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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Hare Krishna SFC

$4 Krishna Lunches Also Popular at SFC

By Heidi Lannon

Editor's Note: Ms. Lannon is a West Gainesville campus Santa Fe College Instructor and appreciates value for her lunch dollar.

For those of you who associate Krishna food with the University of Florida, consider expanding your horizons. In fact, the local Krishna community has also been feeding students at Santa Fe College for almost 2 years.

GLOB Krishna foodThe Krishnas had been trying to get access to Santa Fe College, when they came across Dan Rodman. He had enjoyed Krishna food many years ago on the UFcampus and encouraged them . . . and they finally succeeded: Krishna food was first served 3 days a week beginning in January 2009. They have since increased to 5 days a week and serve a variety of pastas, couscous,and other dishes. Blayre Nyitray says their best days are Tuesdays, Wednesdaysand Thursdays and, to no one's surprise, Fridays are "quite quiet."

For a mere $4 you get a meal thatincludes a salad, desert, and adrink. If you have never had Krishna food before, you can try it for$2. I have had it many times and confessto indulging during my foray across campus last Monday. I had a delicioussalad, oniony hush puppies, couscous with a tomato-based sauce, peach cake, andtea with some form of berry flavoring. They encouraged me to come back for moreif I was still hungry. I could not finishthe entire plate, which I ate in class.

Valeria Shutterly wandered over to HealthPrograms in W building in her scrubs. She loves Krishna food because it is "healthy andnutritious and served by good-hearted, generous people." She describes her frequent Krishna lunches as "uplifting," and added,"Where else can you get all this food and a drink included?"

Brandy Debottis is a fan of the saladdressing. "I could drink it," she said. When pressed to describe the dressing shecalled it "mild, flavorful and not too heavy."

What could be more fun than delicious,healthy food at a great price consumed in the Grove among the trees? Krishna lunch also has a Facebook site, where the regular menu is posted:

Monday: Upma--roasted farina with veggiesand spices, Vegetable Pakora and Tomato Chutney, Big Tossed Salad with WorldFamous Dressing, Cookies, Fruity Herbal Iced Tea

Tuesday: Rice, Dahl (creamy mung bean soup with veggies), Mixed Vegetale Subji,Salad (with famous Krishna lunch dressing), Sweet Halava Dessert, Fruity HerbalIced Tea

Wednesday: Pasta with Veggies and Kofta Balls (fried cabbage) in Marinara Sauce,Fresh Bread, Salad, Oatmeal Raisin Cakes, Fruity Herbal Iced Tea

Thursday: Veggie Fried Rice, Lentil Soup with Veggies, Cabbage Pakora, Saladwith World Famous Dressing, Cake, Fruity Herbal Iced Tea

Additional Items served occasionally:
Ekadasi: Potato Medley with Spice
Vegetable Pot Pie
Veggie Lasagna
Chili and Rice

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Additional Info

  • Urban GLOB Location: West Gainesville

1 comment

  • FanTing B
    FanTing B Tuesday, 11 September 2012 16:05 Comment Link

    + They serve a different menu from the UF campus. For me what is most striking is that there's more than Halava for dessert. Personally, I was saddened by this at first because I *love* the halava. The rest of the delicious menu made me come back, though, and I am so glad I did. The cake is AMAZING. You can't compare it to the $6-7 chocolate/vanilla cake you get on your birthday from Publix. This is a thick, moist cake with tons of whatever flavor they use that day. I've had it with pineapple, another day with peach, and another day with coconut (not a fan of coconut, but the base recipe is so good I went back for seconds). Actually, I almost always go back for seconds.

    In my opinion, the day to look out for most is Thursday-- that veggie fried rice isn't Chinese and isn't something I've tasted else where. but it IS fresh, tasty, and specially spiced. I need to eat it with the lentil soup though because it provides the perfect sauce to go with the veggies and rice. The cabbage pakoras are strange things that are good, but have it with some of that salad dressing and they are *perfect*!

    There really is just something awesome about the sauces these people prepare, whether tomato salsa on Monday, dahl on Thursday or the salad dressing available everyday.

    but just so everyone knows- the recipe for the salad dressing seems to change JUST a little everyday. A sign of homemade goodness :)

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