'CRAFT BEER': Dead in 2018?

'CRAFT BEER': Dead in 2018?

When I first became obses...

Sweet Potato Bis-Cakes

Sweet Potato Bis-Cakes

Cooking mistakes can be l...

Kentucky faces first place Florida

Kentucky faces first place Florida

The last of the SEC clean...

Late night eating is bad for you!

Late night eating is bad for you!

In the long-running "Blon...

Winter soups and stews

Winter soups and stews

The Washington Posts offe...

FR's food waste news

FR's food waste news

People around the world a...

Food delivery is changing

Food delivery is changing

While minimum wage amount...

Outer space sandwiches

Outer space sandwiches

Renowned astronaut John Y...

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Kentucky faces first place Florida

The last of the SEC clean sheets fell from the unbeaten ranks in conference play as Auburn dropped a 76-71 decision on Wednesday night at Alabama. The loss snapped a 14-game winning streak for Auburn, now 16-2 overall and 4-1 in the SEC.

Auburn's loss opened the gate for Florida to take over first place. The Gators took advantage with an 88-73 win over Arkansas to improve to 5-1. They visit Kentucky on Saturday night in an ESPN "College GameDay" game. Tipoff is set for 9:15 est.

As reported on the LEXINGTON HERALD LEADER website - READ MORE

Weekend Events


5:30: Django, OPENING NIGHT, Hipp Cinema, Downtown, various days, times. The year is 1943 in Nazi-occupied Paris and Django Reinhardt is at the pinnacle of his art. The brilliant and carefree jazz guitarist, king of ethereal swing, plays to standing-room-only crowds in the capital's greatest venues. This story tells of his flight from German-occupied Paris in 1943.



7:00: Apocalyptic Worlds, Gary R. Libby Gallery, UF University Galleries. Apocalyptic Worlds is a collaborative drawing assignment developed in Art 3111 Thematic Drawing. The class began by reading and discussing the opening chapters of Aldus Huxley's Brave New World, a dystopian novel that explores behavior conditioning and new reproductive. A public reception will be held in the Gary R. Libby Gallery. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.



7:30: The Color Purple, OPENING NIGHT, Star Theatre, various days, times, 11 NE 23rd. Ave. The Star Center Children's Theatre is producing this adult performance of can-do attitude, a journey of love ending with Cecile learning to love herself." FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.


8:00: Don David and his All Star Band, Heartwood Soundstage, 619 S. Main St. An icon of the Gainesville music scene, Don David is best known for his evocative and dynamic vocals. He is the lead vocalist in The Impostors and the Wednesday at Sandy's Band. Joining Don are the original trio members, Mike Boulware and Dino Campbell. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information..



10:00: Collector's Day, Florida Museum, 3215 Hull Rd. Florida Museum's 39th celebration of collections and collectors. This free, popular event has attracted collectors from across the region for nearly 40 years. Visitors can chat with collectors of all ages to learn the history of their treasures — from cowboy and Pokémon memorabilia to classic cars and stereoviews.


11:00: Springs Fest 2018, First Magnitude Brewery1220 SE Veitch St.   The annual The Springs Run 2018 fundraiser into a full day of fun for everyone!  This annual Springs Run 2018 fundraiser has turned into a full day of fun for everyone.  Following the morning run, we will begin a day's worth of activities and art installations! Artists and craft vendors like Curtis Whitwam, Jenna Horner Art, and Crooked Path Forge will be in the beer garden all day, we'll have family-friendly workshops including how to use effects pedals, painting fun, and how to juggle.  FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.


9:30: Yoga In The Park, Northeast Park, 400 NE 16th Ave. Free outdoor class with Vicki James.



2:30: Darlene Marshall, ACLIB Local Author Series, Alachua County Library District Headquarters, Meeting Room A. Winner of the First Coast Romance Writers Award for Historical Romance Darlene Marshall will speak and discuss her novel The Bride and the Buccaneer.

