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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Daybreak - Pleasant St.

Daybreak - Pleasant St.

Cafe has unique menu, friendly owners

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

DBstorefrontAfter years of working in the restaurant business Patricia and Michael Sneed have opened the Daybreak, Pleasant Street restaurant in the Pleasant St. neighborhood downtown in old Gainesville. Located on NW 5th Avenue a few block West of Main St. and a couple of blocks East of the Caribbean Queen café.

According to the Porter website:

These homes were built prior to the advent of air conditioning and understandably apply a variety of mechanisms to make things more comfortable despite north-central Florida's many months of high heat and humidity. Windows are large and designed to be opened for cross-ventilation, and many homes have front, rear, and sometimes side porches and these porches were where everything from family meals to cutting the kids' hair might take place. Larger homes, often inspired by Victorian trends in turn-of-the-century architecture, have two stories and sometimes even upstairs side porches. Crawl spaces under houses are common, as are small attics, designed to provide better air circulation.

 "It's funny how some things just happen," said Daybreak Owner Patricia Sneed contemplating the step leading up to the October 13 opening.

"We really weren't looking for a place of our own when this location became available," Patricia said, "Mike and I fell in love with the idea of creating our own neighborhood restaurant with locally sourced products, catering to friends and neighbors in a homey comfortable environment," Patricia added.



Chef Michael, image right, liked what his wife Patricia, image left, and daybreak owner was saying. "Patricia is correct, it was important to us from the outset to create a restaurant that would become a part of, as well as accepted by our fellow community members," He said.

Greeted by an inviting lunch counter upon entering Daybreak the GLOB Master's line of sight was instantly drawn to the Chef working in the kitchen preparing lunch.



To the left of the counter is a clean, sparingly appointed dining room with tables spaced evenly for both intimate conversations and large lunch meetings.

"We're still a work in progress in a lot of ways," Patricia said explaining they had been open less than a week when I arrived for lunch. "We are working on a weekly lunch schedule of meals and hope to have this other dining room available for customers by the end of the year," Patricia added waving toward the East end of the building.

Closed Mondays, Daybreak is open from 7-2:00 serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This longtime restaurant working team is mindful of many of the what are now typical lunch time dietary constraints including gluten free, Paleo, diabetic, veggie, vegan, locally sourced, grass fed beef, and organic greens by partnering with local farmers, produce and meat purveyors.

QUOTEoutDaybreak has a keen focus on the important first meal of the day with a menu offering seven different omelettes, pancakes, French toast, and granola, oats, porridge cereals throughput the day.

"We hope we become the available kitchen for neighbors on the run, coming and going to work," Michael said.

The lunch menu features what they call 'Hand Held' entrees including burgers, tacos, chicken, smoked dishes and an interesting sounding Pimento Cheese & Chicken Sandwich with chicken breast, pimento cheese, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, and pesto on a ciabatta roll. This lunch comes with two sides ($11.95).

The day break lunch menu includes four salads and five standing entrees. I counted at least six meatless lunch opportunities, and I am sure Patricia and Michael would be pleased to accommodate you mid-day meal choices.

The varied, yummy choices on the menu gave me cause to pause with the Whole Hog Sandwich, ($10.95), and the Grass Fed Meatloaf ($14.95) screaming out the GLOB Master's name. And the The Smoking Duck with shredded duck, apples, cabbage, Jalapeno slaw, and mutardaise sounds on a potato roll sounded intriguing.  There is a complete Daybreak menu available at the restaurant link below this review.

Potato roll?!?!

That sounds like something the diabetes gods would feed me snickering all the while, watching my blood sugar explode though the top of the glucose meter.



I opted for the vegan/gluten free Falafel Black Bean Burger with a black bean patty, cashew cheese, tahini, lemon, tomatoes, pickles, pickled red onions a toasted potato roll, ($11).

I felt smug, thinking I had won another battle in a very long line of carbohydrate skirmishes by eating everything BUT the potato roll . . . darn it.

My falafel black burger was topped with a very nice crunchy outside crust enveloping a surprising flavorful black bean patty mixture. I tried to find the cashew cheese but it disappeared in the patty. Chef Michael suggested hot sauce and I should have taken his advice.

For my side item the season veggies which were Brussels sprouts. I eat a lot of Brussels sprouts these days, and these were tasty albeit cooked a little more than usual for my taste. My burger was good, however it would have been better a little spicier for me.



Diabetes be damned GLOBers. To hell with extraordinary after meal blood sugar spikes. My next Daybreak meal will be the Stuffed Brioche French Toast, or the oven baked Dutch Baby Pancakes . . .

This was an excellent lunch accompanied by exhilarating conversation with Patricia and Michael, two locavore entrepreneurs excitedly discussing future plans and ideas for this start-up breakfast/lunch stop.

The Pluses and Minuses of afternoon Restaurant.

 Daybreak Restaurant + indicators: .This was a good meatless lunch, interesting menu, hopeful, longtime restaurant folks, courageous entrepreneurs

Daybreak Restaurant - indicators:  Brand new with some looming start-up issues.

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about afternoon Restaurant .  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!

Last modified onWednesday, 01 April 2020 07:42

Additional Info

  • Phone Number: (352) 792-6773
  • Address: 308 NW 5th Ave, Gainesville, FL
  • Urban GLOB Location: Downtown
  • Latitude: 29.655720
  • Longitude: -82.328173
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