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East End Eatery

East End Eatery

A tale of lunch-time diet comparisons

By Mike Sanford, GLOB EDITOR

EasrtEndSTOREFRONTI was looking forward to lunch with SweetBerries Eatery and Frozen Custard co-owner Jane Osmond and I became more than a little excited when she selected the East End Eatery on NE Eighth Ave. as our lunch stop.

This was going to be an educable lunch for me since Jane has been a serious Ketogenic Diet participant for over two years and I was eager to hear some first-hand observations about this popular dietary approach to eating healthy.



With a focus on homemade, fresh and healthy plus a spectacular Daily Special Menu Board EEE owner Sandra Carlisi's approach to lunch is in my opinion what a diner/deli lunch stop is all about.

With standard assortment of paninis, wraps, sandwiches, salads and soups, the East End Eatery cooking team prides themselves with creating unique, "Today Only" lunch specials fresh from the kitchen for this particular lunch hour.

"Today we have a delicious pasta primavera customers are eating up," Said Sandra. "And a homemade vegetable soup you need to try GLOB Master," she added.



It wasn't necessarily a competition of diets between Jane and I , but I couldn't help thinking about Jane perusing the menu for an entree that will satisfy her Keto discipline.

I marveled at the yummy diner sandwiches including a Turkey & Brie pressed on whole wheat bread with EEE Roasted red pepper aioli, $9.50. Then I saw the wild caught Blackened Flounder Wrap. The two-eyes-on-the-top filet is wrapped in a flour tortilla with pico de gallo, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese, $9.00.

What is becoming more noticeable to Diabetes friendly lunch outer the majority of lunch stops in town pay serious consideration to the non-meat eating lunch outer with a multitude of meatless lunch opportunities from a yummy sounding Buffalo Tempeh $9.50, to Caprese Salads $9.00, and a Tabouleh platter $4.00.



Common sense, better sense, and my very large ego prevailed when I opted for the soup and salad Daily Special of homemade vegetable soup, and a house salad with baby greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons and the EEE house balsamic vinaigrette $9.00.

Ms. Osmond was demonstrating much more discipline and chose the Egg Salad BLT Salad comprised of a generous portion of homemade egg salad over a bed of baby greens, bacon, tomatoes, croutons and a side off balsamic vinaigrette, $9.50.

There is a complete East End Eatery menu at the restaurant link on the bottom of this page.



"I really liked my salad and the generous portion of egg salad on top of a beautiful lunch time salad presentation," Jane said.

I'm not sure if it is because of diet constraints, or the fact that I just don't eat as much as I use GLOBers but flavors, tastes seem to be more pronounced than for the old Mike Sanford. My vegetable soup had a glorious garden fresh taste including a powerful onion soup broth flavor that made a unique – for me – flavor treat of onion, celery chunks, carrots. My salad was fresh, crunchy with a strong garden fresh presentation.



Jane was open and frank about her Keto diet approach to life:  "Ha ha! I've been eating keto for about 2 years. The hardest thing is understanding where my carbs are coming from. I miss fruit the most although I do eat some berries. Passing on the popcorn was really hard at the movies yesterday! I've lost about 10 pounds. Still shooting for 5 more. I don't see myself ever not eating keto again, but I do plan in some cheat days like birthdays and Christmas."







Working lunch, long time friends, yummy Treubin!

EasrtEndSTOREFRONTBy Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

It was a special working lunch for the three of us meeting at the East End Eatery in the Northeast located at 1202 NE 8th Ave. Special for the GLOB Master because he was lunching out with two very good, longtime friends.



zzGLOBbullet Alachua County Library District Marketing & Public Relations Professional Nickie Kortus. Nicki and I spent years together working at the Gainesville Sun in what we old-time Sun Employees fondly call the Sun's golden years.

zzGLOBbullet Long time friend and retired IFAS Economics Professor PJ van Blokland is now volunteering with the Friends of the Library as their current President of that enterprising group individuals.

It was cause for celebration as EEE Owner Sondra Carlis was excited to announce the East End Eatery was celebrating their 10th anniversary on NE 8th Avenue this week.

There was much to talk about, and catch up with, as the mission of our lunch was to find new ways for the Library and the Gainesville Lunch Out Blog to partner allowing GLOB readers more regular access to all the various events happening in the 13 branch locations of the Alachua County Library. Now that is exciting news so stay tuned GLOBers for some exciting upcoming news.

