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Restaurant lunch highlights:

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Beef O'Brady's: CLOSED: October, 2019

The devils’ in the fries at B-O-B’s

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

BOBstorefrontI took my son Bob to his first Florida Gator Sports event when he was 10 years-old.

“Look Bob,” I said standing in front of what we called the O’Dome back then pointing at the Ben Hill Griffen football stadium.

“Gator football, Gator basketball, and Gator baseball all right here side by side,” I added waving my hand from left, to right.

Bob and I saw the Gators win a Saturday basketball game that day and then we headed over to Beef O’Brady’s on NW 43rd St. to catch another game on television and share a victory meal.

The GLOB Master might have more great Beef O’Brady’s memories than they have Gator sports memorabilia. Well, I have a lot of great memories . . .



Last weekend I was excited thinking about catching the end of the regular season Gators vs. Wildcats basketball game while enjoying a Beef O’ Brady’s Saturday lunch. Plus it was an opportunity to experience all things deep fried, and grilled to game day satisfaction.  And on Florida Gator game day everyone at Beef O’Brady’s is wearing orange, and blue.

Beef O’Brady’s calls their restaurant a family sports bar. I think that moniker works at Beef’s. Every time I have been to this lunch stop there is usually one each of every kind of customer you could think of including moms, sisters, dad’s, sons, sports fans. Gosh GLOBer there is a good chance there might be one or two non-sports fans in the building, however if I was a betting man, I wouldn’t bet on it.

‘Beef’s menu’ has all the heart stopping, artery clogging bad food prizes, and some new B-O-B entrees – to me -- for the daring, brave, first time customers,  For example Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders ($10.29) that are 3 chicken tenders hand-breaded, fried and served with BBQ sauce or honey mustard dressing sounds like a good lunch item.. Plus a yummy sounding Seafood Combo ($12.99) consisting of a fillet of mild white fish and shrimp served with fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce, lemon and cocktail sauce should be large enough to share..

Those entrees were in addition to the burgers, char grill , chicken wings, sandwiches, wraps, salads, tacos, and bowls.

There are several lunch combos available, and a ‘Build Your Own Premium Burger Combo’. Combos include ‘straight cut’ French fries, and a soft drink or tea for ($8.49).



A good friend has more than once mentioned he thinks the Beef O’Brady’s chicken wings are the best in town. With their own webpages on the website chicken wings come in many different flavors, and different levels of heat from Garlic Parmesan to Nuclear for the manly man chicken wing eater. Wings can be bought in sizes ranging from six wings to 20 wings starting at $10.29

There is a complete Beef O’Brady’s menu at the restaurant link below this review.

So I was engrossed in the menu, seriously thinking about an award winning poultry lunch when I spied the flyer on the bar describing Saturday’s featured Item:

Delicious, sliced, tender smoked sirloin with caramelized onions,
pepper jack cheese with a drizzle of Kentucky Bourbon sauce.
Served on a buttered brioche roll.

Surprisingly I over came my diabetes eating guilt trying not to think about the brioche bread and a plate of glorious French fries looming in my lunchtime horizon.



My lunch arrived and right away I felt a sense of elation seeing my Smoked Sirloin Stack was in fact wedged between two slices of bread, not a sub sandwich roll.

It could have been the steak sandwich of my dreams GLOBers. With pieces of steak, cheese, onions oozing, creeping out the sides of my sandwich was completely in love with the flavors, tastes of this diabetes belly bomb.



Remember stories about the the good angel, bad devil sitting on your shoulders? I know there is a French fry diabetes devil laughing, sticking, prodding me to take that giant step to spuds-ville and eat all the crispy, fried to perfection, potatoes on my plate.

I have reached a point in eating, a lifestyle with food restrictions, to realize there is no longer such thing as bad French fries. I must be re-programmed. Looking at the plate of white potato goodness my thoughts turn to, “That’s a lot of French Fries, maybe I will just eat a few.”

