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Restaurant lunch highlights:

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Dairy Queen, Archer Rd.


The Pluses and Minuses of Dairy Queen, NW 39th Ave.

Dairy Queen + indicators :

Dairy Queen - indicators:

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Dairy Queen, NW 39th Ave.


The Pluses and Minuses of Dairy Queen, NW 39th Ave.

Dairy Queen + indicators :

Dairy Queen - indicators:

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe


The Pluses and Minuses of Tropical Smoothie Cafe:

Tropical Smoothie Cafe + indicators :

Tropical Smoothie Cafe - indicators:

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Harvest Thyme Cafe

Daily Special idea smart, and delicious

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

HTs39torefrontThe Harvest Thyme Café at NW 39th Avenue is in my neighborhood, and it has become a fixture on my new lunch time radar screen.

With new menu ideas and now serving dinner the popularity of HT was evident as UF Professor Emeritus Jon Roosenraad and I walked into the bustling café with a plethora of order takers eagerly waiting to take our lunch time requests.

Bright, clean, friendly, and accommodating is how I would describe what is turning this café into one of the more popular Magnolia Park restaurants. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day, every day Harvest Thyme has added grass fed beef hamburgers to its menu, bringing interesting burger variations to six for $8.75 including:

zzGLOBbullet Breakfast Thyme Grass fed beef burger with cheddar cheese, smoked Applewood bacon & a fried egg.

zzGLOBbullet Tropic Cow Grass fed beef burger with jerk sauce, pineapple, & cheddar cheese.



Harvest Thyme has an extensive menu of deli sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, and fresh fruits and smoothies. Vegetarian items including pitas, veggie burgers, homemade hummus, and tempeh. HT also hosts a weekend brunch menu.  There is a complete Harvest Thyme menu at the restaurant link below.

The GLOB Master is a big music guy and I always enjoyed listening to the HT sounds of classic rock floating through the Café downtown. Adorning the walls of the 39th Ave. HT are three very nice portraits of important music icons Bo Diddley, Tom Petty, and John Lennon on loan and for sale to some music aficionado. 



"Who's your favorite Mike," Rosey asked contemplating his idea of the best musical artist of the three legendary stars.

"That's a tough question Jonny," I said trying to think of a diplomatic answer. "John Lennon is of epic proportion in songwriting. But TP & BDs are local and are REALLY good at their craft."



Choosing lunch was an easier task as the Harvest Thyme Cafe has a Daily Special that always sounds unique and interesting.

The pulled pork quesadilla sounded divine and looked even yummier with cheddar cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and a side of cole slaw for $8.95



My lunch was big enough for two people. I liked the idea of tortilla sandwiches. The flour tortillas toughened up somewhat in the sautéing process which made mine a little more chewy than I would have liked. It was fun ''dressing my lunch' with the fresh quesadilla ingredients on my plate creating my very own personal plate of fresh, lunch time joy.

The warm pulled pork and melted cheese complemented the cold, crisp, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa, resulting in a most delicious flavor bonanza. 


The good doctor Roosenraad selected the Monterrey Chicken Kaiser sandwich with grilled chicken, smoked Applewood bacon, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sprouts on a fresh baked Kaiser roll without the sprouts ($8.75). Rosey was pleased with his sandwich, and his first 'Thyme' lunch experience.

"There was an excellent mix of chicken, bacon and cheese in my sandwich," Rosey said glancing at the wall of music heroes. "The Kaiser roll was very good, but the potato salad as a side was a mistake, although the other side orders looked good. I would certainly return to this Harvest Thyme," he added.



"I don't know about Bo Diddley, GLOB Master," Jonny said with a bite of sandwich in his mouth, thinking rock & roll. "I mean after his first historical guitar lick he's pretty much done. You can never go wrong with Petty and the Heartbreakers, because they are almost as old as me."

The Pluses and Minuses of the Harvest Thyme Cafe

 Harvest Thyme Cafe + indicators: Good, handy location, excellent Daily Special menu. Amazing bagels, breakfast - all day, lunch, and dinner menus seven days a week.

 Harvest Thyme Cafe - indicators: Music Icon Ry Cooder was missing from the wall.

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Camellia Court Cafe


Great lunch of friends old, and new

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

CCCafeSFIt was a great lunch idea. The GLOB staff having lunch at the Harn Museum's Camellia Court Café our guest and new Director of the Harn Museum Lee Anne Chesterfield.

