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Restaurant lunch highlights:

David's Real Pit BBQ, NW 39th Ave.

David's Real Pit BBQ, NW 39th Ave.

David's cooking team's perfect entree

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

00davidsSTOREfrontI go out to lunch way more than any one foodie should have to. The question I hear most is from folks when we are talking food, lunch stops, cuisines: "So what is your favorite restaurant GLOB Master?"

I try to get around that question by turning it around and remarking: "I like to say if my mother was coming to town where would I take her for lunch."

Now I'm not singing, "I've been everywhere man," but I must admit I have been to whole lot of lunch stops.

There are so many different cuisines in Gainesville I believe it is hard, and unfair comparing tacos to deep fried oysters. Tacos are now so popular I'm sure some lunch stops are out there selling fried oyster tacos as I write this review.

Let's make it official GLOBers. I am going on the record saying if I had to pick one entree for lunch it would have to the David's Real Pit BBQ Build Your Own Omelet with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and extra American cheese.

This is my Go-To breakfast these days. I realized I would have to get to David's before the 11:00 end of breakfast cooking shift rto make it a lunch item.



The NW 30th Ave. David's Cooking Team of Justin Chesser, image right, and Jarret Webster have the finer points of cooking eggs and melting cheese down to a culinary work of art. I have never had a bad David's Omelet. Image at the top of this review.

The omelet's three eggs are cooked perfectly. I don't have to ask for my omelet to be cooked soft, or hard. The veggies are sautéed perfectly and Chef Jarret, image above left, loads my breakfast with a mountain of Mother Nature's low carbohydrate prizes. This omelet comes with two ingredients ($7.19). Additional ingredients are .50c each.

So let's talk cheese. I know American cheese is possibly the most unremarkable coagulated, compressed, and ripened curds of milk you will find at the designer cheese counter. I have tried many of upscale cheeses on my omelet GLOBers. For me none of them melt into the luscious, gooey-ness that surrounds literally everything in my Build-Your-Own Omelet.

Evey bite I take of my favorite meal includes a smidgen, glob, or mouthful of melted cheese wonderfulness.



If I have a good, low blood sugar reading I will treat myself to some fantastic Canyon Cube deep fried potatoes. Or perhaps a slice of rye toast instead of the potatoes. Occasionally I will add a protein of sausage, or bacon on the side.

All that said I would be perfectly happy with my favorite omelet for lunch with 'nuthin' on the side.' If the ingredients are available I bet the David's cooking team would make you a Build-Your-Own-Omelet for lunch. Or like the GLOB Master does make your lunch hour a little earlier in the day to give this entrée belly bomb serious consideration.




Customer friendly staff makes lunch special

By Mike Sanford, GLOB EDITOR

You know how some lunch spots are just better than others GLOBers? The food is always excellent. The location is prefect for a tightly timed lunch schedule. The staff treats you like you are part of the family.

I don't want to say how long I have been a David's Real Pit BBQ fan. Let's just say it is way more than a couple of decades the GLOB Master cares to remember.

"What are you having for lunch today Mr. Mike," David's Staffer Hayley Wright asks in a friendly voice as I walk to the ordering counter.

"You tell me TWIN A,' I respond not really sure which of the David's Staffer twins I was talking too. I was thinking outside the regular lunch box assortment of BBQ sandwiches, salads, and Daily Specials.

"How about a turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, sandwich on an English muffin," Pit Boss Chris Stein suggested from behind the kitchen counter. "You used to always eat English muffins," Chris continued.

It did sound like a very good lunchtime bite. Plus the English muffin idea reminded of my old Sausage, egg, and cheese breakfast days and toasted English muffin morning sandwiches of old times. YUM!

"The last time I tried your turkey it had too much salty, smoked flavor," I said thinking this turkey sandwich lunch was good idea.

"We can leave the smoked spices off of your turkey if you like Mr, Mike," Hayley, image right, said in a friendly, accommodating voice. BTW I have some sweet, sour, good news, bad news to report. Kayley, image left, in the above image has decided to take her work hours to the Oaks Mall and start working for BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse very soon. I told the twins I wanted pictures if any separation anxiety that occurs.