So be proud of me GLOBers. Please don’t rain on my lunchtime parade. I did eat some fries. But I didn’t eat all of them. And I only ate one slice of the brioche bread.

It may not sound like a big deal to you.   I find myself thinking of what my slightly built sister says about food, eating.   “Sometimes I feel like there is a 500 pound women trying come out of my body, so I have to be careful about what I eat all the time.”

And she doesn’t have a diabetes devil on her shoulder heaping guilt on her lunch time food fest.

The Pluses and Minuses of Beef O'Brady's:

Beef O'Brady's + indicators:  Tailgate, bar food, deep fried bliss, plus a sporting event on every television in the building.

Beef O'Brady'sn - indicators:  There are not many things in here your doctor, nutritionist, or the food police would applaud you for eating.

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Bahama Breeze Island Grille

Pleasant lunch in the Archer Triangle

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

BbreezeSFAfter much discussion my UF Entomology & Nematology lunch pals and I decided on an adventure into what I call the Archer Rd. Triangle. Our mission was in search for a tropical island mid-day meal at Bahama Breeze Island Grille deep down in Butler Plaza at 3989 Plaza Blvd.

In all fairness the GLOB Master understands Bahama Breeze possesses the cornerstones of the corporate, big box, food world:

zzGLOBbullet Multi-page, voluminous menu

zzGLOBbullet More lunch entrée choices than should be stuffed into an 18-wheel frozen trailer

zzGLOBbullet Automobiles wrapped around the restaurant from locations as far away as Texas, and New Hampshire.



Still GLOBers. There is still a certain amount of charm about the Bahama Breeze open air, spacious patio. Sometimes the restaurant will have drummers playing kettle steel drums for yet even more island authenticity. The background island beat offers a pleasant, unique sound underneath the gazillion slow-turning ceiling fans creating a feaux-like tropical breeze throughout the sheltered patio.


Bbreeze300PATIOThe first location of Bahama Breeze opened in March 1996 on International Drive in Orlando; its original name was Bahama Breeze Caribbean Grille. The Caribbean theme proved to be a hit, and today there are about 40 locations scattered throughout the country, mostly in suburban retail districts and neighborhoods that are popular with tourists. Bahama Breeze is owned by Darden, the Orlando-based restaurant group that also owns Olive Garden, Long Horn Steakhouse, Seasons 52, Eddie V's, The Capital Grille, and Yard House (it also owned Red Lobster before selling it off in 2014

Special thanks to the B Breeze staff for making my day a little more pleasurable by including a one page Lunch Combo menu.


Where lunch pals Jane Medley, Kathy Milne and her husband Dave were deeply engrossed in scouring the multi-paged menu I was comfortable choosing from an interesting list of entrees named LUNCH COMBOS. Served Monday-Friday from 11 – 4:00 this lunch time information sheet listed ten excellent lunch ideas ranging from:

- Beef Empanadas, ($8.99) consisting of two handmade pastries filled with savory beef and potatoes, and a side of pineapple chutney served with your choice of salad or soup.

- And my choice of the Lobster & Shrimp Quesadilla Combo. ($10.49), consisting of lobster and tender shrimp, with onions, sweet peppers, spinach and our three cheese blend. Griddled and served with tomato salsa and sour cream. This lunch item is served with your choice of salad or soup. {The GLOB Master will go to his death bed hearing his daughter lecture me, "Get over it dad, All lunch entrees are over $10 in New York City . . .") There is a complete Bahama Breeze menu at the restaurant link at the bottom of this page.



My seafood quesadilla was very tasty. The crunch of the toasted tortilla combined with the multitude of lobster and shrimp flavors in these perfectly nice bite size lunch time delicacies made for a delicious lunch. My side of a cup of a very good, creamy Bahamian Seafood Chowder with shellfish and vegetables was a perfect compliment to my bite size seafood delights. The addition of the corn relish, and a large dollop sour cream made for a very special island lunchtime flavor party.



