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Restaurant lunch highlights:

afternoon Restaurant

afternoon Restaurant

Flavors, presentation, friendship create unique lunch

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

AFTERNOONsfIt was a beautiful day in the neighborhood when SweetBerries Eatery and Frozen Custard partner Jane Osmond, and GLOB Editor Emeritus Lynn Dirk and the GLOB Master met at afternoon café on NE 10th Avenue.

My thoughts immediately put me to the afternoon Focaccia sandwich and the bread's fabulously 'wholly', crispy sourdough bread with assorted breakfast proteins.

Relocating from Portland, Oregon over a year ago afternoon partners Grace Glennon and Kyle Spor had the idea of Grace returning to her Gainesville homestead with the thought of introducing to Gainesville's foodies what Portland cuisine is all about.

The afternoon family says it best on their website when they plainly state:  "Afternoon is a small casual order at the counter brunch restaurant."



The afternoon food team has acquired a good following with a unique approach to the mid-day meal with an assortment of entrees like Whipped Feta Toast, Corn and Potatoes, and special entrees like the Skakshuka baked eggs and the Dutch Baby pancakes.

I chuckled when I thought of my big sister Margie and her go-to line about how it seems we , " Well, it is obvious we all have our own special needs and unique medical conditions we deal with every day.



I mention that because as we sat down after ordering lunch conversation immediately went to Jane's Ketogenic dieting objective. Jane, image left, has been on the keto diet for over a year and is feeling good about her successful results.

"I've fallen of the diet couple of times,' Jane said. "Overall I have seen some good results, plus I have also seen some eating lifestyle changes happening that make me feel good about my new foodie lifestyle," the Culinary School graduate said.

Jane's lunch choice of the afternoon Snack Plate of smoked salmon, market pickles, crème fraiche, seven minute eggs, and toast ($10) clearly demonstrated her dietary menu discipline, image at the top of this page.



Lynne opted for the Beet Salad in her quest for becoming a more disciplined meat-free lunch outer. The Beet Salad contained marinated beets, hard cooked eggs, Feta cheese, greens and fresh herbs ($10).

I couldn't resist the amazing fresh baked focaccia bread.  One of the joys of lunching with long time friends is the opportunity of an open free sharing of your lunch with mealtime compadres. Lynne and I swapped out pieces of our lunch as I gave her half of my breakfast sandwich in exchanges for a portion of her salad.

There are a host of reasons why sharing is a smart idea. For me I can eat one slice of bread in a fairly guilt free lunch hour. So If I can share half of my sandwich for a non-bread entrée lunch becomes a positive, feel-good about myself experience.



That's why I had no problem ordering the afternoon Egg & Cheddar sandwich with market pickles and aioli on focaccia or brioche, ($9). Bacon, sausage, and red peppers are also available for your brunch sandwich and I added bacon and red peppers to my lunchtime surprise.



Being a trendy, stylish lunch stop afternoon offers many meatless lunch choices along with seven beers, five soda choices. They also offer seven designer coffee and teas including Bandit Drip Coffee, and Iced Lavendar Black Tea. There is a complete afternoon menu at the restaurant link at the bottom of this page.

AFTERNOONFicassioTOPMy eyes became as large as saucers when I saw our table full fill up with yummy bread with two pieces on Jane's Plate, my extremely large looking Sammy, and a nice roll accompaniment to Lynn's salad.

My sandwich was delicious. With the focaccia bread peaked high, airy-light looking and toasted to perfection. I couldn't wait to crunch into this sandwich that could have been created for the foodie gods.



My side item of the  afternoon Crispy Potatoes with roasted garlic, sour cream, onion, lime and herbs was uniquely delicious.  I only had a couple of bites of these special potatoes but too were presented magnificently.

"This bread, and sandwich is extraordinarily amazing," I said to Lynn between bites.

"You and Jane have loaded up my plate with all the bread," Lynn exclaimed. "I will be in a bad way like you two if I eat all this bread," Lynn added.



Lynn's Beet Salad was the perfect antidote to the abundance of bad carbohydrates covering out table. The feta cheese and fresh herbs took a prominent role in making the greens come alive with a sharp bitter flavor. The marinated beets offered a familiar pickled flavor to the salad. The chopped boiled egg was a nice acoutrement to a very special salad.

Jane's Snack Plate was the presentation prize winner with thinly slice salmon, perfectly cooked eggs, and a beautiful 'patch' of salad greens adorning her plate.