Art & About: 'The Color Purple'

Star Theatre's Color Purple opens tonight

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

01181purple8RHONDA"You know the Star Theater presented The Color Purple the first time to Gainesville audiences four years ago in the P.K. Yonge Auditorium," Star Theatre Founding Director Rhonda Wilson says gazing wistfully reminiscing about her the popular play and Celie, her favorite character to portray. "And this shortened revised adaptation is more and exciting to perform than the original play," Rhonda added.

Of course the play Ms. Wilson speaks of has been adapted from the original Broadway production that ran from 2005 – 2008. This The Color Purple production earned eleven Tony Award nominations in 2006. An enthusiastically acclaimed Broadway revival opened in late 2015 and ran through early 2017, winning two 2016 Tony Awards— including Best Revival of a Musical.

The Color Purple is a musical with a book by Marsha Norman and music and lyrics by Stephen Bray, Brenda Russell, and Allee Willis. Based on the 1982 novel by Alice Walker, the show follows the journey of Celie, an African-American woman in the American South from the early to mid-20th century.

011817PurpleCOVER"It is such an uplifting story of the main character overcoming life's pitfalls and bad life situations," Rhonda said. "With a can-do attitude lead character Cecile finally has the realization her journey of love must end with loving herself," Ms. Wilson said with a wistful smile on her face.

Friday night's opening production will be a Star Theatre alumni confab of sorts with actors Brandon Hall, Malik Marie, Sabrenal Phillips and Niyin Smith rejoining Ms. Wilson for this show after all participated in the Star Theater's Color Purple production four years ago.

"With 20 songs, including 3 duets, The Color purple is a story of Cecile experiencing her personal life journey of uplifting hope, light, and life through song and deed,' Rhonda said.

In rehearsal you can sometimes see the understanding in the actor's eyes," Rhonda said. They are all working, collaborating on something, a performance that will be everlasting and very special," Rhonda added.


The Star Center Children's Theatre is producing this adult performance, the Star Theatre is a community based, non-profit youth development program. The star mission is to empower youth through creative arts.

The Color Purple will be presented at the Star Theatre, 11 NE 23rd Ave, with opening night tonight and shows through January 28 with varied times, and dates. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more COLOR PUTPLE information.

2018 Cinema Verde Film & Arts Festival


39 Films, 11 Countries, 2 Perfect Venues

By Lynn Dirk, GLOB Content Editor

011618FLOWEREnvironmental passion will flower again from February 8 to 11 in the form of the 9th Cinema Verde International Film and Arts Festival.

Cinema Verde presents real film treasures on the big screen here in Gainesville. These films are a welcome relief from bad news headlines and long complicated explanations in print. With personal stories, revealing images, and dynamic illustrations of causes and effects, these films open our eyes, our hearts, and our minds.

A list of the films and links to trailers for the films are available at the Cinema Verde website.

"Cinema Verde events are an opportunity for everyone in the community to learn how environmental issues affect them personally, to meet innovators and problem solvers, to join organizations, and to share information," Trish Riley, Director of Cinema Verde, said.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: This year Cinema Verde will be held at two perfect venues: The Hippodrome Theatre, once again will host the festival on Feb 8 and 9. Then, for the first time, on Feb 10 and 11, Heartwood Soundstage in Gainesville's Power District will be the venue and will also host the Festivall Ecofair both days.



zzGLOBbullet The Hippodrome Theatre: The building is historic and grand. Its cinema theater has been updated with digital projection, and the visual and audio values are excellent.



zzGLOBbullet Heartwood Soundstage: This is a new SoMa (South Main Street) venue, designed specifically for perfect listening and with a beautiful auditorium of warm wood by Akira Wood (right next door), which has work "on display in hotel lobbies and corporate offices from New York to Indianapolis to Miami."