VOILA! A prize winning creative, custom lunch was created thanks to the always friendly David's Real Pit BBQ staff for this very happy customer. I added a garden salad to my lunch because Chris and the BBQ pit team have become creative and proficient as salad chefs. Tomatoes, onions, carrots, chopped eggs, bits of ham have never been assembled in a more imaginative side dish for the diabetes busting GLOB Master.

My customized sandwiched was very good. The turkey was moist with strong flavor. The lettuce, tomato, mayo and bacon created a delicious back drop of tastes, flavors and crunch. I smiled to myself dreaming of how many post Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches I have devoured in my lifetime.



"How was your sandwich Mr. Mike," Hayley asked. "I think I'm going to have to try one of those for lunch today," she added.

"It was very good Hayley, I'm coming back," I said fist bumping Hayley. "You guys once again have made me a very happy customer," I said smiling, rising from lunch perch.


Staffer two-fer doubles lunch happiness

By Mike Sanford, GLOB EDITOR

00davidsSTOREfrontMaybe it's the BBQ. BBQ is a straight forward dish of delight you roast for an extended period of time, chop into pieces, and plate it up with a Bar-B-Que pit side item.

It could be all about Southern food GLOBers. Typically there is nothing fancy about a heaping plate of comfort food goodness looking back at you square in the eye, piping hot, carbohydrate loaded with gravy, potatoes, macaroni and cheese.

That sounds like two excellent reasons why the David's Real Pit BBQ Pit Crew climb out of the everyday meat protein lunch plate world and pump up the volume when the customer asks for garden salad as a side item.

Think of it, Look at the creativity involved. We're not talking about a wedge of iceberg lettuce, a few tomatoes, and some chopped onions. No siree GLOBer. The BBQ pit crew at the David's on NW 39th ave. have taken on the pizza shop paradigm about green salads, and that is Anything goes. The more mixed veggies the better. The more visual appeal to the customer is a major objective.

"I have actually run to the grocery store before lunch to make sure we have all the necessary ingredients to make our salads special GLOB Master,' Said Pit Crew member Chris Shindle. "Jim Bruce, Shane Tense and I take pride in what we do in this BBQ kitchen," the 'Que Master said.

That kind of attention to details works on me. Nothing is more pleasing than to see a giant plate of salad greens, arugula, romaine, spinach, watercress surrounded by green peppers, onions, carrots, tomatoes served attractively. Literally a smorgasbord of green, leafy, and low carbohydrate veggies gems with a mission satisfy the inner lunch eating constraints of this diabetes driven lunch outer.



Add a black bean veggie burger to your lunch with a second helping of toppings, mustard, catsup and you have yourself a fantastic meatless lunch of the first order.

I've said it before if you add enough toppings on your v. burger, eat it open face, there is a good possibility you will forget you have discounted meat this one day a week.

The vest part for me is sitting at my lunch enjoying a lunch time irony with a smug look thinking the only person that knows I am going meatless in me, and Arthur Brown behind the David's lunch counter.

BTW it has only been a year for me to discover David's server Kayla Wright doesn't work double shifts at David's on NW 39th Ave. I was thinking, man, every time I go into David's Kayla is working.

The work ethic was resolved recently when Kayla's twin sister Haley was working alongside each other at the cash register. The two Buchholz High School Seniors have the front of David's covered with Kayla in the last months of high school. Haley is already taking classes in Santa Fe College's early entry program so it isn't like the twins are spending 24-7 together.


I think that is Kayla on the right in the image below. They both do an excellent job keeping this customer happy with salient questions like, "Garden Salads are $2 today, I know you want one GLOB Master!'



Tale of two sammies: Other white meat wins


zzGLOBbullet There is more David's BBQ feature information on the David's BBQ NE 23rd Blog page.

By: Melissa Kahan, GLOB Correspondent

I have been wanting to try David's Real Pit BBQ on 39th Ave. for quite some time. The location always deterred me from, as it seems to be a trek from whichever direction you are coming from in Gainesville. I figured, though, if there was any night to try it out, Tuesday nights were the best to do so: From offering $2 pork sandwiches to a student Buy One Get One sandwich discount, I was beyond sold. Plus, who needs an excuse for some down-home BBQ goodness?

I wanted to take advantage of this special with my boyfriend, Thomas, by ordering the BOGO student option: a chopped pork sandwich for me and the (free) chopped sweet tea-infused brisket sandwich for my brisket-loving dining companion. My pulled pork, other-white-meat sandwich quest is akin to his search for the best brisket in town.