Just to let you know everyone was on there best behavior. I'm thinking that was the case because all the GLOB staffers were on time for lunch.  This was a celebrating lunch welcoming Dr. Chesterfield to Gainesville, the University of Florida and the Harn Museum.


We were recognizing Dr. Michele Cardel: Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog Nutrition Columnist, Assistant Professor Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics Faculty, Institute of Child Health Policy Fellow, and founding member of the Obesity Alliance for her National Institute of Health Award for a five year study to develop weight loss intervention programs for teens.



Rounding out the lunch table was GLOB Content Editor Erica Corbett, and GLOB Ayuervedic Health Coach Chaya-Sharon Heller.

It was also was also another lunch in a long line of lunches celebrating the GLOB Master's birthday. What a week of eating!

The Camellia Court Café was the perfect location for what I was thinking would be a major information sharing fest. The spacious café had two tables reserved for us and I smiled quickly realizing there was no background music to interfere with our conversations.



The campus food service company does a good job creating a menu sandwiches and salads with a somewhat different 'flair' than what you might find at other campus lunch spots. There is also a menu list of 'small plates' that included Blackened Chicken Egg Rolls ($8.95), and Bacon Flatbread topped with roasted cauliflower ($6.95).

The CCC menu also contained a House Salad & Half Sandwich entrée that includes your choice of a vegetable, Boar's Head ham or turkey wrap or sandwich and a cup of the Soup of the Day ($8.95). Two Hamburgers, a veggie wrap, a Cuban, Club, and Chicken, Feta & Spinach Panini were also available. There is a complete Camellia Court menu at the bottom of this page.



I selected the Chicken, Feta & Spinach Panini with grilled chicken, baby spinach, tomato, and onion on Italian bread with a feta-garlic spread. The feta and spinach combination sounded delish and the feta garlic spread was very nice touch of pazazz to a sandwich loaded with chuncks of white breasted chicken. The grilled veggies were spectatcularly fresh and crunchy.The toasted 'pannini bread' was unremarkable which allowed to dismiss the white carb from my noon time meal.



Erica enjoyed her lunch:

"I ordered a simple small sized Greek Salad with grilled chicken. It contained the perfect balance of kalamata olives, artichokes and roasted red peppers on romaine lettuce with a lemon vinaigrette on the side. The smaller size left me feeling energized and I was able to eat the entire portion within the time frame of our lunch party. I often end up with leftovers and it's nice to be able to walk around the gallery afterwards without worrying about needing to check my food at the front desk. Overall, the Camellia Court Café is a nice place to eat lunch with friends."

Michelle selected the Greek salad and vegetable soup:

"My salad, image at the top of the page, was ok, and the vegetable soup was very good."



Chaya was not overwhelmed with her Panini Sandwich but she did appreciate the clever 'French fry' basket to share with lunch tablemates.

What a fun lunch. A table full of interesting people gathering to talk todays' topics, discuss Gainesville, sharing ideas. The GLOB Master is reminded once again GLOBer the perfect lunch isn't always about the best lunch entrée in town.




OCTbaughmanVERTThe beautiful weather we have been recently experiencing called for a different lunch experience.  Nationally acclaimed photographer Lynne Buchanan, and I opted for the impeccably beautiful surroundings of UF's Cultural Plaza and lunched at the Harn Museum 's Camellia Court Cafe. I did have an ulterior motive of also wanting a walk to Lake Alice and to introduce Lynne to the beautiful Baugham Center. Now there is a location for a great picnic lunch. But back to the Camellia Café – it has several meatless, veggie lunch options including a pear and walnut salad with feta cheese, which Lynne ordered and looked mighty tasty.  the salad  was loaded with fresh greens and spinach, marinated olives, feta cheese, and crunchy, sweet, pear slices and served with a feta vinaigrette. You can order a half salad for $8.95 or a whole salad for #10.95. Ms. Buchanan ordered the whole salad and was hungry enough by the time the salad arrived that she had no problem eating the entire salad. It was surprising the service was on the slow side even though we arrived late in the lunch hour. I chose the half sandwich and a cup of soup special in the form of the Ham and Cheese wrap with a cup of "New" French Onion soup. The onion soup was very hearty and flavorful. The Ham and Cheese wrap was surprisingly tasty with a savory, hidden flavor included in the mayonnaise. Both the sandwich and the soup were so good I wished I had ordered a full portion of both. OINK! This museum lunch affair is not a lunch experience for the hurried, clock-watching lunch mate. It is a how ever a very special lunch spot for good conversation in a formal, refined setting. Which is why Mike Sanford,  rather than the GLOB Master shared this lunch time information

