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Bringing the farm home, August 26, 2012

Bringing the farm home, August 26, 2012

Farmer Bubbalosophy: 'Think big, and you can grow bigger'

FarmerBubbaLOGO3By Farmer Bubba

Aloha ya'll.

Guess what? Farmer Bubba's back. Last week was time off for me. I went in the 'Think Tank' and thought. It's been a hot summer and like all ya'll, it was keeping me out of the garden. However, the growin' went on. When it comes to gardening, things'll grow without our help. It's only when we domesticate the plant that we find it harder grow them.

082912FBseedsGardening starts with seeds. I think of seeds as creating a whole new world and that it's my job to be a part of that creation.  That's what this gardeners' column is really all about:  Using the knowledge and tools we have to create plants that create food that keep us going.

I understand that everyone can't farm and grow plants for food. And I know from personal experience that everyone can't sit behind a desk--like me, I'm Farmer Bubba, an outdoors type-of-guy. So I'm really talking to Potential Green Thumbers (PGTs) who might not be growing now, but would like to.

082912TomatoesZIt's real easy PGTs! Start your garden on the small side and start dreamin'.

BUBBA NOTE: One of the big reasons I grow in containers is this: I can grow in a small area. I can move plants to whereever the sun is shinning or the shade is. I can grow a whole bunch of plants in a small space. Start small. We all know this. Most people never got on a bike and rode without practice and falling off the bike a few times.

Growin' in containers is a lot like the training wheels on a bicycle. For example, say you have two containers with six vegetables in each one, and say the sun is still in it's hot summertime mode. What do you do? It's a simple answer with containers:  You move them to a cooler spot in the garden. When Mr. Sun starts cooling down, you can move the plants back to full sun. Now this may seem like a lot of work, but we're only talkin' a few feet of space. With this in mind, your growin' season can start earlier than most and last longer.

I hear a lot of people say they would love to start a garden but just don't have the time or the space. I believe they picture a BIG garden. 100 foot rows and a big tractor. Or 50 acres of inground farming.  It's all in steppin' out of the box and learnin' something new. That's the only way I can do what I do.

BUBBA NOTE: I have a, Home Depot Bob, good friend whose dream is to walk the Appalachian Trail. Now that's six months of walkin'. Makes me tired and hungry just thinkin' about it. Six months without the GLOB! Oh my! But even though I don't see me doin' that, I support my friend. He's gonna step out of the box and even though I don't understand why someone would do that, I support him.

Now let's get to the growin'. Maybe you've always wanted to grow your own tomatoes. Well you picked a good vegetable to start with. However it seems a lot of people have a hard time growin' tomatoes. It's not that the tomato is hard to grow, it's how you are growing them and how you feel about your garden.  If you have the thought that you never have any luck planting things, I suggest you give your seeds to someone else -- BUT . . . FARMER BUBBA KNOWS YOU CAN GROW A TOMATO!

082912FBcloudBegin your growing experience in containers and be sure to start with more than one plant. Because, 'everybody needs some body.'

I know you want to grow big, but sometimes the eyes are bigger than what we can actually stomach to do. Startin' small gives you a chance to watch and learn about each plant and how it responds to the world around it--a quick rain shower, deep watering by you, bugs, mulch, the sun, the shade.

Keep your gardening fun. Look at the seed before you plant it. It's probably real small. But when you look at the picture on the package, it shows a fully grown plant. Imagine the end of your planting process before you plant the first seed.

BUBBA NOTE: When you see someone doin' something different in the garden than you're used to, ask them about it. You might get a good idea just like I thought about building a cloud.  Then share the good ideas you have with others. When I plant a seed, I think positive thoughts until the seed breaks the soil and shows itself. In BubbaLand I expect every seed I pant is going to be the biggest and greatest plant I've ever grown.

I've always said, support your local farmer. This week I'm supporting and congratulating my good friend, GLOB Editor Mike Sanford, and the Gainesville's Lunch Out Blog on its two year anniversary of putting together one of the best local food sites on the internet. And I thank you Mike for bringing me in to your dream by including Bringing the Farm Home in the GLOB. Now that's dreamin'. Happy 2nd anniversary GLOB Master!

I feel it gettin' cooler in the mornings ya'll. How 'bout we do some growin'?

Aloha from the desk, on Farmer Bubba's Farm.


Do you have a gardening question for Farmer Bubba or a photo of your garden you would like to share?  Email Bubba or add your question in the comment window below, and Bubba will try to reply as quickly as possible. Farmer Bubba is an all natural grower who sells seeds, plants, and produce in various N. Florida locations. Email Farmer Bubba for a location near you and to do whatever it takes to get you get your garden growing.

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  • depot bob
    depot bob Thursday, 30 August 2012 03:56 Comment Link

    Another very informative article bubba. Its funny how we were discussing container gardening just the other day. Hiking and gardening are both very similar in that you have to hike your own hike but be aware of info and hints from others.Thanks again for a very enjoyable article this week. Depot bob

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