On requesting the BOGO special from the cashier, I was misled.  The cashier said in order to do so, both orders needed to be rung up to get the details of both sandwiches on the ticket. When I asked if I was able to get the BOGO deal for two different sandwiches, I was led to believe this was possible, but then he charged me for two separate BOGO deal options: one for two chopped pork sammies and the other for the two brisket ones. I was not looking to order four sandwiches for two people! In addition to being very unclear, when I inquired further to better understand if I could do my intended option, the cashier was extremely patronizing. Not a great start to my first David's BBQ experience.

With somewhat of a sour taste in my mouth already from the miscommunication, I sat staring at our four BBQ sandwich creations with an uneasy feeling. However, our appetites took over, and we proceeded to split our orders, each of us having one of each sandwich option, and we devoured our meals.

MKsROLLI was extremely pleased that I made a quick and uncommonly decisive choice to substitute the usual bun on the chopped pork sandwich for garlic toast for an additional cost. It made all the difference, especially when compared with the brisket sandwich with the original bun.

The brisket sandwich (right), was very disappointing. The thick chopped brisket chunks were pretty fatty and not particularly tender as slow-cooked brisket is when it is done right. The typical, cheap burger bun bread and slice of what tasted like the pre-sliced cheap cheese made the entire sandwich taste artificial. There was also horseradish sauce that was so mild it did not add anything to the sandwich either. Displeased as ever, I ended up removing the bun and eating solely the brisket chunks, which I smothered in David's original BBQ sauce, with a fork, I hoped that my dining companion was not as unsatisfied with the brisket sandwich as I was.

MKsTOASTBack to my main attraction and my reason for venturing deep into Gainesville BBQ territory: the pulled pork sandwich. I feel that I made all the right choices when ordering: pork chopped, not pulled; coleslaw on top; garlic toast. It all came down to the quality and flavor of the meat itself. After coating the meat in a thin layer of the aforementioned BBQ sauce, which was very tasty and preferrable to the other sauces offered, my taste buds were revived. Although not as tender as I would have hoped, the pork was much better than the brisket and the pieces not as thick. I was skeptical about putting coleslaw on pork, but it provided a balanced sweet aspect with a hint of crunchy texture to the sandwich, giving it another dimension. It was mostly the garlic toast, though, that made a world of difference. I cannot stress that enough.

MKcornOKRASides are some of my favorite aspects of going to BBQ establishments. On this occasion, I opted for collard greens and the large serving of fried okra for Thomas and I to split. The small collard green side was almost as big as the side of fried okra, which was supposedly a large order.

Thomas and I will fight to the last piece of fried okra if necessary, hence the large order, but what was offered was a barely adequate amount. However, it was pretty tasty all things considered, as were the collard greens. I also feel the need to mention that they ran out of sweet tea, which is another BBQ staple for this Food Adventurer.

Next time, I will know what the rules are for BOGO Tuesdays as to avoid the aggravation. I will also make sure that the fried okra is indeed a large order. Sweet potato fries are my typical go-to side if offered, so those are on the checklist as well. Was it a good sandwich? Yes. Was the entire experience anything special? Not at all, but I'm hoping it was a bad day for them. Will I give David's another shot (especially considering how much the GLOB Master, Mike Sanford, raves about it)? You bet.

The Pluses and Minuses of David's BBQ:

David's BBQ (+) Indicators : 'Doctored up' sandwiches were tasty, good Daily Specials

David's BBQ (-) Indicators: Far distance, from Midtown, poor customer service, seemingly lower quality ingredients on various items, ran out of tea.

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about David's Real Pit BBQ.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!


Smokehouse serving X-large BBQ bliss

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

There is more David's BBQ feature information on the David's BBQ NE 23rd Blog page.

I've been a Davids BBQ fan for a real long time. My relationship goes back to 1998 when the restaurant was located on NW 23rd Ave. across from what is now Ward's Grocery. I'm guessing you've heard their snappy music on television and radio ads. Their web site proudly states David's BBQ was voted 'Best BBQ and ribs in Gainesville', and 'Best Food' at the Greater Gainesville Beer Festival.