- M ike Sanford, GLOB Editor







Campus lunch satisfies body, mind, palette

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

CCCharnMuseumWalking UF campus and ending up at UF's Harn's Museum Camellia Court Café was a perfect idea. On a rainy morning on which the song of the day was "Should I Stay or Should I Go," the rain stopped while I gave former Gainesville Lunch Out Blog's Day Trippin', thrill seekin' lover of adventure Tonya Upton, her first tour of the University of Florida campus. The trip included sneaking into the Baughman Center, checking Lake Alice for alligators, and cutting through student housing as we worked our way over to the J. Wayne Reitz Student Union.

After checking out the Union, we turned around and walked to the UF Cultural Plaza for lunch at the Camellia Court Cafe.

I thought about our almost instantaneous transition from noisy, to noiseless walking into the sparsely occupied cafe.

CCCRunionIt seemed like only minutes earlier we were standing in the Reitz Union amid the noise of students filling up all the tables and munching their lunch down, laughing, studying, and having a good time, and Tonya was taking a photo (right) to send to her son Chase, who was lunching out at South Carolina's University of Clemson.

CCCafeEmptyAreaJust like that we were being seated at Camellia Court Cafe enjoying the peacefulness of our table next to the window looking out on the beautifully landscaped grounds outside the museum. The GLOB Master was feeling very adult like and civilized in this lunch setting.

CCC has a typical lunch menu but with special ingredients and/or presentations of salads, sandwiches, burgers, tapas, and flat bread pizzas, The CCC menu is available at the restaurant link below.

Since this was a special lunch on UF campus, I wanted to veer away from my standard burger and fries routine. Camellia Court has a lunch special of a half sandwich, a cup of soup, and a side order. This day the special sandwich was the Italian Panini, and the idea of capicola, pepperoni, provolone cheese, ham, and roasted red peppers flattened panini style sounded good.


Tonya was thinking outloud perusing the menu and finding several interesting lunch entrees. After much internal debate with herself, she selected a half portion of the Classic Cobb Salad with assorted greens, diced tomato, chopped egg, crispy bacon, sliced chicken breast and avocado served with a balsamic vinaigrette. Tonya is a lover of avocado and asked for some extra Persea americana on her salad.

CCCcafeFlowersCamellia Court is a lunchout gem. You will be surprised to know that you can park in reserved parking for the Harn Museum for a nominal charge and walk right into your lunch rendevous spot. The tough part is passing by many of the exhibits to get down to CCC without stopping for a curious, interested artifact look.

Our two very attractive, yummy looking lunch entrees arrived in a timely fashion.

The half a sandwich and soup idea was smart and it was just the right amount of food for lunch after a serious hour of exercise.

CCCpanina2The panini had an excellent char on the bread from the grill and the ingredients were peeking out of pocket-like sandwich in a very inviting way.

All right, I could have easily eaten a second half of that sandwich. It was really good, flavorful, and the texture of the peppers and onions melted into the goo of the provolone cheese made for a five-star sandwich experience.

CCCafeSaladThe Day Tripper was all over the Cobb Salad. Apparently, in the burning of serious calories before eating, Ms. Upton was on the seriously hungry side. Let's hope she adds her own comments below about her lunch and her first trip around the University of Florida campus.

Tonya's Cobb Salad was beautiful. All that avocado sitting right on top of all the other salad ingredients stirred thoughts of making some kind of lunch time trade with my lunchmate. Unfortunately my sandwich really wasn't big enough to share . . . See, I told you I should have ordered a whole sandwich.

The accompanying cup of tomato bisque included with my special was good, albeit a little on the bland side for the GLOB Master.

This was a great lunch experience, and the Camellia Court Cafe is a fun lunch stop where you also have to luxury of space and comfort to share good food, and thoughtful conversation.

I'm going back. There are several things on the CCC menu that deserve my lunchtime attention, and consideration.

The Pluses and Minuses of Camellia Court Cafe:

Camellia Court Café + indicators: Good lunch entrees, comfortable, friendly setting.

