The Gator Game: 30 years of hell

The Gator Game: 30 years of hell


Art & About: 2017 Star Theatre Gala

Art & About: 2017 Star Theatre …

Gala features Color Purpl...

Demise of the hamburger

Demise of the hamburger

No single food item has b...

Salad slanderers:  Regarding Fall salads

Salad slanderers: Regarding Fall s…

I've never been able to c...

Bacteria key to weight loss

Bacteria key to weight loss

Whether a diet works migh...

25 children's lunch box foods

25 children's lunch box foods

School lunches get a noto...

Cooking with root vegetables

Cooking with root vegetables

It's time to gear up for ...

2017 food lessons

2017 food lessons

We live in the midst of a...

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Mike S. GLOB Master

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Art & About: 2017 Star Theatre Gala

Gala features Color Purple scene and more

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

092217RhondaAfter 17 years and multiple venues around Gainesville the Star Center Theater the acting company's new theater at 11 NE 23rd Avenue feels like home to and Star Theatre Artistic Director Rhonda Wilson.

"We started the company in 2000 in a little building on N. Main St. that is ironically now housing another Theater group today," Rhonda said.

Working late into the evening making things right for this weekend's first performance in their new home Rhonda eyes twinkle with excitement talking about the theatre's upcoming 2017 season.

'People need to know we're not just a children's theatre," Ms. Wilson said, "We also include several adult productions and this year we are al very excited about presenting 'The Color purple' to Gainesville,' Honda added. "It is one of my all time favorite stories and I can't wait for it to be presented live in the Star Theatre," Rhonda added.

Theatre's 2017 schedule features several adult themed plays on their schedule including The Color Purple adapted from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name .




092217StarSIGN"These season opening gala's are so much fun, and important to everyone involved with the Star Theater" Rhonda said.

This year we have UF College of Music opera singer and musical instructor David Ladd Nagelkirk working with us and his operatic singing voice will mesmerize the gala's audience, " Rhonda said .

"David has been such an invaluable addition to the Start team," Ms. Wilson said. "It seems like he is everywhere, helping everyone," Rhonda said.

The name of this year's event is The Next Chapter In Our Story. Participants will be able to meet Star directors, technicians, actors and volunteers in the new Star theatre, and talk to Star Theatre members. A program of upcoming play scenes and music plus refreshments will be available for this free event.

Saturday night's Gala's program includes scenes and music from upcoming 2017 season performances including a compelling scene for The Color Purple. Please reserve a free Gala ticket in advance to help the Star team prepare for this annual season opening party. Follow this link for tickets and more 2017 Star Theater Gala .

"The 'Break a leg', opening night jitters never get old," Rhonda said. I am so excited about our new home, and the 2017 Season, I can't hardly wait for the opening night curtain.

Vietnamese Grille


The Pluses and Minuses of Vietnamese Grille

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Some good, some bad TV shows

We both knew this day would finally come: Counting all the broadcast, cable and streaming outlets, there are too many new dramas and comedies in this fall TV season for one critic to digest.

Instead, I'm writing about 10 shows that rose to the top of my list. I've also included five shows that had me reaching for the bucket — shows I would have given D's and F's. Watch them at your own risk.

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Demise of the hamburger

No single food item has been discussed more in-depth this year than the hamburger. Year after year, food writers, nutritionists and "trend forecasters" fiercely debate the next hot culinary ingredient that's sure to cure our ailments and provide previously unearthed health benefits. And yet, as fall approaches, it's the old standby — the American classic that's been around seemingly forever.

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Salad slanderers: Regarding Fall salads

I've never been able to convince myself that a bowl of leaves could keep me sustained until my next meal. Don't get me wrong—I'm no salad slanderer, but you won't catch me throwing some lettuce in a bowl and calling it a day.

So, this fall, I vow to think beyond the leaf with the help of these recipes. I encourage you to join me and do the same.

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Mistakes health nuts make

No matter how much of a nutrition expert or exercise fanatic you think you are, no one is perfect. The Food & Wine magazine website wants you to learn the best tactics to overcome these common health mishaps.

I well understand the consequences of skipping a meal, yet I did it anyway. Given hectic schedules and busy work days, we're all bound to have one healthy misstep every once in awhile,

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25 children's lunch box foods

School lunches get a notoriously bad rap. They are photographed, posted to social media, envied, and ridiculed. If you are struggling for ideas and need some inspiration, do not fret. There are countless recipes to fall back on.

Try a few of these easy and tasty meals and start sending your children to school with a lunch that will fuel them through their day.

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