BBQ ribs and beer. I wish I could describe the wonderful images floating around in head right now thinking about ribs and beer. I have no idea who the challengers were at that beer festival, but I can tell you with one of David's extra large, incredibly fleshy ribs in one hand, and a glass of the ice cold golden nectar of the gods in the other, second place really is unimportant.

DavidsRIBSDavid's ribs are so large I recently ordered the large pork plate special with two sides and could only eat two of the ribs. I shared the order with my friend Lynn and she ate two of the ribs. It was my sons Bob's birthday so I gave him the fifth rib to take home for later.

OK, Lynn didn't do a very good job of cleaning all the meat off her rib bones. So I made sure she didn't throw any of those juicy, tender morsels of meat away . . .

I'm a big guy. I wear extra large clothes and could easily weigh 300 pounds as opposed to 200 pounds. Folks like me will appreciate this next statement. THERE IS NO PORTION CONTROL AT DAVID'S BBQ.

The pork plate special mentioned above is a lot of food. Picture a nine inch black plate of five giant ribs and a major portion of fries on top of the ribs, only to have a very large order of perhaps the best onion rings in town stacked on top of the fries sitting in front of you. Literally a triple-decker order of heart stopping heaven. Now think about it being your mission to clean your plate.

That's what momma always told me.

The flavors are extraordinary. The meat is perfectly cooked. The side orders are cooked to perfection. Their Texas toast chopped pork sandwich -- in which I measure BBQ success -- I M O is one of the best sandwiches in town.

For the GLOBers interested in a good Food On The Run spot David's has a quick drive-thru that moves you through the order window, pick up window process in a timely manner.

OnionRINGSBTW the home cut french fries are really good. Their lightly battered french fried onion rings most likely are the best in town. If these O R's aren't the best you need to tell me where to find better onion rings. Go ahead add your comment below, send me to David's competition.

Since the large rib special is big enough to share, my suggestion is to order both the fries and the onions rings as your two side orders.

My ex-wife summarized the David's BBQ experience perfectly, "How come the people eating in here are all shaped like you and not like me?"



$2.00 PORK SANDWICHES! $2.00 PORK SANDWICHES!  Oops, sorry, I got caught up in that TV ad where the guy jumps out the window, and back in the front door yelling about a super cheap special.  A $2.00 sandwich lunch special is something to get excited about.  What make the David's BBQ pork sandwich special on Tuesday's is that this is really good BBQ.  David's does a nice job cooking the other white meat to smoked 'que perfection.  The chopped pork, or the sliced variety is very tasty, and is complimented by a spicy on-the-hotter-side of mild BBQ sauce on the GLOB Master's lunch time belly bomb.  Sometimes I add the David's coleslaw to the sandwich for a tart, crunchy flavor addition.  I like my BBQ sammie on the crunchy Texas Toast.  You have to admit that is a darn good looking sandwich above.  David's only disclaimer is you can buy just 5 sandwiches at one time.  In other words you can't stop the school bus and buy everybody on the giant Orange school wagon a $2.00 sandwich. Gosh Pee Wee, a TWO dollar sandwich and TWO sides is just a little over SIX bucks.  I'm going back to David's BBQ for lunch today.

The Pluses and Minuses of David's BBQ:

David's BBQ (+) Indicators : Truly serving up plates of bar-b-ques bliss!

David's BBQ (-) Indicators: David's presents a counter of interesting hot sauces they have titled the wall of fire. All of those hot sauces and we can't sample any of them.



In the search for truth, justice, a good lunch sometimes you have to dive in and eat the combo meal before sound reasoning makes a mess of your lunch. Walking to David's Real Pit Bar-B-Que for lunch the other day I decided that when I got there, and my blood sugar was under 120 points, I was going to eat the David's cheeseburger with tomatoes, onions, lettuce, mustard, ketchup on Texas toast, $4.99. I didn't have the fortitude to order the delicious giant planks of French fried potatoes. However I did order some Fried Onion rings, $2.99. Taking my blood sugar after the serious walk to lunch I posted a human like reading of 83. 83 GLOBers! I sat at my table trying really hard not to do a Snoopy happy dance over my good fortune. The cheeseburger was fabulous. The slices of thick, toasted, pieces of Texas toast were delightful amidst the goo of melted cheese, mustard, ketchup accenting the flavors of the dill pickle, tomatoes and the crunch of a giant slice of onion. I looked at the clock and considered how long I could sit there enjoying this myriad of marvelous flavors. I would have been happy taking all afternoon to eat that protein belly bomb. WARNING! IF YOU ARE DIABETIC DON'T TRY THIS LUNCH AT HOME. David's onion rings in the GLOB Master's opinion are some of the best on town. Fried to a crisp, crusty, flaky, golden brown perfect for dredging through ketchup. YUM what delicious, juicy onion flavor. After lunch I checked my blood sugar to see my lunchtime damage. My blood sugar spiked to 266 points. I looked at the 183 sugar spike, thought about it for a minute. Then I headed out shrugging my shoulders with a smug smile on my face, for another hour walk before dinner . . .