Jane Medley ordered a yummy looking 'plaintain sandwich.': "My lunch was delicious and creative. It was like a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich, but instead of bread there were slices of plantains, lightly fried. None of it was greasy, flavor was mild, and the plantains were a good substitute for bread. But I don't think the meal was gluten free, because the chicken seemed to be breaded."



Dave got the Curious Lunch Dude award by selecting the Curry Goat Bowl, ($10.49) identified as, "traditional Caribbean curry made with slow-cooked goat, potatoes, onions and carrots, served over white rice with warm Naan bread. According to Spice it is not 'Naan bread'. It is Naan, a kind of flat bread. The yeasted, doughy, soft, earthy bread that is so good to scoop up curries with.



Kathy selected the BB Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad, ($10.99), with sliced chicken breast, Applewood-smoked bacon, egg, tomato, three cheeses, pumpkin seeds and avocado with your choice of dressing.

It was an impressive table of island lunch entrees we enjoyed and Bahama Breeze did an excellent job of eliminating any, and all Butler Plaza background noise.

I asked the former UF bug school staffers if there was any chance for a return visit to this Butler Plaza island lunch stop.

"I don't know Mikee,' Jane Medley said. "There are a lot of really good restaurants outside of what you call the Archer Rd. Triangle."

The Pluses and Minuses of the Bahama Breeze:

Bahama Breeze (+) indicators: Tasty entrees, different, seafood entrees, Excellent atmosphere.

Bahama Breeze (-) indicators: It could be fun counting the cars that drive by the BB Patio during lunch. Al


Keke's Breakfast Cafe

Customer friendly staffer makes lunch special

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

KEKEsf250I'm not a big Butler Plaza fan. I need a good reason to dive into a shopping area that probably rivals in size a lot of the cities, and towns that comprise North Central Florida. The Traffic in the parking lots are closer to every man for himself bumper cars, than folks looking to park their automobile. Driving lanes be damned.

Everybody is in a hurry for one reason or another.

Interesting company, excellent conversation sends me to the land of SUVs, compacts, 4-wheel drives, trucks, mighty big cars, trucks, and Hybrids every time.

Once a month I venture to the BP Walmart for another prescription of insulin because it is extraordinarily cheaper at the Walmart Pharmacy. Adhering to the two-birds-one-stone idea I decided to walk across the paved parking lots to check out what has become a very popular breakfast house for lunch.



Keke's has 30 restaurants canvassing Florida. The Florida chain was founded in 2006 by brothers Kevin and Keith Mahen, hence the name Keke's. According to the Keke's website there are seven more Keke's in the planning stages.

Apparently this is a franchise formula that is working. It also explains why students, and visiting out of towners, possess a strong comfort zone feeling for breakfast at this big box location all day, every day . All Keke's Café breakfast is served all day, every day Cafe and all the keke's locations are open daily 7:00am to 2:30pm.

The GLOB Master enjoys a good breakfast.

So I was ready to see what makes this Breakfast/lunch stop popular for the morning meal.

It was a late lunch for me which turned out fine because there were not that many customers in the restaurant. Keke's has an interesting 'booth seating only' concept where everyone can enjoy the privacy of high cubicle walls eliminating extraneous noise. That said it did leave me with a feeling of waiting in my library cubicle for my Keke's experience.

KEKESkylie200I was quickly greeted by the friendly Keke's Server, UF college student, and Bunnell citizen Kylie Jeesmer who joined me for some conversation. Kylie is finishing up SFC and is ready to transfer into UF's a College of business with plans for Marketing degree and was very helpful in answering my questions and deciding on lunch.

Keeping the franchise spirit in mind they have a giant menu of of choices including WAFFLES, PANCAKES, CREATE YOUR OWN COMBOS, FRENCH TOAST, STUFFED FRENCH TOAST, OMELETS. POACHED EGG MEALS, EGG FAVORITES, SIDEs, KID'S BREAKFAST, and BEVERAGES. And that is just for breakfast GLOBers.