Camellia Court Cafe - indicators: Parking is available exclusively for Harn Museum visitors for a nominal charge

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Bonefish Grill, Sat. 11:00 lunch, Sun. 10:00 Brunch




The Pluses and Minuses of the Bonefish grill

 Bonefish grill + indicators :

Bonefish grill - indicators:

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WingHouse Bar & Grill

The GLOB Master was trying to think of a good reason why the WingHouse chicken wings didn't have a place in the GLOB's FAB FIVE Chicken Wings. Having personally tasted the WingHouse Garlic Parmesan, Dallas, and Blackened chicken wings, these second and third clucker joints could be on anyone's top five.

zzGLOBbullet Are you looking for CW heat, check out the WH Dallas flavor. More than enough Scovil Power to have any heat novice wiping their brow while munching down a great big boatload of taste and flavor.

zzGLOBbullet Like your wings naked? The WH Blackened wings are mouthwatering naked nuggets of wonder. I love the word naked, it says so much.

zzGLOBbullet My favorite WH Garlic Parmesan wings will have you smacking your lips, reveling in parm-cheese flavor bliss.  A powerfully pungent garlic background wallop will have you wishing there was a WingHouse All-You-Can-Eat night.

If that isn't enough reason for excellence, the WingHouse also has Mild, Medium, Hot, Exxtreme and Asian for the adventurous wing lover.

It's done! The GLOB Master has just made his decision -- the WingHouse Wings are, in fact, one of the GLOB's FAB FIVE Chicken Wings.  (P.S. decider is ALMOST as good a word as naked!)

- GLOB Master

Good wings, great service, I'm going back!

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

WINGHouseSFThe WingHouse Bar & Grill on Archer Rd. near I-75 wants to be known for its "world famous chicken wings."

Alright, I admit I took the bait. I am a big chicken wing fan. The Gainesville Lunch Out Blog lists its favorite chicken wings in the GLOB FAB FIVE. The GLOB Master is a red, white, and blue chicken-wing eating kind-a-guy.

I've eaten chicken wings that were delivered with my pizza that weren't THAT bad. I used to cook wings when I would get together with friends for cards. I can spend a good amount of time at the bar talking about the 'twice as big wings from the chicken wing golden years.'

To sum up, in the GLOB Master's opinion, there isn't a bad chicken wing out there. Hot, mild, spicy, blackened, BBQed, Asian, teriyaki . . . naked. I'm a blackened, extra crispy wing eater, but I like to try all kind of flavors of this favorite poultry appendage.

KerrBLACKENEDI must admit, I'm a Full Grown Man and when I'm looking for wings, the term 'naked' always gets the imagination working overtime.

This lunch hour, the GLOB Master was on a mission to discover how good the Winghouse blackened extra crispy wings are. My lunch mates both went for the Dallas style hot wings. Between the three of us, we selected naked and buffalo style. We also ordered some curly fries because, well, why wouldn't you order curly fries with your wings?!?!

On a previous trip, I sampled the Garlic and Parmesan wings that were touted to be on the hot side.

Thanks to the attentive, clever, smart service of our WingHouse girl, who quickly delivered our order to us and asked, "Have you guys ever eaten Ker's WingHouse wings before?"

"Where do you guys work?"

"What kind of wings do you like?" she asked quickly, capturing our attention.

"I've tried the Garlic Parmesan (pic at top)," I responded quickly.

"I don't eat those garlic wings.  Boys won't kiss me after all that garlic," our server said smiling broadly, with a glimmer in her eye.

KERRdallasWINGSThe WingHouse wings are plump, tasty, and reasonably priced. The blackened extra crispy wings I ordered were peppery and very flavorful. I like the wings extra crispy to burn off some of the excess fat and wetness from the wing sauce. These wings were still on the wet side, but they were still very good.

KerrFRIESMy buds said their Dallas wings worked for them, but the wings were not as hot as anticipated. The fries were great--crispy, freshly cooked and a good size basket to share.

A cup of gumbo was also ordered and we were pleasantly surprised at the thick, cajun spiced, multi-ingredient concoction.

Then again there are a lot of things at the WingHouse that can pique your KerrsGUMBOimagination, in a big box restaurant kind-a-way. The Winghouse menu is not much different than any of the other all American style franchise lunch stops out in the Archer Rd. triangle.

The WingHouse menu also includes the usual burgers, sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads. A stylized menu addition is called Wingitizers which is the WingHouse version of smaller portion appetizers. The WingHouse menu is available via the link below.

The WingHouse approach to customers is different. Directly from the menu: "The main attraction at the WingHouse is our version of "The Girl Next Door," the World Famous WingHouse Girls. The WingHouse Girls are attractive and polite. As ambassadors of our mission to be "brilliant on the basics", their great service, positive attitudes and pretty smiles encourage guests to make frequent visits and become loyal customers."