- GLOB Master




Meatless Monday in the 'Que Pit

 By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

2017LOGOaCome on GLOBers, everyone enjoys a tasty plate of breakfast for lunch now and then. Long time GLOBer Allan Morrow has a comment somewhere on the GLOB website extolling the virtues of potatoes, eggs, and his favorite breakfast protein for the noon day meal. I agree -- I could eat eggs with (other!) proteins three times a day and be a very happy, satisfied GLOBer.

 Since I moved across town last summer, I have been happily accepted into the fold of the David's Real Pit BBQ clan on NW 39th Ave. There are a lot of long-time, really good folks working David's BBQ lunch stops.



 It's the old "Everybody knows you name" feeling at David's and, from left, Naleta R., Casey D., Chris S., and Arthur B. seem to know what I want and how I like it and serve it to me in a timely, professional manner.

 Have you ever considered a David's three-egg omelette for lunch? The Build-Your-Own Omelet, ($7.19). Includes two ingredients, additional ingredients $.25 ea.: Bacon, ham, sausage patty, sausage link, onion, peppers, mushroom, tomato & cheese

 Omelettes are served until 11:30 in the morning, and the DRPBBQ breakfast sandwiches are served all day. There is a complete daivid's BBQ menu at thre restaurant link at the bottom of this page.

 After a deep discussion with Casey D. about exactly what I should put on my Meatless Monday omelette, she suggested I include mushrooms in my egg, onion, peppers, tomatoes, and cheese lunch prize for texture and taste as a faux meat replacement.

 "You see veggie mushroom burgers all the time, why not add them to your omelette?" Casey asked matter-of-factly.

 So I did.

 Why is it, GLOBers, that every food entrée I see these days looks big enough for two? My mother in heaven would slap me across my forehead if she saw me throwing uneaten food in the garbage.



 Back to MM omelette: The cheese melting in and around all the ingredients made my omelette fabulous and added a goo-touch to counter the texture of sautéed peppers, onions, tomatoes, AND the meatiness of the mushrooms. The David's Real Pit BBQ omelette never disappoints, I thought while I ate and smiled to myself.

 Between bites I thought back about how my heart must have had a sad face when Casey D. asked the routine question, "Would you like grits, home fries, hash browns, or canyon cubes with your omelette, GLOB Master?"

 And I quickly replied, "None of those for me thank you."

 Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about David's Real Pit BBQ.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS

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Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 373-2002
  • Address: 5121 NW 39th Ave., Gainesville, Florida
  • Urban GLOB Location: NW 39th Avenue
  • Latitude: 29.673687
  • Longitude: -82.319854
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  • Jc Demmy
    Jc Demmy Monday, 31 August 2015 14:23 Comment Link

    Our BBQ catering is what we are most famous for. Make sure to grab some of our chopped pork or our tender ribs quickly, because they don't last very long on the serving line!

  • CamoGIrl
    CamoGIrl Thursday, 19 June 2014 10:24 Comment Link

    GLOB Master, hop on over to David's BBQ and try the new Smoked Prime Rib Sandwich and a side of fried Okra, and let us know how great it is. Thank you.

  • Tom
    Tom Friday, 04 October 2013 19:38 Comment Link

    Okay, you got me to go and those $2 sandwiches on Tuesdays are great, esp with the slaw added option. The first Tuesday I had two, and wanted a little more. Next Tuesday I got 4, one for a co-worker: I was gonna give another to another but I decided 2 eat 3, and it was fabulous. The slaw on the pulled pork adds good moisture, and no extra charge. I see that B-Bu Ques across the street now has the offer. I've eaten there, but not tried their 2$ Toosday option

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