I guess to some the Keke's Lunch menu would appear unremarkable with the usual PANINIS, SANDWICHES, BURGERS, WRAPS, SALADS, SUBSTITUTIONS & SIDES, KID'S LUNCH, and BEVERAGES.

I'm not counting how many choices that makes for a meal.

I do find it daunting, eye crossing that I must spend thirty minutes before lunch querying food data for a good lunch.

This is where a smart, expert on the menu server like Kylie becomes invaluable to my mid-day consumption.



"If you like spicy the Southwest Turkey Club with turkey breast, tomato, pepper jack cheese, Texas petal sauce and bacon is one of my favorites, ($10.48)." Kylie said.

Ms. Jessmer agreed that since this was my forts visit to the breakfast house I should include an over easy fried egg to my lunch to make this an official breakfast/lunch visit.

KEKESpetasauceIt was a good lunch highlight by interesting Keke's Texas Petal Sauce that included horseradish, paprika, salt, oregano, black, and cayenne pepper. The pepper Jack cheese was notable and added flavor. The roasted turkey plank had a modicum of flavor. However I wish they asked me whether I wanted the turkey with, or without grill marks. Do you think there are boxes of turkey planks in the fKeke's reezer that are marked "WITH, and Boxes marked "WITHOUT GRILL MARKS?"

The Pluses and Minuses of the Keke's Breakfast Cafe:

Keke's Breakfast Cafe (+) indicators:  Popular, wide ranging menu, friendly service, interesting menu suggestions. Eating a meal, sharing conversation with friends, trying out new menus, there are a lot of reason to enjoy lunch. A big GLOB thank you to Kylie Jessmer for making my Keke's lunch special.

Keke's Breakfast Cafe  (-) indicators:  Breakfast houses are becoming more popular all the time. Long lines, frantic experiences, waiting to order eggs? To me it seem like a good reasons to eat local . . .

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Electric Ramen, CLOSED: May, 2018

The Pluses and Minuses of Electric Ramen

Electric Ramen (+) indicators:

Electric Ramen  (-) indicators: 

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Relish, Archer Rd.

The Pluses and Minuses of Relish:

Relish (+) indicators:

Relish  (-) indicators: 

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Curia on the Drag

'Alternative lunch' takes on new meaning

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

CURIAlunchWhen plans were made to meet friends at CURIA on the DRAG on NW 6th St. for lunch, I was expecting something different, but I didn't think I would be a gastronomical stranger in an alternative lunch world.

The CURIA on the DRAG collection of shops, boutiques, and coffee - tea cafe is an interesting group of unique, alternative ideas centered under the concept of creating a community space for individuals to hang out and share thoughts and ideas.

Back to the alternative lunch world:  CURIA describes its lunch menu as plant based.

Now I've been to my share of health food bars, veggie cafes, all natural lunch stops, meatless diners, pubs, juice bars, and restaurants, but this was my first trip to a 100 per cent vegan, plant-based restaurant.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines VEGAN thus:

A strict vegetarian who consumes no food (as meat, eggs, or dairy products) that comes from animals; also : one who abstains from using animal products (as leather).

Needless to say I was curi-OUS what was for lunch at the CURI-a.

I like vegetables. They comprise a very important part of my new diet of trying very hard to avoid excessive carbohydrates, the ultimate nemesis, of my daily battle with Type 2 Diabetes



I imagined a flurry of different colored question marks hovering over our table as Jane Osmond (image above left), Mark Olson, Lynn Dirk (image above right), and I scanned the CURIA menu looking for something delicious and familiar for lunch.