102418EEEmenubrdA cool thing about lunch at the East End Eatery the menu board is one of the more informative menu boards in Hoggetowne. Updated every morning there are so many interesting lunch opportunities the EEE menu is almost unnecessary.

And that was certainly the modus operandi for our lunch table:

- Nickie Kortus choosing the Taco Tuesday Special of two flour tortillas one with Jerk Chicken, and the orther with ground chicken pieces. Both taco included lettuce, home made pico de gallo, guacamole, black beans and rice. ($9.25)  "Being a home-grown, longtime Gainesville resident visiting East End Eatery for the first time. The Tuesday Tacos, served with black beans and rice, were tasty with just the right amount of jerk seasoning and satisfying. My companions and their stories completed the authentic Gainesville vibe that will add this restaurant to my list of local favorites," Nickie said.

- PJ van Bokland gave up his obligatory EEE Panini and chose the Huevos Rancheros consisting of 2 eggs over medium, topped with cheddar cheese and our house made salsa atop a crispy corn tortilla, black beans and roasted breakfast potatoes. Can be vegan with our "Tofu Eggs"and vegan cheese. ($10.25)

- I couldn't resist the TREUBEN. This glorious, pressed, Rye bread sandwich included turkey pastrami, swiss cheese, 1000 island sauce, and sauer kraut. ($9.25)  There is a complete East End Eatery menu at the restaurant link at the bottom of this page.

Conversation did slow down considerably as we devoured our lunches. PJ did comment that his lunch looked somewhat over whelming too big for him. My suggestion was we share our lunch with me giving PJ half of my sandwich.

"Thank you Mikey but I have no desire to share my lunch with you," PJ said somewhat surprised at the idea.



My Treuben was very good with many pronounced flavors including a tasty pork pastrami, pickles, and a strong flavor of 1,000 island dressing. The sauer kraut was a sharp divine old flavor I haven't experienced in a while. (BTW I'm glad PJ didn't take me up on my idea of sharing our lunches.)



PJ enjoyed his lunch of perfectly cooked ranch eggs with generous scoops of cheese and salsa and a plateful of red skin potatoes. "The eggs were very good Mikey," PJ said. "But I will return to my Pork Panini when I return," he added



102418EEEfakebirdNickie was pleased with her 'dos tacos' and was feeling good about foregoing red meat at lunches. "It is something I have been trying to do with a modicum of success," Nicki said. "After watching an industrial farming show slaughtering animals I decided I can't eat meat any more."

The EEE lunch was a success with a host of reason for the GLOB Master. The Lunch was delicious. We came to several initial agreements about giving Alachua County Library news more GLOB emphasis.

Most importantly for the GLOB Master was I could have set there all afternoon with such interesting long time friends sharing many special, captivating stories and information with these two excellent GLOBers..





Perfect salads, cold soup make ideal lunch

 EVCmugb250By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

The GLOB Master had the pleasure watching Gainesville Lunch Out Blog Image Editor Erica Corbett in Action recently explaining the useful functionality of a smart FaceBook page to a small business owner. The woman knows her stuff GLOBers. We are very lucky to have her assistance on the GLOB Team of professional staffers.

After the meeting we adjourned to NE Gainesville and the East End Eatery for a celebratory lunch to discuss our meeting.


Remember Kramer on Jerry Seinfeld talking about coffee table books? I think if I ever had the idea of retiring I would like to create a coffee table book of restaurant menu boards. The good menu boards are cleverly done, offer boat loads of yummy information and the best ones have the restaurant's personality all over them.

After much consideration of the yummy MB lunch selections both Erica and the GLOB Master went the Salad route with Erica choosing the Egg Salad BLT Salad with "Simply perfect egg salad," organic greens bacon, tomatoes, croutons and a side of our Dijon vinaigrette. ($8.50)

"That BLT egg salad is the best egg salad I have ever tasted, image at top of this review," Erica said. "Especially since it didn't look like much on my plate," Erica added.



Erica was excited about there being a Gazpacho on the menu. "The cold soup with a hint of spice was perfect for an unseasonably warm Florida February day," Ms. Corbett said eagerly finishing off her cold soup.

I struggled with not selecting the Meat Loaf Special. However I did just make my own meat loaf last week and it was fabulous, I was thinking out loud, for a greener, healthier lunch decision.



