The perfect Thursday lunch

The perfect Thursday lunch

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Free doughnut Friday

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Dairy and milk alternatives

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'I was a teenager Riverdancer'

'I was a teenager Riverdancer'

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Restaurant lunch highlights:

David's Real Pit BBQ

David's Real Pit BBQ

DAVIDSbbqNEI'm a workin' guy. I am up every morning Mon.-Fri. between 4:30 and 6:00 getting the Gainesville Lunch Out Blog's Daily GLOB ready to publish by 8:15 am. So when I walked into the David's Real Pit BBQ on NE 23rd Ave. and saw they had a Working Person's Special of a BBQ sandwich, your choice of side item and a 16 oz. refillable drink for $6.00, that was one of the easier no-brainer decisions I have made in quite some time. This is David's BBQ. The pork sandwich is juicy, flavorful pulled and chopped pork stacked mountain high on some very tasty, perfectly toasted, thick-sliced Texas toast. I couldn't resist trying the fried okra. GLOBers . The okra wasn't the best fried okra ever made and then I proceeded to eat every bit of this southern taste treat. "You know, I prefer my okra just boiled and served slimy or it is sublime with tomatoes over rice,' I said to no one special reaching for the last nugget of okra goodness. David's dining room filled up for lunch, and the David's staffers demonstrated that this wasn't their first BBQ rodeo and kept the trays of smoke protein specialties moving out to waiting customers in a very fine fashion. I'm going back to David's Real Pit BBQ! Well, maybe not today, but certainly the next time I'm looking for BBQ pork goodness . . .

- GLOB Master


A Gainesville Lunch out Blog feature story about David's BBQ can be found on the NW 39th Ave David's ReaL Pit BBQ page.



Veggie burger works 'Cue stand

Jim Bruce works David's Real Pit BBQ, and he has a story to share with you. David has been cooking up, serving, and presenting happy customers some of Gaineville's best BBQ for over nine years. Jim has also been a vegetarian for over 12 years. Talk about being a'stranger in a strange land.' I was thinking of Leon Russell and the Mad Dogs and Englishmen as Jim explained to me how it wasn't that bad being a vegetarian in a kitchen full of fat, gristle, and meat.

"I'm used to it. It really doesn't bother me that much any more," Jim said.  "I have become the great explainer as to why we need to keep buying meatless patties for customers. It's a good sandwich." I am here to testify that David's is a good place for professional eaters. No need to say, "Upsize that would ya?" The fried potatoes could be the best in town. Big, fat, home style cut potato planks that let you know right away that you're eating potato. The David's veggie burger is cut from the same checkerboard BBQ table cloth. A giant wedge of tomato, half inch slices of albino white onions that dramatically contrast with the greenest designer lettuce you can find, and the biggest dill pickle slices this side of the Claussen pickle farm. Add a little mayonnaise and ketchup on top of a crispy crunchy, spicy veggie burger that includes some spicy red pepper flakes in it, and you have yourself a taste explosion of BIG flavors happening in your mouth.

- GLOB Master

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Additional Info

  • Phone Number: 373-2002
  • Address: 521 NE 23rd Ave., Gainesville, FL
  • Urban GLOB Location: Northeast
  • Latitude: 29.673687
  • Longitude: -82.319854


  • CamoGirl
    CamoGirl Wednesday, 29 May 2013 10:35 Comment Link

    David's bbq (23rd) has an awesome burger, thick and juicy and they toast their bun (a plus in my book). The steak fries are to die for and they give you lots. Dipping your steak fries into their spicy bbq sauce is even better. Thankful for David's on 23rd.

  • Lynn D
    Lynn D Monday, 10 December 2012 21:29 Comment Link

    Thanks to David's BBQ, I was a superhero at work today: I ordered a whole smoked turkey from David's with gravy and stuffing for the holiday luncheon at my workplace. It was ready first thing in the morning so I could pick it up on my way in to work. That smoked turkey was the star of the luncheon. EVERYONE loved it and thanked me for bringing it. ALSO, while I was at David’s getting the turkey, I split a smoked turkey breakfast sandwich on an English muffun with the GLOB Master (yes, you heard me, smoked turkey breakfast sandwich!), and as we were eating I noticed a sign on the table that –- for a limited time -- you can get 50-cent pints of Coors at the NE 23rd Ave. David's on Sundays. Wow. As the GLOB Master says, I’m going back . . . on Sunday!

  • Jules
    Jules Wednesday, 06 June 2012 10:27 Comment Link

    Great lunch at Davids yesterday.
    Nice counter people, quick enough service, and the place was spotless.
    Great color scheme, and the outdoor area, while small, looked inviting.
    I love the new BBQ sauce area with the pump dispensers.
    Only wish would be that they cook the fries longer.

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