"I have always thought vegans failed Marketing 101 when they describe what they are eating," I said, searching for the "just like ground beef' or 'almost like chili but only better" descriptions. "To me it sounds like they are apologizing for a second class entrée that didn't quite make the standard," I added.  Jane, on the other hand, thought that foods should not be presented as substitutes but described as unique.



In the meantime, I spied "breaded fishless filets" on the CURIA menu in the description of Baja Tacos with Mac 'n Cheese.

The Baja tacos (image at top) sounded interesting and my thought was, if you combine all the ingredients in a corn meal wrap, you don't really know what you are eating anyway. The tacos were delicious. The crunch of their fishless fish was a nice complement to red cabbage slaw, greens, avocado, and chipotle-lime dressing. The double wrapped taco shells were a special toasted flavor treat that would easily make tacos my choice next time I have a CURIA lunch.

My lunch partners were pleased with their lunch choices:

zzGLOBbullet Mark selected the Villy sandwich and Mac 'n Cheese and enjoyed the melted cheese like flavor combined with sliced smoked seitan, roasted peppers and onions, and cheese sauce on a toasted hoagie roll. Lynn tasted the Mac 'n Cheese and thought the pasta was overdone, however.



zzGLOBbullet Jane was pleased with her Jackfruit Quesdailla, a pressed sandwich of shredded BBQ jackfruit, pepper jack cheese, grilled jalapeno, cashew cream.



zzGLOBbullet Lynn was happy with her Korean Noodle Salad with many familiar crudités including roasted mushrooms, sauteéd carrots, massaged kale, gochujang-tahini dressing. (Massaged kale?)

It was a fun lunch adventure and a special treat to see a table of completely different mid-day entrees available that we all enjoyed and enjoyed talking about.



The clean, fresh looking dining area added much to the lunch time ambience, and if you are CURIOUS to try something uniquely different, ALMOST just like yesterday's mainstream lunch, then CURIA on the Drag is the place for you.

The Pluses and Minuses of the Curia:

Curia (+) indicators: Unique addition of non mainstream ingredients creating interesting flavor profiles. Curia has a Cuban menu available celebrating the Bulla Cubana taking place through the end of March.

Curia  (-) indicators: The GLOB Master isn't ready for a daily, completely alternative, lunch palette.

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Longhorn Syeakhouse

The Pluses and Minuses of the Longhorn's Steakhouse

Longhorn's Steakhouse (+) indicators:

Longhorn's Steakhouse  (-) indicators: 

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Tropical Smoothie Cafe, NW 16th Blvd.

Green salsa heaven wrapped, bowled, sandwiched

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

TSCsfMH600My daughter and OGC Therapy Center Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant Jana Sanford Heller texted me to meet her for lunch at the Tropical Smoothie on the corner of NW 16th Blvd. and NW 43rd St.

Real Estate agents like to use the term LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION when discussing the ideak property for a quick, profitable sale. Excuse the GLOB Master for bragging but the Tropical Smoothie lunch stop being discussed is an eight minute walk from my Thornebrook apartment front door. That fact is my fellow GLOBers makes this lunch with my daughter a close to perfect lunch.

Also please consider the fact I have never been disappointed with a TS lunch:



zzGLOBbullet I've enjoyed several of the Tropical Smoothie breakfast sandwiches with the Southwest Breakfast Wrap ($3.99) of eggs, grilled chicken, pepper jack, tomatoes, spinach & chipotle mayo being a mighty tasty sandwich.

zzGLOBbullet The Caribbean Jerk Chicken Bowl ($7.29) comprised of rice, black beans, cheddar, roasted pineapple salsa, romaine & spicy jerk sauce is a tart & tasty economical lunch that hits the lunch spot and the pocket book in just the right spot.



Jana opted for the TS Hummus Veggie Bowl, ($7.29), of smashed avocado, pepper jack cheese, a romaine, kale & spinach blend, rice, black beans, pickled red onions, tomatoes & lite ranch. Much applause to Tropical Smoothie for creating lunch entrees that are just the right size for lunch. Nothing to take back to work, to share, or throw away.