THINK GLOBAL ACT LOCAL: Cinema Verde always manifests this environmental principal in its film selections. For example, this year, there are two films about Florida springs, one featuring the work of Gainesville's Margaret Ross Tolbert.



zzGLOBbullet LOST SPRINGS Directed by Matt Keene. Every three or more years, the water behind the Kirkpatrick Dam in north-central Florida is lowered and allows more than 20 springs to cough back to life for a few months. The film features artist, Margaret Ross Tolbert, as she explores themes of loss and wonder and experiences the magic and beauty of these disappearing forgotten springs left by the state to decay. Tolbert joins experts on a trip up the fabled Ocklawaha River to witness the transient landscape and find the lost springs of the Ocklawaha.



zzGLOBbullet HIDDEN SECRETS OF FLORIDA'S SPRINGS: Directed by Bob Giguere; produced by Equinox Documentaries. Florida has over 1,000 freshwater springs, more than anywhere else in the world. Not only do these springs nurture a wonderland of plants and wildlife, they flow from an aquifer that provides drinking water for 90% of Floridians. Their value for recreation, real estate, and potable water is measured in billions of dollars. With rare footage, this film explores the springs' beauty but also reveals that humans may have done more damage to them in the last 50 years than in the last 10,000 years. 

In addition to films from the USA, there will also be films from Australia, Canada, Canary Islands, Chile, Finland, France, Guatemala, India, Italy,Mexico, and Paraguay.

To further act on the global-local mix, Cinema Verde brings as many filmmakers to the Festival as possible, some from other countries. Whether they are local filmmakers or from other countries, however, when filmmakers from elsewhere come to the Festival, the issues illustrated in their films become local – whether the issue has already emerged in here or we are being alerted to potential issues, we are primed to understand how any issue can eventually affect us locally.


The Cinema Verde logo is the passion flower, and the films and events of CV are a way to experience the passion within all of us for the world we live in, a passion that is based on the self evident truth:

011618LYNN2THE ENVIRONMENT R US.  We must have air, water, and food, and it must all be clean to do us good. One way we get reminded how much we love the earth is when we smell the roses, watch a sunrise or sunset, admire the beauty of a crystal clear stream, and wonder at how a tiny seed creates a sweet delicious fruit. Attending Cinema Verde is another way to get in touch with the part of you that is the environment.  Get inspired!  Be moved!

Flower power to the people!

Last but not least, Cinema Verde is a nonprofit organization that keeps ticket prices low to enable as many people as possible to attend. If you would like to sponsor a film or travel for a filmmaker, becoming a sponsor of Cinema Verde sends the message that you are part of our environmntal solution:  FOLLOW THIS LINK for more sponsorship options.



Art & About: 'The Royale'

Fight story presents alternate outcome

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

Smart, clever, emotional, syncopated, and incredibly timely. The Hippodrome Theater's 'The Royale' is one of the most poignant, thought-provoking, compelling dramatic presentations you will ever experience. And experience is the key word in that just-mentioned, long list of theatrical superlatives.

Could a historical story of race and segregated society be more timely or relevant to view than it is today considering what is happening in our world, right now?

011818RoyaleRAMIERZPlaywright Marco Ramirez has written a fictional story very loosely based on the life of Jack Johnson, who became the first black heavyweight champion.

This powerful drama of might vs. right, underdog vs. hero, white vs. black was co-directed choreographed beautifully by first time director Ryan George, and the Hipp's Lauren Warhol Caldwell. The creative collaboration works seamlessly as we watch this up and coming black prize fighter working toward his dream match only to encounter internal demons the boxer has been fighting most of his life.




Our up-and-coming prize fighter, Jay "The Sport" Jackson (Bryce Michael Wood), is working the small time boxing circuit. He chides his promoter Max (Dylan Kammerer) for hesitating to get him a match with the current heavyweight boxing champion, who is white. Max boastfully describes himself as "the world's only interracial fight promoter." One of Jay's opponents, the Fish (Ryan George) a fighter wanna-be, becomes Jay's sparring partner.

011818quoteMax finally persuades the white heavyweight champion to agree to a match, albeit with onerous, humiliating terms: 90 percent of the gate, win or lose.

The boxing paradigm shifts when Jay's sister, Nina (Renata Eastlock), visits him and tells him her fears of the dire consequences to him and her race during this Jim Crow era of racial intolerance: "Look at the dogs you're about to unleash," Nina cautions. "And when it happens, don't say I didn't warn you."

