The Daily GLOB: David's Real Pit BBQ, Big Ink exhibit, Bo Diddley Yoga, Brew Pub Roundup, Tim Tebow update, Animal cracker history, Creating new berries, Daily GLOB quote of the day

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Volume 8, Day 158, Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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Comment of the Day!


What a great story. In the article, it said eating peppers would help with other pains. Of course they do. While your mouth is on fire, your nose is running and the thought of the next mornings movement is on your mind, (what goes in, does come out), the pain you had in other areas seems to go away. And when the heat leaves, and the old pain creeps back in, you rub your eyes in the middle of the night and the peppers you  thought were going through the system, let's you know the heat didn't go away when you finished eating. Oh but morning is on it's way.

- Bubba Scott


The Daily GLOB


Happy Tuesday!


GLOBmaster2017Good morning GLOBers and Happy Tuesday.  Do you have one of those songs every time you hear it you think, "That should be on my play list.'   Today in 1965 Bob Dylan's single Subterranean Homesick Blues peaked at No.39 in the US charts, giving Dylan his first US top 40 hit. John Lennon was reported to find the song so captivating that he didn't know how he'd be able to write a song that could compete with it.



BIG INK: Where the Edges Meet - This ongoing exhibit in the Gary R. Libby Gallery continues through June 15. On October 19, 2017, Alagarto hosted a Public Print Day in collaboration with BIG INK, a mobile printmaking project founded by Lyell Castonguay and Carand Burnet. This one day outdoor event invited the public to watch and participate in printing large-scale woodcut relief prints on “The Big Tuna” press, a BIG INK invention that allows for printing big while on the go.




BO DIDDLEY YOGA TUESDAY: Join Andrea Golchuk on Tuesday's from 6:00 to 7:00 pm for this BDP energizing, vibrant, upbeat yoga class. This class is a blend of power yoga and cardio-intensive dance. Give yourself this hour and get an all in one workout, revitalize your body and clear away any bad energy. Come and join us on this journey.




zzGLOBbullet First Magnitude Trivia Night: Brainiac Triivia each Tuesday starting at 6:50 on 1220 SE Veitch St. Free to play, with great prizes to be won in categories such as history, geography, sports, arts and literature, science, and much, much more

zzGLOBbullet Blackadder TAP IT  Tuesday: Each Tuesday at 618-A NW 60th St the Blackadder Brewing Co.  taps a special beer that can be paired with one a Cilantro Tacos massa creations. Today is Tap It Tuesday beer.

zzGLOBbullet Swamphead Taco Tuesday: Partnering with Gainesville icon burrito and taco company, Cilantro Tacos, to bring you tacos each and every Tuesday, 4:00, at Swamphead Brewery  Brewery, 3650 SW 42nd Ave.


What's for lunch GLOBers?  Tell me where to meet you and I will bring all the brain food you can consume fresh and ready to enjoy . . .


Today in the GLOB!

David's Real Pit BBQ

Breaking outside of the BBQ bun my turkey sandwich on an English muffin was delicious. The lettuce, tomato, mayo and bacon created a delicious back drop of tastes, flavors and crunch. I smiled to myself dreaming of how many post Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches I have devoured. - READ MORE

The History of Animal Crackers

Animal crackers aren't really crackers, at least not in the way we think of crackers. They're definitely more cookie-like, and they're what the British would call biscuits. Stauffer's company has an Animal Cracker Identifier on its website so you an identify a lion before you bite its head off. - READ MORE

Tim Tebow is in the ballpark

According to this New York Times story Binghamton, N.Y., home of the Mets’ Class AA team, is embracing the so-called Tebow effect. Churches want him, and restaurant menus invoke him.  - READ MORE




CREATING NEW BERRIES:   According to the Food Republic's Jess Kapadiia she is not buying the idea of poking one berry into another doesn’t make a new berry. Berry giant Driscoll’s Instagrammed their newest berry product to great fanfare. Is it a new berry though?



DAILY GLOB LUNCH QUOTE OF THE DAY: I just want someone to look at me the way I look at food.




If you're still hungry and need a good lunch idea FOLLOW THIS LINK to Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog Instagram page.  This is where the GLOB's Image Editor Erica Corbett takes great pleasure in sharing amazingly looking, deliciously yummy images of what we are thinking about, contemplating seriously, and eventually eating for lunch in the Urban GLOB.

Have a totally tubular Tuiesday lunch GLOBers and I will see ya right here tomorrow morning.

Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

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