"This is an awesome lunch dad. The flavors are really delicious, the crunch of the fresh veggies is great," Jana said. "Plus Tropical Smoothie is 10 minutes from my work on NW 53rd Ave," Jana added.

Tropical Smoothie has expanded their menu to include two interesting quesadillas in the Island Chicken Quesadilla, and the Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla, ($6.49). These yummy lunch bites include their own specific sauce with the Island sauce being a red spicy pepper sauce. The Santa Fe Sauce is a delicious green pepper salsa I will include on any, and everything I eat at Tropical Smothie form this lunch forward.


This lunch I selected was the Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla that included black beans, roasted red pepper & onion, queso blanco, cheddar, a smoked cheese blend & roasted tomato salsa. I substituted the green salsa after trying the tomato salsa, however future visits will have me enjoying both the red and the green salsas. YUM! What spicy, additional flavors. The folded in half, toasted wrap contained an explosion of pronounced bits of flavor with the cheese blends and the queso taking center stage in a delicious lunch combination.

I had asked about side items for my lunch and the server pointed to a rack of chips, and a variety of fruit that seemingly had a giant stenciled NOT FOR YOU on them for this diabetic.

That is a good thing. The extra large quesadilla that could have been shared was plenty for lunch. I'm going back to Tropical Smoothie. There are many lunch entrees left that are screaming out for that delicious red, and green salsa.





It is true sometimes convenience can be 70% of the lunchtime equation. The GLOB Master got behind schedule one morning recently and missed his obligatory 6:30 trek for breakfast. Thus my blood sugar devils, er, ugh, levels were screaming out 'FEED ME.'

I quickly thought of the Tropical Smoothie Café Caribbean Jerk Chicken Bowl with rice, black beans, cheddar, roasted pineapple salsa, romaine & spicy jerk sauce.

The Tropical Smoothie Café is one of two locations in Gainesville and eight walking minutes from my front door located on the corner of NW 43rd St. and NW 16th Blvd.

avocoladasmoothie300This bowl of yummy goodness is a perfect lunch of crunch greens, healthy veggies, and an allowable portion of yummy chicken protein to get me through my diabetes - number counting - portion control madness. Thank you Tropical Smoothie Café and your Caribbean Jerk Chicken Bowl with rice, black beans, cheddar, roasted pineapple salsa, romaine & spicy jerk sauce ($6.49).

The crispy lettuce and veggies, creates a delicious combination of a pleasing looking lunchtime palette of ingredients including roasted chicken (Protein), shredded cheddar cheese, (Protein), and small portion of black beans (Proteins) and white rice (a devil like Carbohydrate IMO), and candied apples (RBC really bad carbs). A side of Spicy Jerk Sauce was tangy, spicy touch to my lunch.

The TSJCB flavors were fresh, and astounding. The crunch of the lettuce melded nicely with the roasted chicken and tangy jerk sauce. "I should do this every day," I thought to myself as i stared at the tabletop card depicting a yummy looking, green, Avocolada Smoothie with avocado, pineapple, spinach, kale, coconut & lime. 

OMG GLOBers!  I could walk for an hour to enjoy, share one of those yummy looking smoothies for lunch. 






Breakfast sandwich works for GLOB Master

By Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

TSCsfMH600The new Tropical Smoothie on NW 23rd Blvd. near Leonardo's Pizza in the Pan serves breakfast all day, and the GLOB Master thinks the Southwest Omelet Wrap is at the top of the TS menu. How good is the Tropical Smoothie breakfast wrap, GLOBers? It is a breakfast sandwich that rivals my Bagel Bakery breakfast triumvirate, and it is half the price of a bagel, small muffin, and large soda.

I'm thinking I am going to like this fresh fruit, 7:00 am breakfast addition at the corner of NW 43rd St. and 16th Blvd.



