The Daily GLOB: Meatless Monday: Curia on the Drag, Son-In-Law update, CMC Monday Movie, GMA music meeting, Peaceful Paths Guest Chef Cocktails, Best restaurant in the world, Short walks adds up, Golden age of crudities, Daily GLOB Music Factoid

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Volume 8, Day 130, Monday, April 2, 2018

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Hi Mike, great issue today, just wanted to add a 6. to your list of information about gluten. I think that some of the digestive issues people have with it, can also be attributed to the glyphosate in roundup, the pesticides, GMO and processing. For some it is also the condition of poor digestive capacity that can be strengthened through appropriate diet and lifestyle for their specific constitution and condition. FYI: I was at the No Nukes concert that you mentioned, in 1982. Thanks for the memory!!

- Chaya



The Daily GLOB


Happy Monday!


GLOBmaster2017Good morning GLOBers, the GLOB Master hopes you had a smashing weekend.  We got some good news on my son-in-law, and Sonny Bono wannabe this weekend and Jana sounds as please as I have heard in the last few weeks filled with hope and joy regarding her man's recovery:

"I got to Reno Saturday and truly believe that this will be the last trip. Chris is awake more and more, has started therapy in the ICU, even got up and walked a little yesterday! He keeps asking for his children and wants to go home. I see rehab in his future and reuniting as a family and for the first time in almost a month.  Thankfully, now the worry and uncertainty is fading a little bit. Thank you for your support, donations and prayers. This man definitely has angels surrounding him."




CMC MONDAY MOVIE: Planned Parenthood and Generation Action present tonight's Civic Media Center Monday Movie screening of the important Sundance documentary, The Hunting Ground.   "In a tour de force of verité footage, expert insights, and first-person testimonies, the film follows undergraduate rape survivors pursuing both their education and justice, despite ongoing harassment and the devastating toll on them and their families.”  This screening will be a start of a larger discussion that will be held at Take Back the Night March and Rally to End Sexual Violence on April 4th on UF’s campus. Show time is 7:00, donations are appreciated.



Public Music Symposium & Workshop - Join your music community the first Monday of every month for a workshop on a carefully developed aspect of different areas of the music business. Tonight at 6:30 in the Aurora Downtown. 109 SE 4th Ave . These events begin with a presentation and workshop on a thoughtfully researched topic that our organization thinks will genuinely help our music community.  After the workshop, the second half of our meeting is an open forum and moderated discussion on whatever topics YOU think we should be talking about.   There is no cost to the public to attend these events.  FOLLOW THIS LINK for mor information.




The Peaceful Paths‎ 17th Annual Guest Chef Cocktail Party, is presented by presented by UF College of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry at the Gainesville Woman's Thursday, April 5..  Enjoy over 30 unique recipes, live music and a complimentary beer and wine bar all included in admission. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.

Have you come up with your Monday lunch plans GLOBers?  Be sure you include your fair share of brain food always fresh and readr to enjoy . . .


Today in the GLOB!

Meatless Monday: Curia on the Drag

Needless to say I was curi-OUS what was for lunch at the CURI-a. I like vegetables. They comprise a very important part of my new diet of trying very hard to avoid excessive carbohydrates. - READ MORE

Golden age of crudites

The arrangement is spartan and jewel-like at once, a few wedges of heirloom radish with purple-pink hearts, bumpy carrots the length of a finger and whole tomatoes to be bitten into like apples. The vegetables are, indeed, naked as the day they were culled from the earth. - READ MORE

Two minute walks add up

According to the New York Times walk for two minutes. Repeat 15 times. Or walk for 10 minutes, thrice. The benefits for longevity appear to be almost exactly the same  - READ MORE




 BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD: This video, and  slideshow of amazing images takes you inside this  Copenhagen restaurant that is considered by many the best restaurant in the world.   The new Noma isn't necessarily a single restaurant per se, versus a sprawling complex connected by a series of glass ceilinged corridors



Daily GLOB MUSIC FACTOID: Today in 1966 The Troggs recorded Wild Thing at Regent Sound Studio in London. The song went on to be a No.1 US and No.2 UK hit in June the following year. The track was recorded in one complete take (take two).



If you're still hungry and need a good lunch idea FOLLOW THIS LINK to Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog Instagram page.  This is where the GLOB's Image Editor Erica Corbett takes great pleasure in sharing amazingly looking, deliciously yummy images of what we are thinking about, contemplating seriously, and eventually eating for lunch in the Urban GLOB.

Have a marvelous Monday lunch GLOBers and I will see ya right here tomorrow morning.

Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

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