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Restaurant lunch highlights:

Relish, Plaza Royale

Relish,  Plaza Royale

MM Hamburger worth a try

RelishRPPsfI was out by the Plaza Royale  shopping area, and I was excited about giving the Relish Big & Tasty Hamburger stand a try for a Meatless Monday burger. I like the how Relish literally lets you have it your way with more hamburger toppings available than you can imagine. A friend mentioned the P Royale was a little more like your basic franchise lunch in the new digs of the former popular coffee shop corner location. This RBTB lacks some of personal, mom and pop, personality of the other two locations. That said they all make excellent hamburgers, and there is ample seating on a patio; although it faces a very busy parking lot, it is a great spot when the weather is just right. The Relish Black Bean Burger is tasty although a little on the mushy side of the texture barometer. But you know what, let's be honest GLOBers, if you add enough toppings and sauces to this patty of non-meat protein, you don't REALLY know what's inside the toasted hamburger bun. My Big & Tasty Vegetarian Black Bean Burger with chipotle sauce, fresh jalapeno peppers, tomato, mayo, cheese, lettuce, and Relish homemade red pepper relish was a great lunch idea. The pepper conglomeration tipped the burger flavor to the hot side of panache. I enjoyed the crunch and heat of the jalapeno pepper. I smiled at the chipotle flavor, and the cool, fresh texture of the tomato. There were a lot of varied tastes and textures happening in my MM hamburger. I would buy another RBT MM Burger. But I think my next relish Burger is going to be the Double Tasty 1/2 lb. certified angus beef burger. I will have to think about my toppings for this belly bomb for a while.



With 21 different topping s and 18 sauces the Relish Big & Tasty Burger is the center of the have-it-your-way hamburger universe. But I had a different idea for this lunch hour. I walked up to Dave behind the counter and told him I wasn't going to select any toppings, I wanted him to create the most photographically beautiful burger he could make for me.

Then I saw this poster of French fries covered in gravy that lunch partner Jon Roosenraad explained was Poutine fries. "They are big in the Mid-West Mike, it's a Canadian dish and you can get an order of Poutine fries in bars and restaurants on frozen lakes while you're ice fishing ," Rosey said. So we ordered a side of spuds, brown gravy, and cheddar cheese curds to share. These fries are really good—good enough to come to Relish every day for this amazing side dish. According to the Poutine Primer, "Poutine is Acadian slang for mushy mess and is best described as a heart attack in a bowl."

The burger was awesome, albeit somewhat unremarkable with just the basics: lettuce, onions, pickles, mustard, and catsup stacked on my two patties of "100% fresh, never frozen certified Angus Beef." While my pal Jonny and I were talking, David sat down at a nearby table and chimed in, "How was that hamburger?"

"Very good, " I said. "I was expecting you to serve me up something special like a burger with spicy, hot sauces like habanero, jalapeno, or that garlic mayo spread sounded pretty good," I added letting Dave understand my disappointment.

Dave looked at me over a mouthful of hamburger and with a straight face said, "I didn't want to hurt you."

- GLOB Master


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Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 352 372-5880
  • Address: 3822 W. Newberry Rd. Suite D, Gainesville, Florida
  • Urban GLOB Location: Midtown
  • Latitude: 29.653058
  • Longitude: -82.381932
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