Tormented by his sister's statements conflicting with his own personal hopes of celebrity, fame, and making a black statement for the world, the audience is transported into Jay's mind as we view an extraordinarily unique take on the art of boxing.




The Hipp's five actor ensemble adeptly creates a surreal alternate world of Jay's personal cerebral conflict over the first time ever black vs. white boxing challenge. This visual transition was masterfully accomplished a unifying choreograph of all the actors emphasizing the plays dramatic circumstances with a full rhythmic chorus of sharp hand clapping, attention-grabbing foot stomping, and "lyrics" of exclamatory monosyllables of surprise and impact.

zzGLOBbullet 011818RoyaleBAGBryce Michael Woods's portrayal of Jay 'The Sport' (above center was on the spot as a cocky, sure of himself athlete with all the answers and living for his one big break to hit the big time. The change in this character when his sister arrives is remarkable and telling as 'The Sport" reflects on a new reason for this prize fight of the century. IMPRESSIVE Mr. Woods!

zzGLOBbullet Renata Eastlick's character, Nina (above right), won my heart as the take charge older sister who knew how to push Jay into the sphere of this social era's right and wrong. I could literally feel Nina's demand for Jay's attention with her sharp, staccato foot stomp, furrowed eyebrows, and angry, staccato voice demanding baby brother listen to his sister. MAGNIFICENT Ms. Eastlick!

zzGLOBbullet Ryan George's Fish (above second right) is the perfect embodiment of the era's racial culture with an eagerness to do right and supports his black brothers. According to the director notes, Mr. George has played Jay 'The Sport' in a previous production. BRAVO Mr. George!

zzGLOBbullet Dylan Kammerer's Max (above second left) is the play's story teller and adeptly moves us through this alternate world of right and wrong with multiple personalities of a sports agent, reporter, and the boxer's best friend. FANTASTIC Mr. Kammerer!

zzGLOBbullet E. Stanley Richardson (above, image left) portrays Wynton, Jay's trainer, as a familiar character -- an old worn out fighter hoping to make it big with his new found protégé. MOVING Mr. Richardson!



The smart directing, superb acting, and incredibly well choreographed 'fight scenes' by Movement Director Rudi Goblen make me want to see this play again. The Hipp's entire design team receives MAJOR KUDOS and GLOB HIGH FIVES for creating an extraordinary environment of action, pain, and love in a small squared circle of a boxing ring. This couldn't have happened without the dramatic hand clapping and loud staccato foot stomping and call outs by the full cast in perfect unison. This team also included some amazing theatrical techniques, bells and whistles I'm not talking about. I strongly suggest you see them for yourself.




Towards the end of the play the highlight of the story for me was Jay sitting on the edge of the stage, alone, head down, contemplating all that was about to happen with the big match. The weight of the racially charged and socially destructive world was literally pressing him down into the mat.

And all Jay 'The Sport' wanted was to be the World Champion – because it would make things right.

Images courtesy of Gainesville Downtown, and Rachel Jones/Hippodrome. The Royale continues through February 11 on various days and times. FOLLOW THS LINK for more information.

Sweet Potato Bis-Cakes

Cooking mistakes can be like little kitchen miracles, which is how Erika Council came to develop her recipe for sweet potato pancakes.

A software engineer by day and a food blogger by night, Council started cooking Sunday suppers for friends after she moved to Atlanta in 2005. The guest list kept growing, so first she launched a blog called Southern Soufflé to share her recipes,

As reported on the GARDEN & GUN website wit recipes - COOK MORE

Outer space sandwiches

Renowned astronaut John Young passed away last Friday, NASA reports. Young was known mainly for achievements during the early years of space flight and throughout his four decades-long career. He's also remembered, as other outlets have reported in memoriam, for one wily sandwich-related prank that he never lived down. In honor of this epic space snack, we've selected ten sandwiches we'd smuggle into space (should it come down to that).

As reported on the FOOD REPUBLIC website with recipes - MAKE MORE

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