This mission works for the WingHouse. They serves some really good wings in an extraordinarily interesting, fun way.

I'm going back to the WingHouse. The next time I'm searching out Marissa, and I am not ordering the Garlic Parmesan wings.


New Gainesville resident, Andy Caldwell, has a new appreciation for historical movies, be they fact-based, fantasy-based, or history-based. The subjects of emancipation, liberty and the pursuit of being' 'free at last' echoed through the WingHouse Bar & Grill as Andy and his friends enjoyed Wing House Dallas Naked Wings to mark Mr. Caldwell's receipt of his divorce papers.  After WingHouse server, Barbara (right) went into great detail about what her interpretation of the term naked meant, we were all in complete agreement that anything naked is pretty darn good. Brittany (left) was very clear in stating the Winghouse wings are naked when all the skin is removed and the wings are coated with a tangy honey-BBQ sauce. Our celebratory wings were complemented with a large basket of Winghouse curly fries that were also, you guessed it, naked. Come on GLOBers, don't forget we were all brought into this world . . . Buck Naked.

- GLOB Master, Feeling over dressed

The Pluses and Minuses of the WingHouse Bar & Grill:

WingHouse Bar & Grill + indicators: The wings are excellent, service is five star, and I'm going back.

WingHouse Bar & Grill - indicators: Don't get me started about Archer Rd. traffic.

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SweetBerries open for lunch

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor


(EDITOR;s NOTE: This feature was published earlier in January when GLOB Staffers were invited to SweetBerries for their first taste testing.)

Gainesville Lunch Out Blog work came to a screeching halt Wednesday afternoon when the GLOB Master received a note from Sweetberries Eatery & Frozen Custard owner Jane Osmond with an invitation for GLOB staff to join her at Sweetberries for a 
 taste of the inaugural batch of frozen custard from Sweetberries's newly arrived frozen custard machine.

SberrieskendallDOORIt didn't take a lot of convincing to persuade GLOB Day Tripper Tonya Upton and GLOB Horse Driven Columnist Kendall Crews to meet for an important staff meeting at the new Sweetberries location at the old Book Lovers Café building on the corner of NW 13th St., and NW 5th Ave where preparations are churning up for a February 1 opening.

Jane's father, who owns two other Sweetberries -- one in Bradenton and one in Sarasota, was in Gainesville overseeing the installation of the heart and soul of the ice cream shop, an impressive two-headed, industrial size frozen custard machine.

SweetBerries will make frozen custard fresh at least twice a day. Their special private frozen custard recipe uses a slow churn process to create dense, thick ice cream that is not full of air like SberriesMACHINEother frozen desserts. "Our frozen custard tastes like premium ice cream without as much fat," said SweetBerries owner Jane Osmond.

"We will always have three flavors on our menu: SberriesTASTETtestZZZvanilla, chocolate, and a flavor of the day. There is a monthly flavor calendar available on the SweetBerries website where you can check for your favorite flavor and what flavor is being served on any given day.

Kendall, sporting a brand new set of, just inserted, upper braces was thinking creamy, chocolate custard was exactly what her psyche needed.

The GLOB Master made sure the GLOB Taste Testing Team provided  objective taste assessments.

The flavor of the chocolate custard was pronounced and very yummy. Jane's father added a good dose of crushed cocoa chips to the custard to add a sweet crunchy complement to the creamy custard.

How good was the desert? Upon finishing her SberriesKENDALlchocolate custard sample, Kendall quickly remembered the line from Charles Dickens's story, Oliver, and asked, "Please, may I have some more?"

SweetBerries will also have shakes, cones, malts, floats, smoothies, sundaes, and quarts of frozen custard available seven days a week.

SweetBerries will present a full lunch menu of sandwiches, side salads, and fresh fruit prepared daily, including their own made fresh chicken salad and tuna salad.

A nice surprise for lovers of both beer and custard is that bottled beer will also be available.  Ms. Osmond is excited about creating her first Guinness frozen custard shake for some adventurous customer.  Yes, believe it or not, the malt in Guiness is apparently just what a creamy vanilla concoction can use.

SberriesLOGOTo quote from the web link above, "Some of you are probably agog at the idea, thinking it's a good way to screw up a nice stout (or some great ice cream). But trust us on this one. The malt in Guinness adds a nuttiness, while the sweetness of the ice cream complements the bitterness of the beer. You can make a beer milkshake with any kind of beer, but the thickness and maltiness of Guinness make it the best choice."

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and
opinions about Sweetberries.  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS! 

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