There is an order counter and a few tables to lunch on. Kudos to the TS franchise designer for using very large images on the wall. I learned in the old newspaper days an average photograph will become very dramatic if you can make it large enough. It works at this restaurant.

The dining area is clean and the counter to place order is smart and trendy. A big thank you to the smoothie gods for figuring out how to reduce the noise of multiple blenders grinding, crunching, and smoothing practically anything in sight.

Right up there with very good entrees and smoothies are the Tropical Smoothie staffers manning this breakfast/lunch stop.



From left: Sheena Cooper, TS Manager Amber Johnson, and Ashley Long have the morning grind figured out. Now, granted, I am there on the way early side of 8 am. So recently when the tune MY SHARONNA blared out of the speaker extremely loudly, it was cool see Amber and her staff getting down and doing serious dancing–WOOO HOOO!

TROPsmoDOCKTropical Smoothie specializes in liquid lunches so GLOB Content Editor Lynn Dirk and I decided on two smoothies described as Supercharged Smoothies. The healthy smoothies that didn't appear as too sugary are the Avocolada, with avocado, pineapple, spinach, kale, coconut & lime juice ($4.99) and the Peanut Paradise Smoothie with peanut butter, banana, non-fat yogurt, and choice of protein ($4.99). Protein choices are whey, soy, or pea. Smoothies come in 24-ounce cups.

The smoothies were very good. Lynn suggested the peanut for me as I always need a little more protein in my bones and muscles. I added whey for additional protein and this was a very yummy drink. The banana flavor was pronounced but I could taste the peanut butter. This smoothie was very easy to drink, and I surprised Lynn when I quickly drank the entire smoothie. And Lynn drank hers just as fast as I drank mine, maybe even faster. The one thing she wondered is whether the smoothies included any fiber because after the foam dissipated, the smoothie did not appear to have any fiber and that is a very important part of the nutrition of fruits and veggies. Research needed!

There are 11 smoothies including the Paradise Point and Mango Magic ($3.99). Super Food Smoothies include the Pomegranate Plunge and the Caribbean C-Burst ($4.99). There are also four Indulgent Smoothies.



There is a complete Tropical Smoothie menu at the restaurant link below. The prices are very reasonable, including a Smoothie & a Half Special where you get any smoothie and your choice of half sandwich or half salad ($6.99). A better deal is to add a 24-oz smoothie to any lunch menu item: flatbread, sandwich, wrap, salad, or two tacos for an additional $3.00. For kids, there are 12-oz Smoothies.

I offered half of my Southwest Omelet wrap with eggs, grilled chicken, pepper jack, tomatoes, spinach and chipotle mayo in a toasted flour tortilla ($4.75) to Lynn and she said it was good but unremarkable.



The surprise ingredient for the GLOB Master was the Chipotle Mayo. This luscious condiment melted down into my wrap seemingly touching every other sandwich ingredient. The price at $4.75 is also surprising.

The feeling of satisfaction from the smaller than usual – for the GLOB master -- breakfast prize satisfies my morning food cravings in a very good way. I'm going back to Tropical Smoothie. Maybe I could talk Amber into a Southwest Omelet Wrap BOGO deal if I show her what a good dancer I am . . .

The Pluses and Minuses of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe:

Tropical Smoothie Cafe (+) indicators: Good, cheap breakfast sandwiches. The Caribbean Jerk Bowl sound sinteresting.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe  (-) indicators: None noted.

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The Pluses and Minuses of the Culver's:

Culver's (+) indicators:

Culver's  (-) indicators: 

Be the first to offer your GLOB comments, lunch photographs and opinions about Culver's .  Please identify your opinions with a PLUS SIGN (+) for positive comments, and a MINUS SIGN (-) for your negative comments.  - THANKS!


Weekend Events, December 3, 2016



2 pm: A Christmas Carol, Hippodrome Theater, various days, times. Featuring Scrooge, Marley, and of course, Tiny Tim. Share the timeless messages of charity, goodwill, and redemption.



