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Restaurant lunch highlights:



Sandwich gem found in Thornebrook cafe

BagellandSFBy Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

The GLOB Master's visit to Bageland in Thornebrook Village was long overdue.

This popular breakfast and lunch spot has been serving food to a large following of faithful customers for over 35 years.



Daily specials include breakfast dishes, sandwiches, a variety of quiches, and salads. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they serve authentic Thai and Vietnamese lunch dishes. It's easy to see why this homey cafe has been filling lunch tables both inside and out throughout the years. It's a comfort restaurant – there are family pictures and flowers, comfortable chairs, and inviting food in the cases that make healthy comfort-food lunches -- except for that cream cheese, but they make up for with fresh fruit.


BLbeanBurgerMy lunch pal -- that wishes to remain nameless -- has been to Bageland before and was quick to decide the Black Bean Burger was her choice. She had tried the BBB before and wanted to see if this was a dish that she could count on, that it would be as good the second time as it was the first time she had it. Consistent quality is an essential ingredient of a good restaurant.

The Black Bean Burger starts with a bagel of your choice. There are 12 bagel options, although you might not want your black bean patty on a cinnamon raisin bagel! Also the bagels are made fresh. my lunch pal selected an Everything bagel. Other ingredients of the BBB include sprouts, cheese of your choice (melted!), tomato – and, something a little unexpected, cucumber slices.


BLCopenhagenDarn! Our sandwiches were cut in half but I forgot to suggest we split our lunches and try each other's sandwiches. It ended up being OK though because, now that I think about, it my Copenhagen sandwich was excellent, and I'm glad I ate the whole thing.

Made on a large, toasted, croissant, the Copenhagen contains smoked turkey breast, dill dijonaisse – can you guess what that is? -- and dill Havarti cheese. The combination was a dilly of a lunch: distinct and sharp accents complementing smokiness and creaminess.

The toasted croissant combined with the warm turkey beast and melted Harvarti cheese worked miracles on my taste buds.

The specials change daily at Bageland, however there are six regular sandwiches available: Black Bean Burger, Chicken Sandwich, Deli Case Sandwich, Copenhagen, Mediterranean, Midwestern, and the Hollander. All of these sandwiches specials include chips and fresh fruit and are priced at $6 or a little more.

The two of us for lunch split a lunch tab under $15.

Bageland is a friendly, comfortable lunch spot in the Millhopper area. I am disappointed I haven't spent more lunch hours in this excellent lunch environment.

I can tell you one thing: "I'm going back." There are a lot of interesting lunch adventures left on the Bageland menu I need to discover.

The Pluses and Minuses of Bageland:

Bageland + indicators: Excellent lunch fare. Bagels for lunch. Very friendly establishment.

Bageland - indicators: Plan your visit accordingly, Bageland can become crowded.

Offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Bageland Bagels. Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments. - THANKS!



I'm a bagel guy. Nothing is more fun than looking at rows of baskets chock full of different kinds of very tasty bagels. Jalapeno cheddar, sun dried tomato, everything, multi-grain, and onion are my FAB FIVE bagel choices. When an associate, that wishes to remain nameless, called me and said let's have lunch at Bageland in Thornebrook, my brain went directly to the Black Bean Burger on a Sun Dried Tomato Bagel dressed out all the way. Oh man. I don't how they squeeze all the spices into this bean burger patty, but this sandwich packs a punch. This is an excellent sandwich that has your taste buds remembering the heat, spice and flavor combination long after lunch. The crunchy lettuce and onions add a nice refreshing crisp texture to the flavorful chew of the bagel. And then they pile on cantaloupe and an orange slice for a very filling lunch entree. Let's think about it for minute. I have five favorite bagels, so technically I could have a different black bean bagel sandwich every day of the week. Should I order my sandwiches alphabetically by the bagel name or by the number of ingredients included in the bagel?

- GLOB Master

Last modified onWednesday, 13 May 2020 05:26

Additional Info

  • Phone Number: (352) 371-335
  • Address: 2441 N.W. 43rd Street, Gainesville, FL
  • Urban GLOB Location: Millhopper Area
  • Latitude: 29.675564
  • Longitude: -82.386876


  • Mike P
    Mike P Thursday, 27 September 2012 11:24 Comment Link

    As an ex-New Yorker and self acclaimed aficionado of bagels - Bageland has the BEST bagels in Gainesville. They made the traditional way and have crusty outsides with chewy insides - very unlike the "donut" bagels that other "bagel places" try to pass off. The breakfasts and lunch sandwiches are very good. I love their tuna melts. The coffee is typically fresh and good. The staff/family that run the place are exceptionally nice, helpful and friendly. I have made a lot of friends there over the years and miss the fact that they no longer are near the University. I highly recommend them - low key, nothing fancy - but great bagels at a reasonable price.

  • Alan
    Alan Thursday, 10 November 2011 09:45 Comment Link

    A favorite place to go and hang out in the early mornings. Staff is very friendly. A local place that reflects family. The bagels are fresh and tasty. I might add the Copenhagen sandwich is great for lunch. A definite yes place to visit.

  • Ron Schmidt
    Ron Schmidt Wednesday, 02 November 2011 14:02 Comment Link

    I like the place.....Except, why is not spelled Bagel-Land to be grammatically correct? The way it is spelled, you should pronounce it Bage-Land (like Beige-Land??).

    Gail, my girlfriend,has an issue there as they are a little tight with their cream cheese on bagels. She asked for more and was told that they "weigh it out"... not that friendly customer service...

  • Donna N.
    Donna N. Sunday, 29 August 2010 17:51 Comment Link

    My husband goes here every morning after his workout. They make his 'everything' bagel especially for him. He really likes the owners; very nice people. My husband turned 50 this year and he's made some lasting relationships of a much older crowd just from going there every morning.

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