"That's a smug look on your face for someone with eating constraints." I said to Jane.

"All this food looks so wonderful, and tastes even better," Jane said. "I almost feel guilty enjoying my self imposed diet so much."





Brunch in afternoon is unique idea

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

AFTERNOONsfIt must have been a case of new restaurant anxiety I was having standing in front of the afternoon Brunch Cafe. I have been hearing a lot if good things about afternoon.

I enjoyed talking to the owners a few weeks ago who just recently relocated to Gainesville from Seattle.

I like t think I am a positive kind of guy. I want everyone to succeed in life. So how bad could the nagging fears be for opening another lunch stop, brunch stop, brunch/lunch café. Well a lot of things could go wrong:

zzGLOBbullet The afternoon menu could be just like all the other boring lunch menus from start-up café menus.

zzGLOBbullet The restaurant theme is based on yet another fleeting, trendy idea fond somewhere on Facebook.

zzGLOBbullet The owners are relatively new to the idea of running a business, restaurant.

I can get ahead of myself here and tell you that the afternoon Egg & Cheddar Focaccia sandwich is the best sandwich the GLOB Master has eaten in a very long time.

AFTERNOONvertThe peaceful neighborhood setting of the NW 10th Ave brunch stop with bicycles neatly stacked on the bike rack came to a quick halt when I opened afternoon's front doors to a full house of happy, delighted customers enjoying, talking, and comparing their mid – day meal selections from an afternoon menu unlike any menu you will see in Gainesville.

The dining looks spacious with a good number of tables evenly spaced throughout the area. Stylish blue napkin and sturdy tableware and appointments created a stylish, contemporary flair that gave the GLOB Master the sense he was in a special place.

There is a fast casual lunch counter in the rear of the dining area where you place your food order, get your lucky number tag and find your seat to wait for your brunch, er, lunch, ugh . . . meal.

I am typically a lunch counter guy so I was please to see the afternoon's windowed front wall was 'painted' in a picturesque style of dramatic blue napkins and mealtime place settings. I quickly grabbed the end seat so I could look out upon a fll dining room of happy consumers.



Kudos to the afternoon owners for not thinking a 12 page menu with 30 different entrees was a good idea. The afternoon brunch menu has twelve different meal entrees. The simply designed menu could easily be identified as a vegetarian menu. However there is a carnivore catch all included in the EXTRA category at the bottom of the menu saying, 'bacon, sausage, side salad, sourdough toast, roasted potatoes, and eggs cab be purchased for a nominal upcharge.'

There are some very interesting choices on the menu like Whipped Feta Toast with caramelized onions and thyme, ($6). Or the Poached eggs with crepes, marinated tomatoes, and brown butter hollandaise, ( $11). But it was the Egg & Cheese Focaccia sandwich with pickles, aioli, bacon, sausage, or red peppers Is where my eyesight kept returning. I was excited about my choice and I included the sausage and the roasted red peppers on my sandwich.

Drinks and libations are of the alternative variety with Panther Drip Coffee from Miami, and T Project hot tea from Seattle.



Oh my was I surprised at my lunch upon arrival ina very quick manner. I am used to focaccia bread being very thick and chewy. Surprisingly, in a very nice way, this bread was thinly sliced and toasted to a masterful crunch. The red peppers and aioli mixed together to create a vibrant sauced flavor for the sandwich. The sausage patty was thick sliced in a delicious 'chunk like' style enhancing the spicy flavor pf the other meat. Being a newbie I didn't realize I should have selected a side item from the EXTRAS menu I mentioned above. But that's OK, It's all right GLOBers. The sandwich was plenty, hearty, and filling.



I can see the GLOB Master working a brunch afternoon visit into the Friday scheduling and beginning his downtown adventures on NW 10th Avenue.

The Pluses and Minuses of afternoon Restaurant.

 afternoon Restaurant + indicators: .Unique entrees, clever lunch menu with different entrée ideas. Stylish, homey, very' mom and pop-ish.'

afternoon Restaurant - indicators:  A side order of acoustic tile is needed, c an be loud, noisy with a full dining room,

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about afternoon Restaurant .  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!

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Additional Info

  • Phone Number: (352) 727-7604
  • Address: 231 NW10th Ave.
  • Urban GLOB Location: Downtown
  • Latitude: 29.660912
  • Longitude: -82.327592
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