The Daily GLOB: Dunkin' Donut & Baskin Robbins, Blueberry picking, Free Fitness class, Yoga & Blueberries, Brew Pub Roundup, Remembering Anthony Bourdain, Foodie Father's Day gifts, Daily GLOB Lunch Quote

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Volume 8, Day 204, Tuesday, June 12, 2018

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Comment of the Day!


After reading about Cronuts in the GLOB the other day I had to head over and try them for myself.  As soon as I walked in the door I saw them sitting in the showcase, just like in the picture! The smell was wonderful...and the Bavarian creme is scrumptious!  They seemed to be getting a lot of business from the story in the GLOB.

- Cathy DeWitt


The Daily GLOB


Happy Tuesday!


GLOBmaster2017Good morning GLOBers!  Talk about Summer time planning. There we were my Daughter Jana Sanford-Heller, her Daughter Penelope, and the GLOB Master heading out to Deep Springs Farm outside of Alachua to pick blueberries and it was raining cat's and dogs.  By the time we got to the organic farm it had stopped raining and we enjoyed very pleasant 72 degree temps while filling out buckets full of plump, yummy blueberries. What Fun! Special Thanks to Deep Springs farm owners Leela and Mike Robinson for a great afternoon of berry picking and tons of valuable information about farming organicly.   We will share some great pics and a story about our day picking blueberries later this week.



FREE FITNESS CLASS: Come to the Exactech Arena for free bootcamp classes. All fitness levels are welcome. wants to give the community the opportunity to come try out our classes Free for two weeks. It's time to get healthy and fit - and we are here to help. The boot camps integrate sports drills and exercises with boot camp style workouts. Expect to get an amazing workout and have fun while doing it. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.



YOGA & U-PICK BLUEBERRIES: Instructor Samantha Johnson will lead blueberry pickers through an invigorating yoga exercise class and then students will enjoy organic blueberry picking from blueberry bushed over flowing with ready-to-pick blueberries at Deep Spring Farms in Alachua 25 minutes from gainesville tomorrow morning at 9:00. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information,.




zzGLOBbullet First Magnitude Trivia Night: Brainiac Triivia each Tuesday starting at 6:50 on 1220 SE Veitch St. Free to play, with great prizes to be won in categories such as history, geography, sports, arts and literature, science, and much, much more

zzGLOBbullet Blackadder TAP IT  Tuesday: Each Tuesday at 618-A NW 60th St the Blackadder Brewing Co.  taps a special beer that can be paired with one a Cilantro Tacos massa creations. Today is Tap It Tuesday beer.

zzGLOBbullet Swamphead Taco Tuesday: Partnering with Gainesville icon burrito and taco company, Cilantro Tacos, to bring you tacos each and every Tuesday, 4:00, at Swamphead Brewery  Brewery, 3650 SW 42nd Ave.

Have you made your Tuesday lunch plans yet GLOBers?  Give the GLOB Master the low-down and I will deliver all the brain food you can absorb fresh and ready to enjoy . . .


Today in the GLOB!

Dunkin' Donut & Baskin Robbins

It might be BR's Jamoca ice cream with the pronounced coffee flavor. Maybe it's the chocolate syrup swirled ribbon like from the top of the milk shake cup, to the bottom. What ever combination they forced the GLOB Master to break one of the two Gainesville Lunch Out Blog rules.  - READ MORE

Foodie Dad's Day gifts

New York Magazines has collected links for the 27 best father’s day gifts for every type of foodie dad including the food loving GLOB Master! - READ MORE

No substitute for Anthony Bourdain

It’s both essential and impossible to think about the influence of Anthony Bourdain on food television. You could copy his format, his style, his interests, but either you were Bourdain or you weren’t. And obviously, no one else was.  - READ MORE



FROM BEAN TO BAR:  This Bored Panda photographer is a chocolate maker, and here’s how he makes his chocolate is from bean to bar.


DAILY GLOB QUOTE OF THE DAY: I’ve forgotten a lot of things in life. A meal has never been one of them.




If you're still hungry and need a good lunch idea FOLLOW THIS LINK to Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog Instagram page.  This is where the GLOB's Image Editor Erica Corbett takes great pleasure in sharing amazingly looking, deliciously yummy images of what we are thinking about, contemplating seriously, and eventually eating for lunch in the Urban GLOB.

Have a totally tubular Tiuesday lunch GLOBers and I will see ya right here Wednesday morning.

Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

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