The Daily GLOB: The Spot, Art & About: 'ALL's FAIR', UFST&D's 'Luna Gale', March Self Narrate meeting, CMC Poetry Jam, Museum teen volunteer deadline, About Fat in your diet, ABC's of NOLA cuisine, Robert Earl Keen

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Volume 8, Day 122, Thursday, March 22, 2018

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A whole new bunch of flavors and a giant step for "fast food". I love Chipolte's food.  F-or a quick take out meal you can bank on Chipotle is hard to beat. This is such a marked change from the usual burgers and chicken, if I didn't know better I'd think it was a local place. KEEP IT UP!!!!

- Kenny


The Daily GLOB


Happy Thursday!



Good morning GLOBers.  I am feeling this incredible urge to look out my window to see if I can see Friday creeping over the horizon.  I know, it's just my imagination so welcome to my world of fantastical delight.  Speaking of world's the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre's production of ALL's FAIR closes this weekend and the GLOB Master personally endorses this treatise on yours, mine, and especially the characters in this showing emotions that make love so darn complicated. Not only that GLOBers UF Law Student Sloane Henry's screenplay was chosen the winner of last year's Gainesville Homegrown Local Playwrights' Showcase.  So my friends you will be watching the World Premier of this excellent play ready for your consideration this weekend



Luna Gale - The UF School of Theatre and Dance presents their final show of this year with a new play by Pulitzer Prize-finalist Rebecca Gilman at the UF's Black Box theater in the Maguire Pavillion starting tonight at 7:30 and continues on various days, times. Caroline, a social worker, who happens upon a case that is far from typical. After meeting two teenage drug addicts, Karlie and Peter, Caroline must decide the fate of their infant daughter, Luna Gale.  FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.



Betrayal: A Self Narrate Storytelling Meetup - The March Storytelling Meetup will be held at the Cypress & Grive Brewing Company, 1001 NW 4th St,  tonight at 7:30. This month's theme will be Betrayal. You can share a time that you have been betrayed or felt you betrayed someone else whether on a larger or small scale. As always,our themes are open to your interpretation.  Storytellers are given 5-7 minutes to tell their story.  The first half of the evening will consist of stories that were submitted to us ahead of time after which time, we will open the floor to anyone to share their story.  FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.



Florida Museum Volunteer deadline is tomorrow - Preteens and teens ages 12-17 can work alongside musuem staff members this summer and share programs and exhibits with Museum visitors. This is a great opportunity to learn about the Museum’s “behind-the-scenes” work and make new friends!  Positions include Discovery Cart attendant, Discovery Zone assistant, camp teacher’s assistant, Lepidoptera Collections assistant and more.  Applications are available online or at the Museum front desk and must be postmarked or received by March 23. Late applications are not accepted. Applicants must be at least 12 years old by June 4, 2018. FOLLOW THIS LINK for more information.

What's for lunch GLOBers?  Have you enjoyed your minimum daily requirement of brain food yet today?  Remember News For Your Eatification is always fresh and ready to enjoy . . .


Today in the GLOB!

The Spot

This lunch SPOT has an extensive menu of all the usual lunch entrees with an added attraction of Greek sandwiches and platters including a unique sounding chicken souvlaki. - READ MORE

ABC's of New Orleans cuisine

Since it's the city's 300th anniversary this year, it feels like a fitting time to honor the culinary traditions, signature dishes, distinct cuisines, The Spoon University is here to break it all down to you from A to Z. - READ MORE

Regarding fat in your diet

Want to lose weight and improve your health? More healthy fat may help. While fat, specifically saturated fat, has been blamed for increasing your risk of diabetes and heart disease, research shows that carbs may actually be the culprit.  - READ MORE




ART & ABOUT: 'All's Fair' - If you think you have the pitfalls and joys of relationships figured out GLOBers this show will have you thinking how the other person in your love paradigm feels about playing the game of love.



If it is Thursday it's time for Civic Media Center's Poetry Jam night,  Gainesville’s longest-running open poetry reading. Every Thursday at 8:00 pm since 1994. All styles of poetry, spoken word, acoustic music and a cappella singing, performance art and more! Bring your friends for a night of artistic expression.  Sign-up begins at 7:00, readings start at 8:00.  A $3-$5 donation is appreciated.



Recognized by many as one of the greatest songwriters of our generation IMO Robert Earle Keen rivals Bob Dylan and Tom Waits as one of the important song smiths of our time.


032218REK200Among the large contingent of talented songwriters who emerged in Texas in the 1980s and '90s, Robert Earl Keen struck an unusual balance between sensitive story-portraits (Corpus Christi Bay) and raucous barroom fun (That Buckin' Song). These two song types in Keen's output were unified by a mordant sense of humor that strongly influenced the early practitioners of what would become known as alternative country music. Keen made a splash in Austin with his debut album, No Kinda Dancer, self-financed in 1984 to the tune of $4,500. He moved to Nashville during the heady experimentalism of the '80s that saw Lyle Lovett and k.d. lang hit the country Top Ten, but he soon returned to Austin. Texas landscapes and residents provided Keen with creative inspiration, as his second album, West Textures, made clear; that album yielded one of Keen's signature numbers, an ambitious crime-spree song called "The Road Goes on Forever.

032218REKlyricI started this piece last night with the idea of discussing Keen's Chorpus Christie Bay and the strong sense of family REK shares in that song.  Then, the more I thought about it I decided to share my feelings about Feeling Good Again.   This special tune of friendship, camaraderie, and most importantly love.  Perfect timing since this is exactly the premise of the Across Town Repertory Theatre's current production ALL's FAIR.   Love and friendship has been on the GLOB Master's mind lately and when I heard REK singing about seeing his old girl friend coming down the stairs with a smile just for him it made my heart glow and put a smile on my face:

And I wanted you to see them all I wished that you were there
I looked across the room and saw you standing on the stair
And when I caught your eye I saw you break into a grin
It feels so good feelin' good again
- Feeling Good Again
--Robert Earl Keen




If you're still hungry and need a good lunch idea FOLLOW THIS LINK to Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog Instagram page.  This is where the GLOB's Image Editor Erica Corbett takes great pleasure in sharing amazingly looking, deliciously yummy images of what we are thinking about, contemplating seriously, and eventually eating for lunch in the Urban GLOB.

What a great song FEELIN' GOOD is GLOBers.  It leaves ther GLOB Master thinking love is special, for loving people, in special, caring, relationships. Have a thoroughly therrific Thursday lunch GLOBer and I will see ya right here tomorrow for the best darn day of the week.

Mike Sanford, GLOB Editor

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