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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Patticakes Downtown

Patticakes Downtown

Dreams become lunch time realities

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

patticakesSFMy heart was heavy as I stood at the University Avenue, Main St. intersection gazing across the traffic at the vacant Harvest Thyme Cafe. I thought of Leon Russell's tune Stranger In A Strange Land.

I remembered Patticakes in front of the Courthouse, on the Northeast corner of Bo Diddley Community Plaza has really delicious cupcakes and headed East on University Avenue.

080717PatticakeVERTICLEWalking inside Patticakes I was struck by the regular customers with their locations strategically staked out on Patticakes lone lunch counter.

Books, lap tops, head phones, and drink cups evenly spaced in every other seat left little room for new customers. More so there were six customers in front of me at the counter waiting to order.

The dessert gods must have been watching over the GLOB Master as one of the big dudes in front of me said he, and his three pals, had already ordered and stepped aside so I can peruse the cupcake, sweets counter.



Then I saw it GLOBers. The prize I had been hoping for sat high and proud under glass with a card that read "CHOCOLATE CAPPUCCINO CRUNCH" cupcake. What a masterpiece of confectionery beauty with eye-opening 'nothing but sugar' flavor.

Straightening up I spied the menus on the wall and noticed much to my surprise Patticakes sells lunch in their downtown café.  A very nice lunch time selections of entrees are available from paninis, cold sandwiches, a chickpea wrap, and a Spinach Cranberry salad. All the lunch entrees range in price from $7 - $8/

There is also a Patti Mac Special that sounds impressive with corkscrew noodles, cheddar cheese, Mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan cheese topped with panko breadcrumbs & bacon and baked in cast-iron skillet. Patti Mac prices are $5,75 for a small entrée, $8.75 for a large, and you need to allow 15 minutes to prepare. There is a Patticakes restaurant/menu link at the bottom of this review.



With the advise of Patticakes expert staffer Katherine I ordered the Veggie Panini and was pleased the sandwich is served on toasted sourdough bread from the Vine Bakery with a choice of sun dried or sliced tomato mozzarella cheese, homemade pesto mayo and spinach

Squeezing into my position on long lunch counter I was stuck by the interesting view out to Bo Diddley Community Plaza and the old Historical clock. As my Sandwich was being presented to me In the background I heard the Daryl Hall & John Oates tune You Make My Dreams Come True.



My Panini lunch was special with loads of melted cheese oozing out all around the crunch crusted bread. The spinach and tomato magically intermingled with the cheese offering bites of crunch and flavor amidst the dripping, oozing white cheese. As good as the sandwich was the toasted sourdough bread with a fabulous crunch and chewy crust made my Meatless Monday lunch very special.

Maybe the lunch gods were looking out for the GLOB Master this day. Something, someone made my lunch dreams come true.

The Pluses and Minuses of the Patticakes:

Patticakes (+) indicators: Desserts, excellent sandwiches. Bo Diddley plaza is an excellent brown bag opportunity.

Patticakes (-) indicators: Cramped inside space, a lot of 'homesteader' taking space.

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Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 352 376-1332
  • Address: 111 E. University Ave.
  • Urban GLOB Location: Downtown
  • Latitude: 29.65161
  • Longitude: -82.32402
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