So trying very hard to forego bad carbs I chose the EEE Blue and Green Salad with grilled chicken, organic baby greens with green apples, bleu cheese, walnuts, croutons and a side of our raspberry vinaigrette.

I must admit I still feel somewhat smug about my eating habits. ME, the Eating Professional, involuntarily choosing so many salads as part of my diet is a foodie paradigm shift I will never take for granted.

This salad worked tremendously on my hunger with the crunch of the walnut, and apples. The greens were a delicious palate for the flavorful roasted chicken strips and tart crumbles of Bleu Cheese. The portion was just the right size for this X-Large individual in that I had no hunger pangs when done with lunch. Smart maybe, happy yes, very satisfied, but certainly not hungry.




I met long time pal and UF Professor Emeritus, Wayne Smith, for lunch at the East End Eatery, and I wasn't really thinking about a meatless lunch, but when I checked out the most excellent menu board, the EEE Frittata really sounded good: Oven dried tomato, spinach, potato, egg, and five delicious cheeses served on a bed of baby organic greens with toasted croutons and a roasted garlic vinaigrette. I caught the server by surprise when I asked her if she could name the five cheeses in the Frittata. "No, but I'm going to find out now," she said scurrying to the kitchen. The answer to the East End Eatery lunch time special question was Mozzarella, Swiss, Provolone, Gouda, and American -- all loaded into a very tasty egg pie. With a nice brown crust, this excellent frittata featured all the ingredients' flavors individually along with a very nice crunch of baby spinach leaves. The roasted garlic vinaigrette was delicious. With all those ingredients, the Frittata was a tasty cornucopia taste of crunch and creamy texture of the cheeses. The EEE posts their lunch specials on the East End Eatery FaceBook page every day. That's handy for the lunch time planners out in the Urban GLOB. I'm going back for another EEE Frittata lunch, and I don't care what day it is.




Good meatloaf, that's what I'm talking about

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

East End Eatery. is nestled on the corner of NE 8th Ave and NE 12th St.  Back in my twenty-something days, I lived in a couple of places close by this corner.

Those were the good-ol-newspaper days, and we had many fine card games in that same neighborhood.

This older-than-most, charmingly-decorated little building also has a lot of memories, just like me, including a brief stint as Rex's Bakery (I liked Rex's motto, "Try the rest, then buy the best"), when it moved from its downtown location.

Thus, happy memories had me smiling as I walked into East End Eatery, but on top of that, I was also very happy that I learned that EEE had a Monday Meatloaf Special.

On a recent Monday, my mission was to take the advice of former East End Eatery server, Lorent, and give this meatloaf a try.

Thank you, Lorent, for this exceptional information. I consider it a very lucky coincidence that we happened to bump into each other on the bus and you mentioned Monday is EEE meatloaf day.


East ENDplate

Sandra Carlisi, the EEE owner, like many other catering business owners, is enhancing her catering income by utilizing her kitchen to feed unique and interesting lunch specials to folks on the Northeast side of town.

When someone mentions meatloaf, especially when they start bragging about how good it is, I want to taste what they're talking about. To see how it measures up on the MLB (that's the Meatloaf Barometer).

Alright, I heard you wonder, "Unique, interesting special meatloaf?"

Yes. This trip to the EEE was about the meatloaf. I told you that already. They have some very interesting other specials as well. My lunch partner opted for the Mango Jerk Wrap with Chicken, and she liked it a lot. However after taking a bite out of my meatloaf, she agreed it was very tasty too.



I'm telling you, when my plate arrived with a heaping mountain of mashed potatoes around and on top of a delectable portion of heavenly protein, only to be 'dressed' with a savory brown gravy, my first thought was, "This is what it's all about." The veggie side was a terrific fresh broccoli and carrots saute, see photo above.

I've had breakfast several times at the EEE, but this was my first lunch experience. To repeat myself, the menu offers some delectable lunch entrees. But from now own it will be hard for me to go the East End Eatery for lunch on any day other than Monday for the meatloaf. What's up with that, Doctor? Why do I limit my culinary adventure by choosing the same entree every time . . .?

The Pluses and Minuses of East End Eatery:

EAST END (+) indicators: Casual, friendly, interesting menu with many lunch options. Oh yes, the meatloaf is excellent.

EAST END (-) indicators: For a manly lunch protein option, the meatloaf entree could have been a little bigger . . .

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