5:30: Certain Women--Opening Night, Hipp Cinema, various days, times. Three strong-willed women (Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern, Michelle Williams) strive to forge their own paths in the American Northwest: a lawyer who finds herself contending with both office sexism and a hostage situation; a wife and mother whose determination to build her dream home puts her at odds with the men in her life; and a young law student who forms an ambiguous bond with a lonely ranch hand.



8:00 THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS SHOW (ABRIDGED, Hippodrome Theater, various days, times. Welcome to the Annual Holiday Variety Show and Christmas Pageant at St. Everybody’s Non-Denominational Universalist Church. But there’s a problem: none of the acts have arrived, so three members are pressed into service to perform the entire Variety Show and Christmas Pageant by themselves.



9 am-3 pm: Fall Farm and Cane Festival, Dudley Farm Historic State Park. Celebrate the region’s by visiting its pioneering past.  The Park Service commemorates Ms. Myrtle Dudley’s birthday by grinding sugar cane and boiling it into cane syrup.  Farm tours, domestic crafts, children’s activities, music and vendors are featured on this living history day.  Demonstrators will be showcasing Florida’s traditions of yesteryear.


1:30 & 7 pm: Cinderella, Danscompany of Ganesville, Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. In this full-length ballet, see if two mean step sisters, Skinny and Dumpy, can capture the heart of the prince. Cheer on Cinderella as she dances the night away at the ball. Sigh as she rides away in her beautiful carriage. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information

3 pm: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Gainesville Pops, First United Methodist Church, 419 NE 1st St.T he Gainesville Pops is a N. Florida wind ensemble. Music includes holiday music, light classical, Broadway and Hollywood pop hits, marches, and jazz.WE 2016.12.02 - Repurpose

4-9 pm: Green Gift Fair, Repurpose Project Fundraiser, 1920 NE 23rd Ave, Gainesville. A festive evening of hot apple cider, local artisans with handmade crafts, photos with Green Sustainable Santa, live music on outdoor stage and x-mas karaoke, kids crafts, Satchel’s Pizza, Swamphead beer and holiday cheer. Visit our Green Gift Fair Crafter’s Village of local artists featuring handmade and repurposed gifts and browse our shop for reclaimed guilt-free gift shopping. There will be crafting stations to create your own unique repurposed gifts for loved ones! Come celebrate the season and the art of repurposed crafts with us! RSVP on our Facebook event page.



6-8 pm: City of Gainesville Tree Lighting, Thomas Center. The Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs hosts its annual Holiday Tree Lighting Celebration at the historic Thomas Center. Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe will be on hand to welcome citizens, and call for the giant tree to be lit. Light refreshments will be served. Free and open to the public.




Sat 10-6 & Sun 11-5: Gathering of Artists, Gainesville Fine Arts Association, Gainesville Women’s Club, 2809 W. University Ave.   Featuring the work of 40 award-winning artists with live music and food trucks. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information




10 am: GLAM Craft Show, Historic GRU Operations Center, 625 SE 5th Ave. Unique gifts made by local artists from Florida and throughout the southeast. This year is bigger than ever with over 70 vendors. Food trucks and beer from local breweries plus a bike valet and a kids' activity area. Free admission. Follow the signs from South Main Street/Depot Road



3 pm: Winter Holiday Concert, Fine Arts Hall, Santa Fe College. A holiday performance by about 80 musicians whose day jobs are teacher, professor, scientist, business professional, student, physician, contractor, realtor, trades-person, and retiree.


7 pm: Sounds of the Season, An American Holiday, UF Concert Choir, UF Women’s Chorale and UF Symphony Orchestra, Phillips Center or the Performing Arts. Community members including the Gainesville Master Chorale present an array of holiday favorites such as The Little Drummer Boy and White Christmas and two wonderful stories of American Christmases past. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information

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