available. Be sure to check out the four different versions of Copper Monkey Mac 'n Cheese including chili Mac and Lobster Mac 'n Cheese.   Working hard to be a complete restaurant destination the usual salads and Appetizers are available as well as a dessert menus. There is a complete Copper Monkey menu at the bottom of the page.

It was time to make a lunch decision and I had been trying to rationalize a cheeseburger for lunch decision since I awoke. What great memories of the cooked-to-perfection 1/3 lb. meat patty beauties dressed with all the yummy ingredients.



That is exactly what Rosey ordered with his Copper Monkey Bacon Cheese Burger topped with bacon and served with your choice of cheese ($10.99). 

CMjonny200The Creekside Monkey Burger according to lunch pal Jonny R.:

"The CB was excellent, as is the Monkey custom. Tasty meat and cooked just right. Bun was sort of lame, however. But I'd rather have one on the weak side and not such a huge one it buries the meat. Skip the fries -- Jules Gollner would have sent them back. Nit crispy enough. We will return later this summer. Have seen decent lunch cars there. I think the emphasis on students at this new destinantion is the wrong approach. I'd play up the CM tradition to older G'ville residents."


I couldn't do it GLOBers. My new approach to carbohydrates, rather avoiding carbohydrates, prevented me from getting the delicious protein bomb and a hamburger bun. I was OK with that.  I spied a lengthy list of chicken wing hot sauces and a chicken wings they call Monkey Wings and Tails (10 for $9.99).  The wings included your choice of a variety of sauces. I combined the Garlic and Hot sauce flavors creating a spectacular flavor to my second and third joint lunch time prizes.

Lunch with my pal J.R. is always a good time. Jon was apprehensive about this out-of-the-way lunch stop attracting what he thought would be the necessary college student crowds.

"As usual that is a very good hamburger." Jonny said walking out of the Copper Monkey. "I don't know GLOB Master, there are a lot of tables, and bars to fill on a regular basis in here to pay what must be a pretty good monthly rent expenses." Rosey added.

The Pluses and Minuses of Creekside Copper Monkey

Creekside Copper Monkey + indicators:  Tasty, familiar feel and flavors in this lunch. I've always liked this Creekside location and I'm pulling for the 'Monkey' to succeed.

Creekside Copper Monkey - indicators:  There is something about this 'restaurant destination' that seems to gobble up good restaurants.

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Copper Monkey.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!

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