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Gator Glob - The Daily GLOB: The Queen's Arms, THE STRONGER, Holiday Camps, ACLIB Lecture, Oysters are dying, French Fry Facts, Thanksgiving Pies

The Daily GLOB: The Queen's Arms, THE STRONGER, Holiday Camps, ACLIB Lecture, Oysters are dying, French Fry Facts, Thanksgiving Pies

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Volume 9, Day 18. Wednesday, November 19, 2019

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I'm so sorry that you had a less than perfect experience at my shop. The 8 scooper can be quite overwhelming. I prefer the 4 scooper. It is much more manageable, and two of them are exactly the same cost of the 8 scooper. I understand that it was your first time at one of our crazy events. Some savvy customers with similar eating habits as yours do bring washed out egg cartons. Which we are happy to oblige. I'm sorry you were told no for separate bowls that you requested, but the scoopers were instructed to stick to the menu for the day. After almost 10 years of doing this I feel like I worked out an efficient system. I encourage you to please try out our crazy flavor day the second weekend of July. Same premise as chocolate night just not all chocolate. So the colors are different.

- Mike Manfredi


The Daily GLOB


Happy Wednesday!

GLOBmaster2017Hey GLOBers we are almost there/  F - R - I - D - A - Y is just around the corning .  I can see it from where I sit!!!  So you need to start thinking about the weekend and all the good things that entails.  The GLOB Master doesn't have any plans yet but the Warhol Caldwell show tonight looks interesting . . .



THE STRONGER - At the Black C Art Gallery TONIGHT ONLY. Directed by Lauren Warhol Caldwell and featuring Sara Morsey and Ani Collier.  This story is adapted from August Strindberg’s THE STRONGER with additional dialogue from Mistress of Many Moons by Sylvia Brownrigg and Lauren Warhol Caldwell.  Mrs. X and Ms. Y. They find one another in a cafe on Christmas Eve. What do they have in common? What are their differences? Who has what to say? And more importantly, at the end of their encounter, which one is the stronger?


Museum Holiday Camps -  Enjoy school holidays at the Florida Museum! and dive into the sciences and investigate natural history through activities and hands-on exploration.  Scientific tools and equipment are some of the coolest aspects of science. Join us for a day of lab experiments as we test the density of objects, study the pH of liquids and use microscopes to examine our own saliva! Learn proper lab safety while examining the world around us scientifically.  Students must be enrolled in grades K-5 for the 2019-2020 school year.




ACLIB Author Series Kicks Off with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi!
For the 2020 Author Series, we start off with historian Dr. Ibram X. Kendi who will present his newest book, How to Be an Antiracist, in conversation with Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe.  Kendi will present his new book and answer questions from Mayor Poe on Thursday, Nov. 21 at 12:30 pm at Library Headquarters in Meeting Room A.   In How to be an Antiracist, Kendi weaves memoir and social commentary to challenge readers to re-examine their beliefs and envision how to create an antiracist society. Kendi was a professor at UF when he was awarded the National Book Award in 2016. He is currently a professor and the founding director of The Antiracist Research & Policy Center at American University in Washington, D.C.

Tell the GLOB Master where to meet ya for lunch and I can bring all the brain food you can absorb on your lunch break today.    Come on, lets get this weekend idea started a little early today . . .


Today in the GLOB!

The Queen's Arms

To my delight, each week a brunch special menu provides unique, one-time-only options. I was beyond delighted to see two of the items in particular: Red Velvet Pancakes (!) and the Winter Omelet Soufflé. - READ MORE

20 French Fry facts

These fun facts will fry your brain.  Of all the great ways to eat potatoes, the french fry just might be the best. There’s nothing quite like those crispy fried edges and the smell of the deep-fryer.  - READ MORE

Gulf oysters are dying

Cheap and plentiful, they’ve long been a menu staple in New Orleans and beyond. But recent months have brought a crisis that worries fishermen and chefs.  - READ MORE




NINE PERFECT THANKSGIVING PIES - When you think of Thanksgiving desserts, the number one pick is always pie. But pumpkin pie is just the beginning. Here are 19 of the best Thanksgiving pie recipes to grace your table this holiday season.




Daily GLOB FAMOUS LUNCH QUOTE - "Wine and cheese are ageless companions, like aspirin and aches, or June and moon, or good people and noble ventures."

-M.F.K. Fisher



If you're still hungry and need a good lunch idea FOLLOW THIS LINK to Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog Instagram page.  This is where the GLOB's Image Editor Erica Corbett takes great pleasure in sharing amazingly looking, deliciously yummy images of what we are thinking about, contemplating seriously, and eventually eating for lunch in the Urban GLOB.

Have a wonderful lunch and you have the GLOB Master's permission to start talking about the weekend today!

Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

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